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Negima! Realizing It Might Be A Trap, Negi And Friends Accept An Invitation To The Ball Where Goedel Claims He Will Tell Negi Everything He Wants To Know Haruna Insists That Negi Make As Many Pactios As Possible Before Walking Into Danger, But The Girls Won T Surrender Their Lips So Easily

10 thoughts on “Negima!

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    This volume sucked me back into the story, haha.

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    I continue to struggle getting up to speed in this series when it s been a while between volumes While I enjoy the action and plot, the huge cast and fan service elements continue to make this a library series for me It has its great moments, but not enough to make me want to buy.In this volume, Negi begins ...

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    I found this volume to be very enjoyable because Negi is gaining new partners to form a contract with I like seeing new abilities so i thought it was cool of Negi to form a contract with all the girls in his party The purpose was so that they can defend themselves when the enemy strikes and when Negi is not around to protect them some of the new abilities are weak by themselves but strong when combined with another ability Those are the support abilities, the offense abilities are stronger t I found this volume to be very enjoyable beca...

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    AH i love this series it great

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