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Flamingo Moon Have You Any Proof Of Your Identity The Question Astounded Eve Reston She Hadn T Wanted To Come To The Camargue In The First Place Now Raoul DuBare S Hostile Reception Was The Last Straw.Eve Was Determined To See Her Late Cousin S Baby And Report Back To Her Aunt And Uncle She Prepared Herself For A Long Siege.She Was Totally Unprepared, However, For Raoul S Proposal What Did He Mean Asking Her To Marry Him When The Elegant Amelie Troyat Was So Obviously Entrenched In His Life

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    Eve, you are disgrace of women I can change my hubby with Raoul despite his chauvinistic behaviours Ok I do not change him, just read too much old school HP Lol

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    The h s cousin adopted sister was married to the H s younger brother They died in a plane crash leaving an infant son The H has made it clear that she and her family not welcome She at the insistance of the H s sister has come to see the baby The H is very hostile and unwilling to even believe who she is H is bossy, controlling, arrogant, insulting but they have chemistry.The heroine is a very loving, caring person She is also a trained nanny She finally takes on a job at the local hotel taking care of the children of the guests She doesn t have enough money to stay at a hotel without a job and she s determined that Raoul, the H, will not scare her away before she sees the baby.So there is the much older arrogant H, there s a truly evil other woman and there s a manipulat...

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