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Paperback à Grind eBook å

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  1. Naomi Naomi says:

    Read my full review opinion I love that one book reviewer called this a world that the Nevada Board of Tourism would rather you not see because they were DEAD ON in their review Come on, the cover of the book, which depicts a metal fold up chair shot up in the cracked desert earth, says it all These short stories were twisted in their depiction of life and that everything isn t squeaky clean or wraps up with a nice red ribbon all the time, which, let s face it, is reality Further, I simply loved the imagery of these stories The authors abilities to bring out the darkness and desperation of the characters and their situations really kept my focus on the stories I seek out twisted and quirky stories and this book fed right into my passion for that type of book.The reason I didn t give this 5 stars is that I did feel that the author could have been tighter in some of his stories or that I felt like I was left hanging, but not intentionally I read another book of short stories by the same publisher and I could definitely see the difference.

  2. Patrick O& Patrick O& says:

    I was just in Reno The rodeo was opening that same weekend Drunken cowboys were in the streets all night, screaming, or maybe they were yodeling, who could tell I stayed in a casino downtown, or what would be downtown if the powers that be in Reno ever decided what or where the downtown actually was Hell, Reno s not exactly large The Biggest Little City In The World is its motto and then there s a river running through the middle of it, homeless degenerates living on its sidewalks, and people chain smoking inside the casino while they mindlessly play the slot machines A cocktail waitress called me darlin and she had to be well over 70 years old Her orthopedic shoes squeaked as she walked While I was waiting for my room there was some mix up with housekeeping and none of the rooms had been cleaned that day so I had to wait or take a smoking room I watched a man with a deformed arm, just long enough to reach the slot machine, feed quarter after quarter into it and then fall off his stool passed out drunk on the floor I was left wondering just what down on its luck alternative universe had I fallen into You can t smoke anywhere in the rest of America But in Reno you can because they don t want you leaving the casino There s this desperate sense in the air Like everyone has missed the last train out and they re stuck here until Armageddon But, you know I was just thinking it was me and I was being way too judgmental Like I thought I was better than these people, and then I picked up Mark Maynard s Grind, a collection of linked short stories that pretty much validated everything I felt His is not a happy gimmie a hug collection of stories It starts off down and dirty and then it gets worse Maynard s Reno is pretty much spot on from what I experience Only he got all up in the local s minds and exposed all that fear, strangeness, and insanity for us, the reader, to decipher as best we could My only objection was when one protagonist, regrettably named Patrick, meets a horrific demise run over by a train I hate it when my namesake gets killed But then, at least he faired better than most An awesome debut collection from a writer I m only too sure we ll be seeing great work from in the near future.

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I have visited Reno while visiting my parents, not as a tourist or a gambler, which gives the city a different feel than if you are visiting just for the casinos or the easy access to outdoor activity spots This collection of stories felt so accurate to me, even Trading Up, about the pawnbroker with a hidden talent or curse Not all of the stories were to my taste, but you can t make everyone happy Two of my favorite stories were Around the Bend and Jackpot, besides Trading Up They re both sad no spoilers but I can understand the worry about an elderly parent Around the Bend , and I have dealt with people that are not quite all there Jackpot.I m pleased that such a good writer is teaching Creative Writing as well as editing the literary magazine His own stories were very well edited, and read very tight and polished.

  4. Lynn Lund Lynn Lund says:

    I have received a free copy of this book through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway This is one of those books that you start to read and tell yourself you ll only read a story or two, and the next thing you know you are flipping the last page and you ve missed your lunch date True story I could not put it down Thankfully my sister didn t give me too much heck, although I did have to allow her to borrow the book While there is a recurring theme that binds all the stories, you couldn t ask for diverse stories From the buzzes and bells of a casino floor, to the snow covered ski hills you are given brief glimpses of several of the lives of people who have made Reno there home I feel like I m doing the author a great disservice though when I say brief glimpses Maynard writes characters the way most authors only wish they could In and of itself that is impressive, even so once you consider that these are short stories.

  5. FancyPancakes FancyPancakes says:

    I got this book from a GoodReads giveaway As a collection of slightly connected stories, it was very good I feel like it was the beginning of 8 different novels and wish that he would have gone further on some of them, Steep and Letdown in particular However, Maynard did a fantastic job of painting characters that were imperfect or broken or forgotten about in society The book makes the reader empathize with them and understand how they are unable to deal with the situations in which they find themselves It s heartbreaking at times I think the author should try his hand at a full length novel, because with the amazing character development he was able to accomplish with just short stories, I d love to see what could happen with a longer work.

  6. L.F. Falconer L.F. Falconer says:

    Grind is a collection of slice of life vignettes based in the Reno Tahoe area of Nevada where ordinary people who, through strange twists of fate, find themselves in some not so ordinary circumstances After reading through these loosely interwoven stories, I have to say that my favorite was Trading Up, which featured a pawn shop owner with a touch of the supernatural.I m generally not a big fan of literary fiction, but I found this work to be well written and intriguing, with vivid descriptions that enabled me to get a clear view of the characters and settings, even if they were not necessarily presented in the most flattering light This would probably make a good choice for a reading group.

  7. Kayla Kayla says:

    This book is really interesting and well written I think anyone who is familiar with the Reno Lake Tahoe area will appreciate it I look forward to Maynard s next novels.

  8. Karen Karen says:

    I wonder who chose this book as the Nevada reads book this year None of these short stories appealed to me.

  9. Ralph Neville Ralph Neville says:

    I got this book from a Goodreads giveaway.It was a nice little book, but after reading an almost 700 page novel, it was like reading the first chapter of a different novel every few pages Or like one of those little snippets of the next novel at the end of a book, that I hate and never readI think Mark should do novel

  10. Lani Lani says:

    I received this book through a give away It is a well written compilation of short stories which were depressing All the stories are set in Las Vegas, NV The situations are of everyday people with the human condition I found myself not caring about any of the characters and felt the book was a grind to get through No pun intended.

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Grind [Download] ➽ Grind By Mark Maynard – Convicts round up wild mustangs, a schizophrenic homeless man wins the jackpot and disappears, a truck driver with a child s mind spends his last hours in the embrace of a prostitute s photos disparat Convicts round up wild mustangs, a schizophrenic homeless man wins the jackpot and disappears, a truck driver with a child s mind spends his last hours in the embrace of a prostitute s photos disparate and vivid, Mark Maynard s characters intersect in the new wild west of Reno, Nevada Throughout the volume s eight tenuously linked tales, lives and fortune are lost, and the city of Reno emerges as a locus of shattered souls Maynard s debut collection bursts with idiosyncratic characters packs a strong emotional punch is strangely entertaining Publishers Weekly In Grind, Maynard reveals a world the Nevada tourism board would rather you didn t see A debut collection of stories that perfectly captures the seediness, desperation and sense of loss permeating the hot desert world of Reno Shelf Awareness Mark Maynard s Reno is so sleazily appealing, so filled with convict cowboys, wild horses, racing pilots, truckers, snow bums, eco terrorists, tattoo conventions, pawnshops and jackpots that you emerge from reading Grind dazed by this author s empathy for neglected quarters of humanity You feel gritty all over and alive Carolyn Cooke, author of Daughters of the Revolution The characters in these stories are as beautiful and broken as the desert itself Mark Maynard explores the stony truths of lost lives with an unflinching eye for detail, an insider s sense of the place and its people, and an honest compassion The heartbreaks here are real, as are the moments of uncommon grace and hard won redemption Kim Barnes, author of In the Kingdom of Men Mark Maynard s Grind is chock full of men and women who are desperate with want and full of spirit Pawnbrokers Truckers Casino shills Prison inmates They re all here, and they re all gloriously alive This is prime American fiction tough, generous, and open eyed Alyson Hagy, author of BoletoGrind is exactly what I like in a locally based book Plenty of those characters who make a visit to the environs of Reno both an exciting potential and an illicit affair This is a Northern Nevada book D Brian Burghart, Reno News Review.