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    The Bailey Game Celia Rees The Bailey Game explores the terrifying effects of childhood bullying through the eyes of a child who witnesses it happen We see the story unfold from Alex s point of view She s seen the extremes bullying drove a previous school student, Michael Bailey, to, and when she watches a new girl Lauren experience the same nasty taunts, she decides to step in this time She can t deal with the guilt of what happened to Michael Bailey all over again What was it about him that had made them hate him so much Had he really been that different from other kids It had seemed so then, he d seemed like a freak, a monster But thinking back, he seemed just ordinary He was a bit of a loner, but he hadn t had much choice, it wasn t clear that he was naturally like that He wasn t especially good at anything, but neither was he especially bad Maybe it was his name, or his plumpish build, or his red hair and high forehead, or his clothes, or the way he wore his bag slung across his chest, maybe it was things as trivial as that There was nothing you could point to in particular, but somehow all of them together had marked him out as the butt of all their jokes and what had started as mocking and ridicule had ended ...

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    Absolutely excellent book about bullying Really goes into the reality of children s worlds, how bullying is not simply about one kid picking on another kid and all it needs is for the teacher to say it should stop for it to stop It actually has the balls to look at bullying as part of the social structures and social hierarchies amongst children, how all within the peer group participate in, negotiate and are complicit with those struct...

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    Official rating would be 3.5 Stars.When I started reading this book, I thought it would be just another book about bullying awareness I didn t think that the bullying would be so much worse It s like those bullies wanted Michael Bailey to actually commit suicide They wanted to see how long Bailey would last I actually believed that Bailey was a ghost and to tell you the truth, it scared the shit out of me I m glad that he isn t I couldn t imagine the pain and how he had to suffer every day at school At least, he started out fresh after the incident.Lauren moved from Australia to England and she doesn t like it at all She doesn t have any friends because everyone thinks that she s a freak Alex also bullied her at first, but she had a feeling that this would turn out like last time with Bailey She kn...

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    The Bailey Game is a very powerful read that explores the terrifying effects of childhood bulling through the eyes of a child who witnesses it happen We see the story unfold through Alex Lewis s eyes she s seen the extremes bulling drove a boy called Michael Bailey through two years ago and watches a new girl called Lauren Price experience the same thing Alex decides to step in this time and her and Lauren become good friends Celia Rees did an excellent job of creating different realistic characters and her book points out that sometimes even though bullies can be frightening bullies must be ...

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    This book really made me think a lot about bullies.It really gave you an insight about how far bullying can go and it makes you realise how important it is to tell people who are being bullied to tell someone.I liked Lauren a lot and I really sympathised with her Overall, it was an amazing book.

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    26 09 09 Childhood favourite, just read it again for the first time in over ten years It didn t stand up quite as well as I remembered it and if I was rating it now I d probably drop it down to three stars But I was cr...

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    I read this book when I was quite young, and I remember loving it I ve read it again, and of course, there are flaws, it s not perfectly written and it s not exactly how I remember it, but it s still a wonderful tale All children should read this book.

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    It was a quick and enjoyable story which, as well as being entertaining, highlights the horrors of childhood bullying.

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    A teenage fiction page turner Especially good on the characters of the two girls.

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    This book haunted me for a whole I read it a long time ago but it still resonates in my mind.

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