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in the blood of the greeks The Year Is 1944 Zoe Lambros Is A Young Greek Woman With Vengeance In Her Heart And A Faith In God That Has Been Shattered By The Death Of Her Family Eva Muller Is The Daughter Of The German Major In Command Of The Troops Occupying Zoe S Village This Is A Story Of Courage, Hope And Strength, As Zoe And Eva Find Unexpected Love In Extraordinary Circumstances.This, The First Book In The Intertwined Souls Series, Chronicles The First Part Of Eva And Zoe S Journey From War Torn Europe To A New Life In Australia.

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    Slightly better than ok RTF.

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    This isn t something I would normally read but I m a big fan of WWII novels and my choice was influenced by some great reviews First of all and for me most importantly the author really captures the atmosphere of time and place I suspect a lot of research went into this book and it has paid dividends Secondly the romantic aspect...

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    Set in the twilight of WWII in Greece This is not a fluffy good feels book The good feels are there, but they re sprinkled in between some pretty gritty scenes Well researched, very very realistic portrayal of the time Loved this And barely going to pause to write this so I can start book 2.

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    Great start to a series which I ve just realized this is the first book out of a series of five I did struggle a bit through the first 30% of the book, there is just so much anger in Zoe that s boarder line on turning me off But once the story start to picked up with Eva discovered her true heritage, Zoe starting to work with Eva to liberate the Jews and thawing towards Eva, rest of the st...

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    Definitely in my top ten for romance reads this year This is my first book from this author and I have to say I will be reading of her work in the coming weeks I thought the way the characters were introduced and developed was very good and their relationship was ...

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    A well written, engaging and addictive novel Set in WWII I especially like this book because, in addition to having two solid leads, the supporting characters are well drawn I would also say it has been very well researched which brings a rich and authentic level of detail to the story.

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    Nice read Author clearly knows her Greek and the history of the Greek occupation by the Germans in WW2 The characterisation was a little two dimensional, but within the context of the story totally forgivable The romance seemed to happe...

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    DNF at 37%I had really high hopes for this book and I guess that s part of the reason I was disappointed The premise is amazing but the execution not so much There are several typos missing words in the ebook version of the book Plus, the author forg...

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    I don t want to make an outlandish claim like this is the best book I ve read or anything But this is certainly one of the best that I ve read by a still non famous author That should change soon one would think In a way this story is about second chances and people getting a second chance at life and happiness It was beautiful and inspiring and reminds you not to waste time, especially in terms of your own life and the one you love in your life If you have found someone, don t squander it away And all this in a novel set in Greece during WWII, who would have thought this was possible I really liked the character of Zoe and how she went about living her life after the tragedy in the war It was also informative and I got to learn about the Greek resistanc...

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    DNF 32%Just not feeling this one The writing is technically good but not very engaging The story idea is interesting and intriguing a young resistance fighter and the daughter of an SS officer work together to help Jews to escape Greece but the writi...

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