Thunder in the Night PDF/EPUB ´ Thunder in Kindle -

Thunder in the Night PDF/EPUB ´ Thunder in Kindle -

8 thoughts on “Thunder in the Night

  1. Vanessa Perez Vanessa Perez says:

    This book was marked read behind closed doors The only reason you should read it behind closed doors is so you don't embarrass yourself by letting it put you to sleep in public If this romance novel was a person it'd be your awkward prude 13 yo sister with braces and zits Completely off putting No need to put a chastity belt on a book but this author certainly did

  2. Diane Jewkes Diane Jewkes says:

    Thunder in the Night is a fun romantic suspense Written in first person which is unusual in romance you find yourself immersed in intrigue and attraction from the beginningAllison Belsar is a funny and engaging heroine Yearning to be a 'serious' investigative reporter Allison finds herself on assignment in Belize to right a 'puff' piece about a zoo excursion What starts out as a mundane assignment soon becomes the story of her dreams full of intrigue and suspense Allison's journey takes her into the arms of handsome animal advocate Mart LawlerKate Fellows does a masterful job bringing the reader into the action Her descriptions made me feel the heat of the jungle and her dialogue kept the story moving at a crisp pace An enjoyable read start to finish The story points out the very real concerns towards wildlife preservation and the role of the zoo in this changing world without preachingI recommend this to anyone who likes romantic suspense or who is looking for a good book to read

  3. Casey Dawes Casey Dawes says:

    If you like cozy mysteries you’ll really enjoy Thunder in the Night It has all the elements we arm chair sleuths enjoy intrigue scary moments for our intrepid heroine and a puzzler in an unfamiliar location Add in a good looking man with a passion for saving wild animals and you’ve got the recipe for a great summer’s afternoon readKate Fellowes crafted a romantic suspense that shines a light on animal poaching and drug smuggling in South America and the United States Her descriptions of ancient ruins and jungle scenery are overlaid with a hint of danger for the heroine Allison a travel reporter for a small paper who’d rather be writing investigative journalism Is the zoo’s assistant director going to help her or hinder her? Or is he the one responsible for the “accidents” she’s been having?I’d recommend this engaging romantic suspense

  4. D& D& says:

    Thunder in the Night by Kate Fellowes opens with travel writer Allison Belsar’s trip to Belize What was to be an ordinary working holiday uickly escalates into intrigue and danger when Allison stumbles upon a mystery involving smuggling Mart Lawler animal lover is her love interestAlthough I have never been to Belize the author painted a vivid picture of the jungle the animals and the people I especially enjoyed their visit to ancient ruins which I could picture uite clearly For me the love story took a back seat to the mystery But as an animal rights advocate I didn’t mind too much There is a strong them throughout this book—of the way animals should be treated and it rang true for me as it will for any animal lover

  5. Shelley Wall Shelley Wall says:

    Thunder in the Night caught my attention with the dialague in the first chapter Kate does a great job of developing the characters and keeping the action moving A very enjoyable story and some interesting details in the plot You will love the heroine from the get goTold in first person it draws you in and pulls at all your emotions Definately a page turner

  6. Stephanie Freeman Stephanie Freeman says:

    From page one you could feel the heat and intensity of this novel Kate Fellowes did a fantastic job of weaving the environment in with the tension that rose in each chapter From start to finish Thunder in the Night was one of those books you simply could not sit aside One could easily see this book as a movie Excellent read

  7. Nancy Luebke Nancy Luebke says:

    I really enjoyed this suspenseful romance It was pretty fast pace and was hard to put down It did keep me guessing till the end and a real surprise ending

  8. Carol Smith Carol Smith says:

    I uite enjoyed reading this book Not only did it entertain it gave me some insight into the corrupt world of animal smuggling Suspenseful to the end

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Thunder in the Night [PDF / Epub] ☉ Thunder in the Night By Kate Fellowes – Aspiring investigative journalist Allison Belsar has exactly zero interest in tagging along with the society set when they visit Belize But when the trip is sponsored by the local zoo and her editor i Aspiring investigative journalist Allison Belsar has exactly zero interest in tagging along with the society Thunder in Kindle - set when they visit Belize But when the trip is sponsored by the local zoo and her editor issues the order she packs her bags and shows up on timeTurns out there’s to this adventure than red eyed tree frogs and Mayan ruins Something criminal is going on But what And how does that gorgeous tour guide figure into events He’s close at hand every time there’s dangerOf course he’s nearby plenty of other times too The moments she spends in his arms are as magical as the moonlight on a tropical night Allison is in danger of losing her heart to this man and her life to a deadly ring of criminals who will do anything to keep their secrets hidden deep in the jungle This could be the story to make her career—if she lives to tell it.