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Rasetsu, Vol. 9 Reads R To L Japanese Style , For Audiences TWhen The Evil Spirit Shows Up On Rasetsu S Birthday As Promised, Rasetsu And Her Friends Engage In A Final Showdown Against It Will Rasetsu Be Able To Defeat Her Demon And Live Or Will This Birthday Be Her Last

10 thoughts on “Rasetsu, Vol. 9

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    Hooked me hard Held me to the end Definitely going in my list of favorite manga series.

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    Another good volume.

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    I am a little annoyed about how the climax is Kuryu, not Rasetsu also I continue to be amazed at how apparently Shiomi is incapable of not making the competitioninteresting than the romantic lead Seriously, in Yurara, Yako is fascinating I totally understand why all the readers wanted a sequel about him Then, in Rasetsu, he is dull The reveal about the demon s demonic plan was nice Rasetsu...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The largest part of the volume is naturally the fight against the evil spirit which isn t so much a fight as an exploration of the various characters hearts and decisiveness and hope and love to stand strong against the darkness Chiomi does this in a lovely dramatic way, though, so it s great to read Kuryu is redeemed but because his situation is as it is he can only watch over the friends and Rasetsu While Rasetsu and Yako do become a couple, the focus here is clearly on saying goodbye to The largest part of the volume is...

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    I had mixed feelings about the end of this series I sort of liked it, sort of hated it It felt somewhat satisfactory, but rather anti climactic overall I think there could have beenbetween her and the da...

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    I love you Truly With all my heart And I m sorry it turned out like this I ll remember you always You re part of me forever and ever And every person who ll cross my path, and taking parts of me will take those parts of you too And remember you And include you in Lethe s long sway of remembrances.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Finally, all those pent up emotions come to the surface The characters learn they can t live in fear or in their pasts, but must embrace a new future and hope A little bittersweet about Kuryu, but I m ha...

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    Rasetsu is doomed to have her soul claimed by a demon if she doesn t find her true love by 20 Rasetsu has finally turned 20 Will her friends and her powers be enough to save her from the demon Great series Perfect for teens 12 and up Death not too dark.

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    Still a little confused by what happened during some of the crucial scenes, but all in all, this was an enjoyable series.

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    This series really demonstrates what true friendship and love is all about I just loved how awesome all of the characters grew and overcame the forces of evil.

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