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Live & Fabulous! (LBD, #2) At Long Last, The LBD Les Bambinos Dangereuses To The Uninformed Have Finished Another Awful Term At Blackwell School Finally, Ronnie, Claude, And Fleur Are Free If Only They Had Plans For The Summer And If Only Ronnie S Boyfriend Jimi Steele Would Get His Act Together Just As Their Bliss Fades Into The Boring Summer Blues, Rock God And The LBD S Friend Spike Saunders Sends Them Free Tickets To The Astlebury Music Festival Brilliant Soon Enough, The LBD Are On Their Way For A Weekend Of Henna Tattoos, Festival Chic, Awesome Music, And About A Million Totally Lush Festival Lads In Other Words The Natural Environment For The LBD Packed With The Same Humor And Joie De Vivre That Made LBD It S A Girl Thing An International Success, LBD Live Fabulous Is A Sassy, Classy Romp Sure To Win The LBD A Whole New Legion Of Fans.

10 thoughts on “Live & Fabulous! (LBD, #2)

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    I ve read the first two books in this series many times throughout my teenage years and I love them still every time I read them One thing I did notice this time around though was the use of the word reta...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The first one was better This one was okay but I didn t like at the beginging how Ronnie was so upset because Jimmy didn t come and pick her up Like she could...

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    i don t even know why i picked up this book it was just UGH.

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    JULIO 2016Cada vez me aburre m s, deber a dejar de releerlo JUNIO 2014No es una lectura profunda ni nada de eso, pero recurro a este libro para pasar el rato es ligero y entretenido.

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    The book came with a sticky note I took a classic Jane Austin sic I put in a new teenager book read what they are reading these days So, I d been warned Yes, it s certainly not Jane Austen, where wit is valued and a huge part of the bang But, it doesn t make the bar either when compared with something contemporary and loud like Louise Rennison s Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging It is, however, a small bit of mindless fun Not my cuppa, and likely won t readof the serie The book came with a sticky note I took a classic Jane Austin sic I put in a new teenager book read what they are reading these days So, I d...

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    I wish i could say good things about this book, I really do.But I honestly hated it when I tried to read it as a preteen, so I thought why not give it a go now that I m older and know what the word mascara is The story was not that great or interesting The characters did not make me fall in love with them, I simply ...

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    I admit it, I judged this book by its cover I put off reading it for weeks because I thought it looked horrible Really not true, however It s a pretty cute book that has a lot of pretty funny parts It s a tad predictable and the British slang is a bit weird at times but it was definite...

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    Clearly a read for a younger audience teenagers But I read it here and there when I didn t really have much time to read, and it was fun The best thing I got out of this book was a burning desire to go to a huge music festival for which I already started my search.

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    OMG, like, this is chick lit at its best, i.e., the British version which hasclever dialogue than airhead speak A truly fun read.

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    I always wantedfrom this series Loved both books

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