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Twin Spica, Volume In A Tokyo In The Not Too Distant Future A Young Girl Studies Deligently With Ambitions Of Soon Attending Space Academy If Things Work Out Just Right, Her Future May Very Well Be Among The Stars As Well And Yet, Everytime She Looks Up To The Stars With Tremendous Hope For The Future, There Is A Sense Of Melancholy In Her Heart A Sadness Surrounds Asumi, As The Very Concept Of Space Exploration Has Profoundly Influenced Her Life For As Long As She Can Remember.In The Ninth Volume Of Twin Spica, Asumi And Her Classmates Are Getting Closer And Closer Towards Graduation, And Changes In Store For This Group Of Friends There Will Be Good Byes To Be Said And That Might End Up Causing Some Tension Within This Group Some Of That Friction Might Be Spurred On From Outside Of The Tokyo Space School As The Media Has Caught On To The Identities Of At Least One Prime Candidate.

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    This volume was too easy to consume A lot happens Things are sad but happy Pretty steady, good storytelling Very little yelling.

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    y ahora cap tulo 47

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