The Infidelity Pact MOBI Ø The Infidelity Kindle -

The Infidelity Pact MOBI Ø The Infidelity Kindle -

The Infidelity Pact [PDF / Epub] ✪ The Infidelity Pact ☆ Carrie Doyle Karasyov – An ill conceived pact between four LA housewives to each indulge in a year long extramarital affair leads to freedom revenge social climbing sex drugs and murder in this hilarious and biting solo debu An ill conceived pact between four LA housewives to each indulge in a year long extramarital affair leads to freedom revenge social climbing sex drugs and murder in this hilarious and biting solo debut by a coauthor of The Right Address and The Infidelity Kindle - Wolves in Chic ClothingTo address their general malaise four privileged LA housewives each make a pact to have a year long extramarital affair Their husbands are declared off limits and the friends agree to confide only in each other the theory being that dalliances cause trouble in large part because word gets out And so our ladies embark—two eagerly one cautiously and one very reluctantly—on perilous romantic paths that lead to all manner of adventure and intrigue As the year progresses secrets are revealed betrayals pile up desires are brought to light lies are told and each woman is forced to face up to the truth of who she is and the choices that have brought her here When the women discover that a local gossip has been spying on their conversations and is threatening to reveal their secrets to the whole town how far will they go to stop him And how well do these friends really know each other anywayWith a wry eye and an insider’s view of LA’s wealthy and occasionally desperate housewives The Infidelity Pact is at once poignant and hilarious a book that is sure to be talked about on both coasts—and everywhere in between.

10 thoughts on “The Infidelity Pact

  1. Hectaizani Hectaizani says:

    Perhaps it was the format and because I was listening during my daily commute but I found it somewhat hard to follow all the characters and remember which wife and which husband and which lover belonged where

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This book had been on my to read list for a little while so I finally decided to stop waiting to read it I did read some of the reviews beforehand and I was forewarned when I saw that they weren't great Still the idea behind the book is a good one and I had high hopes I will start by saying that what I disliked most was really the writing style itself Ms Karasyov writes like an amateur Seriously the writing was very child like I thought It wasn't necessarily the wording as just how she would describe a scenario or just the back and forth with Eliza said Victoria said Eliza responded during a conversation instead of just letting it run on like most writers do She also went into tremendous detail I'm talking paragraphs worth to set the scene on food hair color what people were wearing It was way over the top and I skipped most of it because it was entirely wasted space and irrelevant She also had an annoying habit for interrupting every conversation in the beginning to describe something For instance if two characters were talking about their cat she'd stop the conversation and start a page long story about when they first adopted the cat This happened over and over so that by the time you reached the end of a conversation it had gone on for five pages Thankfully this annoying habit seemed to have dissolved by the middle of the book However there were many other issues I had with this bookFirst of all there were too many characters and they all came in at around the same time so that I couldn't remember who was who and finally I gave up and started a list with the character's names and who they were married to and who they were cheating withAdditionally the book had a lot of issues There were typo's and grammatical errors that apparently everyone looking over the book missed There was also a lot of conflicting writing as far as where one person was at a time or what had just happened I kept flipping back and forth to make sure I had read a previous page correctly only to see that the following page didn't go along with what was written before I think even the author got confused and forgot what she was doingI also had issues with the characters Most of them spoke as though they were children A lot of what they said was unintelligent and something you would expect out of a teenager not 30 year old womenGoing forward there are spoilers listed There aren't a lot and most of them you can figure out at the end of the first chapter anyway but just an FYILeelee was also the biggest pain in the ass I couldn't get over how she blamed her husband for everything that had ever gone wrong in her life She couldn't accept responsibility and absolutely despised him because she hadn't married into money Instead of getting a job she decided to sit down and pity herself and her worthless husband her words throughout the entire book She was also so naive in believing the guy she was cheating with would leave his life to be with her I know a lot of women believe this but there was something so absolutely irritating and childlike about her that it didn't at all surprise me that she didn't open her eyes to look at the whole picture I'm glad that she didn't get to run off with the love of her life but would have preferred if her husband had left her tooThe whole Anson plot I thought was just taking up space At the end of the day it had very little weight in the book The women didn't change what they were doing because of it they didn't seem entirely scared and when they were supposed to be it wasn't believable and at the end of the book nothing came of it The women decided something had to be done with Anson so that no one would ever find out about their pact yet as it turns out they all told their husbands anyway so who cares? While I liked the ending as far as how it was thought out and written I didn't believe it because why would so many people risk their own lives by killing attempting to kill hurting or attempting to hurt Anson over something that was already out in the open anyway? It was just absurd And the fact that the police wrote the whole thing off as an accident I mean are these the stupidest police ever? Everyone in the neighborhood seems to know everything about each other but no one noticed the five people at Anson's house that night? And the police weren't at all suspicious even with Anson's job and what he'd written in the paper lately? It was totally unbelievable that they didn't investigate it I was also annoyed by how neatly everything wrapped up All of the marriages survived except for the one that was doomed from the beginning anyway I'm not sure that that would actually happenAlthough I read the book very uickly and was always curious to see what was going to happen next at the end of the day I feel gypped This book had a lot of potential and in the hands of another writer it probably would have been a great one Looking back now it doesn't surprise me that the rating is so low

  3. Vicki Vicki says:

    It was an easy light hearted fun book with an unexpected who done it twist Just what I needed for a weekend getaway read

  4. Michelle English Michelle English says:

    I thought this was a fun little book that all wives who are married for a long time might fantasize about but not ever do So this book makes you realize wow maybe this was not the best idea or maybe it was you have to read it and see

  5. Ju Haghverdian Ju Haghverdian says:

    DNFI have no tolerance for Housewives of whateverLA housewives then zero tolerance

  6. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    This was a re read for me As with most re reads I liked this one better the first time I read it but it was still good the second time aroundAs you can tell from the title it's about four friends who make an infidelity pact They are fed up and frustrated with their respective marriages for a variety of reasons and one of them gets the brilliant idea that maybe if they take a year to experience other men andor women it will make their marriages stronger Yeah Don't know how infidelity will make a marriage stronger or better but whatever works I've heard some people complain about the author's writing style and that it is too flat too descriptive but I didn't have a problem with it I liked it actually It was a very fluid read for me It wasn't choppy or confusing Books like these in my opinion aren't meant to be taken seriously If I were a few years younger id probably talk about how insipid or ridiculous the prospect of this whole pact is but honestly? Maybe the older I get the I enjoy a little silliness? Idk I understand that a pact to cheat on your husband is immature and a rather horrible idea especially as a way of making your marriage better but I also understand that many people are unhappy in their marriages and maybe reading books like this somehow comfort them Or at the very least entertain them It definitely entertained me however unrealistic it all was

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I liked this book because it was an easy read with some slightly surprising happenings that wrap up the story It starts slow and the characters include all the obligatory LA types but it's great fluffy fun overall And though it's a book about cheating there isn't much focus on sex

  8. Jhenn Jhenn says:

    I read this book during finals and I have to say that my Econ text book was much interesting The ending saved it from being a total waste of paper but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone ever

  9. Meranda Meranda says:

    Overall an interesting plot 4 friends decide to embark on an infidelity pact for a year to spice up their lives Well written but the plot was easy to figure out which for me made it easy to skim several pages Slight twist at the very end but not too surprising

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    I wish I could give it 6 stars Fun read with a crazy ending Totally thought I had it figured out but literally didn't til the last page

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