Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda Poems MOBI ¼ Back:

Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda Poems MOBI ¼ Back:

13 thoughts on “Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda Poems

  1. Vanessa Harbour Vanessa Harbour says:


  2. C B C B says:

    Beautiful book beautiful service

  3. Susie in San Diego Susie in San Diego says:

    Loved reading the new poetry from my old Favorite Also gave as gift to a poetry fan in Britain who d never read any of his workers and he enjoyed it so much he s reading Neruda s works As others note, it s a small book, only 21 poems But all poems are in English Spanish, the Intro, Prologue Notes on each poem are well written and interesting, and it s nicely bound very much worth the money The illustrations copies of Neruda s handwritten pages are also very well presented I know just enough Spanish to recognize that the translator, Forrest Gander, did an exceptional job with these new poems With Neruda, a poor translation will turn the spirit beauty of his words into incoherent nonsense Kudos to Mr Gander

  4. Kate_3488321K Kate_3488321K says:

    Great gift for the fiancee who loves Neruda He hadn t seen these before, however mentioned that they aren t his greatest of works but it was an interesting read

  5. BK BK says:

    I am extremely impressed and pleased by Forrest Gander s translations of the poems Bravo to Forrest I am reviewing this book from a unique point of view because one of the poems, number 19, Roa Lynn and Patrick Morgan, is about me and my late friend Patrick Morgan As poem number 19 begins with my name and Patrick s there has been some confusion about why Neruda would use those names Pere Gimferrer, a distinguished poet and Neruda scholar writing in the Spanish edition of these poems,Tus pies toco en la sombra y otros poemas inditos, took the wild guess that Neruda had, for some unknown reason, changed the names from Jenny Lind and Henry Morgan, figureheads in Neruda s vast collection of items related to the sea If Gimferrer had taken the trouble to Google us he would have found out that Patrick and I are real people, not wooden figureheads, and that we are both writers I have just set the facts straight in an essay Pablo Neruda Wrote Me a Poem at The New Yorker s website about the extraordinary events that took place on the day I visited Neruda at his home in Isla Negra and he gave me poem number 19.Pere Gimferrer was also puzzled by the Brazilian references in poem 19 In fact, they were inspired by one of my poems, Macumba, that I showed Neruda after our lunch An excerpt from Macumba can be found at the beginning of Chapter Five of my novel,Farewell RioPoem 19 is certainly not one of Neruda s best poems, but it was a truly generous gesture from a famous poet to an eager novice.

  6. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I was very pleased that these poems were discovered by Neruda s wife and that Forrest Gander translated them He will be doing a reading from that book at the Phoenix Art Museum and I know there will be a large attendance.

  7. Jessica Cannata Jessica Cannata says:

    Pablo Neruda s work is exquisite however, I will never purchase another book from It WASN T packaged well and looked like it had been dragged behind car then run over by a tank Holy hell The literature gets five stars gets 0.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Pablo was introduced to me by a friend. Every word strikes a chord in the soul

  9. Blondie Blondie says:

    Beautiful book, Neruda never disappoints This book contains lost works from Neruda, I was pleasantly surprised Amazing book, I would highly recommend.

  10. Brady Earnhart Brady Earnhart says:

    Rugged, moving poetry, elegantly translated Highly recommended.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    This is a fabulous presentation The notes were illuminating.

  12. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Another great set of poems from the master poet.

  13. Barbara B Barbara B says:

    I gave this book of poetry to my husband He loves it

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