Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I Am Desperate for Your

Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I Am Desperate for Your

Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I Am Desperate for Your Presence [Download] ✤ Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I Am Desperate for Your Presence By Linda Dillow – Women have an innate thirst for true genuine intimacy Author Linda Dillow believes that this desire is created and can only be satisfied by a relationship with God This 12 week devotional Bible study Women have an Thirsty Soul: ePUB ↠ innate thirst for true genuine intimacy Author Linda Dillow believes that this desire is created and can only be satisfied by a relationship with God This week devotional Bible study encourages you to move from concept into practice and establish a lifestyle of worship Find rest and freedom from stress and grief in God's forgiveness Includes discussion uestions.

10 thoughts on “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I Am Desperate for Your Presence

  1. Lauren Henderson Lauren Henderson says:

    This book This book It is amazing It turned me into a Linda Dillow fan For all of you women who enjoy Bible Studyself help books this is extremely thought provoking at times not what you want to be asked but what you need to answer So great This book is about finding your fulfillment in God I read it at a time when I desperately needed to check where my head was Linda Dillow is so insightful Her words are strengthening but tender I still pick up this book now and then when I need a check

  2. Carrie Carrie says:

    We used this book for a bible study discussion group that meets pretty regularly Throughout the book Linda uses many scriptural references and life experiences from a variety of people to support her points and help the reader grasp concepts I thought this made it an easier read and helped me relate to what she was saying That said some concepts or activities resounded with me while others simply did not It was funny that what struck one person in our group as silly or strange would seem to be exactly what another member of our group needed to read or do and they would find it touching There was something in this book for everyone in our study though it was different things for each of usThe first 4 chapters discuss what worship is and suggests that it is exciting too Maybe for some of us worship has only been sitting in a pew once a week but first section challenges you to think of worship in a whole new way and to help you be excited about changing your concept of it Chapter themes include awakening to worship finding stillness in your life and expanding your worship experience Chapters 5 11 are about bowing different aspects of yourself to God That is letting go of those things or making yourself like Him in that facet of your life Examples are learning to bow your words work attitude pain times of waiting etc Some of these were easy that is I felt confident with them but other chapters were emotionally challenging or are areas that I could admittedly stand to improve upon Chapter 12 provides a good resolution and summary to the book She discusses making scheduled appointments with God time of worship each day which is something repeated throughout the book but suggests that these times can be adventurous full of awe and something you anticipate not a boring time at all She also discusses how you can be worshipping while you are going throughout your day even during the most mundane tasks There's a 12 week study in the back The studies asked introspective uestions referenced scripture and always encouraged worship time She encourages memorization of short scriptures too The studies in the back were uality but not overly time consuming which was nice I'd recommend this if you're looking for something that is easy to read but also spiritually challenging You could use this one for a group or an individual study

  3. Allison Ball Allison Ball says:

    Are you looking for a deeper connection with God? Are you wondering when this personal relationship is going to start feeling like a real relationship? Maybe going to church every Sunday morning and reading your bible daily aren't enough any Maybe even your daily prayers are beginning to seem a bit redundant and seeming not to reach past the ceiling If this sounds like you then this book is for youI absolutely loved reading every page of this bookLinda Dillow presented herself as transparent in writing this book She brought me into a deeper relationship with GodThis book may not be thick but it sure is heavy with spiritual gains I can't speak highly enough of it As you will see when you read it for yourself She is serious about giving God her all and generous enough to share what she has learned so that others can find a closer relationship with their Creator as well This book is practical easy to read interesting to follow and an all around excellent Christian read for women of all walks of life

  4. Joy Joy says:

    A beautiful book on worship soul stirring and biblical Worship is so much than just singing a few songs on Sunday morning it is a lifestyle of bowing our words circumstances hopes and dreams and very life to the Almighty Life changing one I will return to again and again

  5. Ashlee Ashlee says:

    My Sunday School class is studying this one And when i read the beginning I thought i would hate it Her thoughts on God are not necessarily mine she describes a level of intimacy that I do not associate with a being that i consider a father figure great great grandfather really All that to say if you have that level of intimacy it won't bother you at all and you will jump right in If you don't; skip that part and go right into the study you will be glad you did It has really made me think about how my actions as a Christian woman are viewed by others My favorite chapter so far is chapter 6 I Bow My Words i have THE biggest mouth and very little filter so this chapter spoke directly to me I love the story of Socrates and one of his scholars Pambo Socrates gave Pambo the 39th Psalm to read After reading verse I I will take heed to my ways that i not sin with my tongue Pambo shut the book and left saying that he would learn that point first After several months passed Socrates demanded that Pambo move forward to another verse He Pambo said that he had not yet learned his first lesson; he gave this same answer when asked the same uestion forty nine years later

  6. Julie Julie says:

    I will readdigest this later I cannot stop thinking about all the wisdom and truth here and want to go back through the study as well This is a lifestyle book

  7. Emily Herd Emily Herd says:

    “Worship is not just a specific act It is also a lifestyle”“Worship begins in holy expectancy and ends in holy obedience”This is an amazing book to understanding how to have awe filled worship and bask in the presence of God everyday Really great book and has great applications

  8. Joyce Joyce says:

    Done during a women’s study The only problem was some weeks we had to do two chapters with the exercises uestions I recommend doing one chapter a week

  9. Michelle Sedeño Michelle Sedeño says:

    Why did I wait too long to finish this? Ah because of the timing of every chapter my real life Will definitely review this on the blog soon

  10. Jodi Jodi says:

    A very satisfying read and I believe I got so much out of it because I read it with some wonderful ladies in a Bible study group It was so nice to connect with them and discuss each chapter weekly for 12 weeks I did not necessarily make every change in the book but I definitely grew over the three months we met to cover this book Of course I still need to grow but I can see where I made progressI loved the book of James 3 7 8 For every species of beasts and birds of reptiles and creatures of the sea is tamed and has been tamed by the human race But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison I truly need to think before I speak because my tongue does need taming at times and I know how much words can harmI have also tried to grow in my gratitude and be thankful for all that I have When disappointed or angry I need to remember to be thankful for the blessings I have receivedWe start our next Bible study in January and I look forward to it

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