Perseus in the Wind eBook ´ Perseus in eBook Ë

Perseus in the Wind eBook ´ Perseus in eBook Ë

  • Hardcover
  • Perseus in the Wind
  • Freya Stark
  • 08 March 2015
  • 9780719513251

8 thoughts on “Perseus in the Wind

  1. BrokenTune BrokenTune says:

    Though it may be unessential to the imagination travel is necessary to an understanding of men Only with long experience and the opening of his wares on many a beach where his language is not spoken will the merchant come to know the worth of what he carries and what is parochial and what is universal in his choice Such delicate goods as justice love and honour courtesy and indeed all the things we care for are valid everywhere; but they are variously moulded and often differently handled and sometimes nearly unrecognizable if you meet them in a foreign land; and the art of learning fundamental common values is perhaps the greatest gain of travel to those who wish to live at ease among their fellowsPerseus in the Wind was my first foray into Stark's writing but will certainly not be my last I enjoyed every single meditation Stark included in this collection of short essays Some I enjoyed as novelties some I disagreed with some made me think some just spoke to me but all of them were beautiful in their own rightStark points our herself that she was not formally educated and that her thoughts are merely that her own take but when she writes it feels like she's used her observations of humanity to pin point some very essential truthsAnd yes I loved the writing too

  2. Damir Antunovic Damir Antunovic says:

    This is the first thing I've eve read from Freya Stark and I have to wonder how I never stumbled upon her sooner Even now I picked her up from the travel literature shelf only because I liked her nameI'm very glad that I did though I measure books among other things by the number of ideas it introduces and there was something to think about in every one of the twenty chapter essaysI will surely be rereading it sometime in the future

  3. Michael Michael says:

    I give five stars not because it's perfect but because parts of it are Parts of it are so insightful poignant and majestic that they merit five stars for the whole book Those parts are so freuent and powerful that they merit persevering through the sections that are a bit tedious or nebulousPerhaps I'll put a list of my favorite essays here later Perhaps I won't so you can discover them for yourself

  4. Joseph Carrabis Joseph Carrabis says:

    Perseus in the Wind is a memoir than anything else my opinion It provides insight into Stark's other writings yes and so it's an interesting read by a trained observer More history than travelogue and complete with anecdotes and analysis Good stuff

  5. Velvetink Velvetink says:

    Freya Stark was mentioned in To War with WhitakerBy Hermoine Ranfurly They met during WW2

  6. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    I found parts of this book to be insightful and beautifully written I loved the essay on Education Other parts were so tedious that I found my mind wandering and was surprised to reach the end of a chapter having no idea what I’d just read Of course you also need to understand that the book is of its time and try to ignore such statements as “Men being on the whole intelligent than women” WHAT??I still do want to read of Stark particularly regarding her travels through Persia and the Middle East

  7. Neil Hamilton Neil Hamilton says:

    30% amazingly atmospheric and mesmerising prose 70% ponderous turgid and self indulgent drivel It is a book of it’s era and thankfully that era has passed Rescued by the 30% but ultimately disappointing

  8. Dale Dale says:

    Touted as one of her most intimate works it is just a collection of musings broken up into chapters I am a big fan of her adventures but not this book

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Perseus in the Wind[PDF] ✅ Perseus in the Wind Author Freya Stark – Written just after World War II Perseus in the Wind named after the constellation is perhaps the most personal and haunting of all Freya Stark's writings Putting together memories and reflections harv Written just after World War II Perseus in the Wind named after the constellation is perhaps the most personal and haunting of all Freya Stark's writings Putting together memories and reflections harvested from life and accident that have carried her through her travels Stark muses on the seasons the effect light has on a landscape at a particular time of day the Perseus in eBook Ë smell of the earth after rain Muslim saints Indian temples war and old age Each chapter is devoted to a particular theme Happiness simple pleasures like her father's passion for the view from his cabin in Canada; Education to be able to command happiness recognize beauty value death increase enjoyment; Beauty incongruous flighty and elusive a description of the stars the burst of flowers in a park; Death a childhood awareness of the finality of Time the meaningfulness of the end; Memory the jewelled uality of literature pleasure love an echo or a scent when aged by the passage of timeWoven throughout this beautifully crafted book are references to Stark's many travels from Asolo to Aden Iran to India For those who have loved her travel writing Perseus in the Wind illuminates the motivations behind her journeys and the woman behind the traveller.

About the Author: Freya Stark

Freya Stark was born in Paris where her parents were studying art Her mother Flora was an Italian of PolishGerman descent; her father Robert an English painter from DevonIn her lifetime she was famous for her experiences in the Middle East her writing and her cartography Freya Stark was not only one of the first Western women to travel through the Arabian Perseus in eBook Ë deserts Hadhramaut she often.