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Letter Fountain Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Printing Letters And Numbers Looking Back As Far As Man S First Efforts To Communicate With Visual Signs And Drawings, Letter Fountain Is A Completely Unique Typeface Handbook In Addition To Examining The Form And Anatomy Of Every Letter In The Alphabet As Well As Punctuation Marks And Special Characters , The Book Cross References Type Designs With Important Works Of Art And Art Movements From Gutenberg S Times Until Today Further Attention Is Given To The Esthetics Of The Digital Age And Typographical Recommendations Such As The Choice Of The Right Typeface For A Job Rounding Out The Guide Are An In Depth Comparison Between Sans Serif And Serif Typefaces, An Essay About Measuring Systems And Indications, Advice About Typographic Rules, Plus A Manual For Developing Digital Fonts.Over 150 Typefaces, Their Origins, And Font Characteristics Are Discussed In Detail, Visually Explained By Full Page Tables Including Scale, Weight, And Slope Increments The Extensive Appendix Contains A General Index, One On Typefaces Than 300 Are Depicted In The Book , An Index On Over 250 Type Designers, An Exhaustive Index On Type Founders From Gutenberg To Present, A Graphical Dictionary, And A Bibliography For Further Reading The Original Dutch Edition Letterfontein Received A Certificate For Typographic Excellence From Type Directors Club New York TDC In 2010, And A Red Dot Design Award From The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany Special Features Include Thoroughly Hardbound In Half Linen With Three Ribbon Bookmarks 144 Pages Appendix With Resourceful Glossary And Indices Convenient Typographic Ruler With Conversions Between Four Measurement Systems And Hidden Shortcuts For Your Apple Keyboard

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    Type is one of the vogue design topics at the moment, and if you bother reading about design, either the latest books or the myriad of blogs out there, you are sure to encounter much writing about typography on a regular basis Which would lead many to think that there is not really a need for yet another book on the topic However, don t be mislead if you own only one book on typography, this would be the one to own It is as informative as it is beautiful, and it is truly a beautiful thing.Finally published in English after many years of fame in its original Dutch version, this book explores the history of letter design, from its origins to modern typography It then explores various types and fonts, and goes in to great details about what works, and why.Whether you are a graphic designer, a print person or someone who just loves to read about letters and how they go together, make sure a copy of this books finds its way into your hands At the very least, it is beautifully designed and put together a lovely object as well as an informative one.

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    Taschen does typeand how This book is a jam packed type reference Including history, timelines, evolution, and anatomy it offers way than just the usual review of typefaces All this in a clean, striking format.

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