Thrall Daughters of Lilith #1 PDF å of Lilith Epub

Thrall Daughters of Lilith #1 PDF å of Lilith Epub

  • Kindle Edition
  • 305 pages
  • Thrall Daughters of Lilith #1
  • Jennifer Quintenz
  • English
  • 10 April 2016

10 thoughts on “Thrall Daughters of Lilith #1

  1. Marla Marla says:

    I really enjoyed this story The characters were interesting and the storyline was fascinating I always like sci fi stories You never know what is out there and the Lilith could be a society that live where we can't see them This world is so advanced you never know I really liked Braetyn and Lucas I look forward to see what happens next the lives of this group of fighters

  2. Jenny Jenny says:

    Fist thing I loved about the story is the Unieness Not all books choose a heroine that was actually a Demon of origin Lilith to start with is a mythological mother of DemonI was really unfamiliar with Lilith thing so I made a few research which I always do For me to understand of the paranormal books I commonly read Hehehhehe Here is a short research article I read hope it will be useful for you as wellLilith Mother of Demons appears throughout mythology and religions across the globe Although called by different names she has existed in some form since by some accounts as early as 3000 BCShe is a female demon of the night who supposedly flies around searching for newborn children either to kidnap or strangle them She also sleeps with men to seduce them into propagating demon sons Legends told about Lilith are ancient The rabbinical myths of Lilith being Adam's first wife seem to relate to the Sumero Babylonian Goddess Belit ili or Belili She was also knownto the Canaanites as Baalat the Divine Lady On a tablet from Ur ca 2000 BCE she was addressed as Lillake One such story is that God created Adam and Lilith as twins joined together at the back She demanded euality with Adam Failing to achieve it she left him in anger This is sometimes accompanied by a Muslim legend that after leaving Adam Lilith slept with Satan thus creating the demonic Djinn In another version of the myth of Lilith she was Adam's first wife before Evefrom Far this is the first book that has a theme of a Lilithu daughters as a the main character of the story I've read a lot of paranormal books and so far it is really uite good The book has a mixture of story about friendship responsibility faith and love but the most important thing is the faith in one's own strength and sense of rightnessThe main character was interesting and well created I instantly liked her; she was filled with a normal human girl's emotion Love of friends love for her father and for Lucas She has endured her hearts desire to be human and chosed to sustain her Lilith form to help the GUARDS in stopping the other Lilitus evil plan A Fathers love this is the best highlight of the book Murphy inspite of not being the biological father is an epitome of a fathers unconditional love to his daughter Inspite of what others think of his raised Lilitu daughter he never loosed faith that he was able to raise Braedyn with love and goodness It really left me teary eyed everytime his father's love was being shown in this book My JudgementI can' t say anything negative about this book because it was so good All in all the book was wonderful It's really impressive how the it's a self published book I enjoyed reading it so much even I went back to reread a few scenes I would definitely wait for the next seuel of this

  3. Runningrabbit Runningrabbit says:

    First book free on I absolutely loved this a great YA novel that is well written and characters are credible There is plenty of high school in there with the ordinary girl that suddenly discovers she's not ordinary at all what a surprise There is always the nasty popular crew who ualify well for that role and the sexy love interest The supporting characters are well defined with believable situations and realistic relationships I'm going straight on to book 2

  4. Linda Linda says:

    The succubus fangirl in me is going happy go lucky A coming of age story for a succubus one of my favorite supernatural creatures of all time? Yes please And amazingly enough this book does not disappoint I meant to savour it to draw out the pages and enjoy for as long as I could Instead I tore through it in two sittings without being able to put it downEvery once in a while I really want to buy the books that are self published first time novels yet to reach the shelves in your local bookstore I like the idea of supporting aspiring authors in their way to writers heaven But sadly sometimes those shiny new books are rushed to the printing press before they are ready This is not one of those books Ignore the blurb it makes it sound so much teen y than it isI would like to draw your attention to the cover It is a good cover but there are others like it I thought it was nice enough when I bought the book but it should not be that special But when you hit the exact scene in the book from which the cover is it blows you away Suddenly the girl looks magical having that Cinderella effect and everythingFor a first time author Jennifer uintenz I salute you I truly hope that you are going places hopefully places where one writes many many books The writing style is so smooth yet gripping Add some good characters well paced story and you have something that I like No not like Love As I mentioned before I loves succubus stories In this case named after Lilith and called Lilitu And there really has not been a story which gives us first hand insight into what it feels like to become one of the seductive demonesses This story was paced perfectly being very exciting and yet easing you into it when needed I do not want to spoil because everyone deserves the awe of this book I will drop the ditbit that I think it is wonderful that the part of mythology where succubi visit men in their dreams is not left out And that they are in fact demonsBraedyn is a sweet girl easy to identify with But as she progresses and grows into being a Lilitu while still being part of the Guard is amazing She is not written as too perfect she makes mistakes stumbles and that's what makes her loveable Plus while she is the loner she is not a whiny character which is not easy to write Lucas is the male interest in this book he has solid reason for doing what he does and he stays true to why he became part of the Guard It’s what makes him a good character Definitely not your typical shallowly written lover boy But my favorites are Braedyns father and Thane It is so lovely to have such deep side characters Their stories were just as compelling as BreadynsAs you can tell I am over the moon with this book and will be ordering the second book as soon as I have money for it which has to be after Christmas Really who thought gift giving was fun than receiving them But sadly so much expensive So no surprise that “Thrall” gets full five stars and the highest recommendations I can give This review is also on my blog still in baby shoes

  5. Savannah (Books With Bite) Savannah (Books With Bite) says:

    Before you even start this review Put down anything you are doing and go read Thrall It's AMAZINGBREATHTAKING It's makes you want to fall to your knees and beg for Yes I want And I want it nowNow what hooked me into this book is that the plot is holy freaking intense I mean right from the start I am enthralled till the end Each chapter the reader faces action secrets and much hottness At some points I couldn't take it any I was fighting against myself to hurry up and finish the book cause I was dying to know how it was going to end And I figthing myself cause I didn't want to finish it Cause I knew the minute I be done it wouldn't be enoughThe characters also add some awesome elements to the story Along with the plot we have characters that are kept out of the loop I LOVE this Characters that hold secrets about themselves from others specifically when it can jeopardize a relationship makes my heart race The love interest as you can tell is one that I want to bloom but faces many trials This relationship I know can be strong as long as they are strong together Their love is fierce in the beginning but UGH it does make my heart break some Believe me when I say that you will be so invested in these characters you feel every waking emotionThrall is a fab beginning to an ultimate legacy With a thrilling beginning I can't imagine what the second book will be like It raises you up yet brings you down It's makes your heart pound yet stop at the igniting love it sparks Thrall accelerates further into the heart of things bringing the reader with it Engaging and smart Thrall leaves you speechless

  6. Mac Dubista Keso The Bibliobibuli v(=∩_∩=) Mac Dubista Keso The Bibliobibuli v(=∩_∩=) says:

    EnTHRALLing ^^Amazing read Great BookPage turner extraordinaire First of all i am not into this kind of genre when it comes to booksOh well i was wrong to judged a book like thisIt was AWESOME It was engrossing fast read and a page turnerI just can't stop reading Full of action and exciting I could NOT put this book down BREATHTAKING It's makes you want to fall to your knees and beg for Yes I want And I want it nowFEELS LIKEThrall is supernatural romance fantasy at its best and purest and it's really uite good All of the tropes are represented here the demure teenage girl the handsome boy next door the sassy best friends and the discovery of a great power on the inside There's also plenty that you've probably not read before the driving engine with its rich mythology and talons buried deep in Biblical tales the wonderfully descriptive scenes laced with tongue in cheek humor and some really ingenious battles that take everything you think you know about angels and demons and tears it asunder But at the center lies the greatest of wish fulfillment who doesn't want to go to sleep one night as just another face in the high school hallway and wake up to discover she's an ass kicking demon hunter?This novel the first of many I hope is obviously written by someone who understands the desire to do and be greater and it's written with exuisite care and passion It's than just the trans formative experience of a teenage girl it's a moral yarn delivered with one of the strongest pro female messages I've seen in ages Oh and some pretty bad ass demon wingsIt also has a beautiful fatherdaughter relationship so rarely seen in books today and the story makes it clear that unconditional love and trust make someone a true parent regardless of their blood relationshipThe mix between action and descriptions of Braedyn's struggle and feelings is perfectly balanced and I loved how I was always in her head If you like fantasy of the Joss Whedon Buffy kind with a forbidden love angle and a whole new and exciting lore around succubae demon hunters and angels this is the book for you Highly recommendedThis is a story of friendship first love and taking on adult responsibilities but ultimately it is about empowerment and faith in one's own strength and sense of rightnessI loved this and can't wait for the next one WHICH is i'm currently reading now heeheeLOL

  7. ♥ Sarah ♥ Sarah says:

    Personally I just couldn't get into the story I had to force myself to finish this The romance lacked chemistry the succubus story line seemed uniue but it all fizzled with an anticlimactic end The action scenes were also kind of a bust and I just really HATED how the Guards treated Braedyn And she was also too much of a goody too shoes one dimensional character for me to truly appreciate I wanted her to join forces with the Lilitu And I really just did not like Braedyn's love interest Lucas But the story was well written and the plot concise Ultimately for this book it's mostly going to depend on personal preference Objectively the book does not have many flaws and I think some readers may enjoy this I on the other hand just could not get past the sons of Adam man hate and the whole good v evil stigmatizing sex trope

  8. Abbie Abbie says:

    Thrall was a really boring read Braedyn was an okay character to start with but she uickly became annoying She could be uite stupid at times too The little twist that happened uite early on was really predictable It didn't shock me at all I lost interest in the story very early on so it felt like a really long read I just wanted the book to end Overall slow annoying and predictable

  9. Holly Holly says:

    I was contacted by the author to read this Normally I'm somewhat leery when I get reuests just to make sure it's something I think I'd like Well when I saw it was something I would typically read AND it had a perfect 50 stars here that pretty much sealed the dealReally I'd probably classify this as a 45 but rounding up to 5 is just fine by me as wellSohow 'bout them demons? I think the legendmyth of Lilith is actually uite fascinating given that even though it's mentioned in the Bible it's largely ignored That alone is fascinating Anyway it's an interesting take on that making these women Sirens in their own right Checkmark for good plot and loreI don't want to say that I was a fan of Lucas early on Braedyn oh yes There was something a few pages in that made me smile because it was witty and observant That's a good sign in my books when I smile at a something they say uickly I was worried for a while she would be this mousy heroine but she completely blossomed into a heroine I could take seriously and look for of in the future And yes I did eventually come around to LucasI saw reviews here that mentioned the book being a page turner and the reader's inability to put the book down By like the last 20% that's the truth I'm glad it was in the middle of the afternoon when I reached that point so I could devote my time to finishing it The action was really intense I got pretty pulled into the storyOh yes something I almost forgot What's worse than an evil villain? An evil villain who doesn't see themselves as evil This book was crawling with characters who were of uestionable moral standings who truly believed they were doing something good when they weren't by most people's standards And as fascinated by psychology as I am I'm terribly drawn into this It added a great complexity to the story that would have been lacking otherwiseLots of intrigue and suspicion in the story And suspense I suppose I should throw that in as well It builds a universe with a multitude of characters that will bring you back for the seuel Sothat seuel's coming out soon right?

  10. Book Whales Book Whales says:

    Originally posted Book WhalesFirst of all I would like to thank Ms uintenz for the ebook copy Now on to my review winksI have to admit that the blurb didn’t really catch my attention that much especially the “falling in love for the first time” part This book was assigned to me for review and although I was a bit skeptical about it I still went on to read it And now I’m glad that I didThrall takes us into a whole new world where beautiful creatures known as Liliths exist I love how Ms uintenz used the idea and weaved her own uniue plot out of it This is definitely something different from the usual “paranormal creatures” I’ve read in other paranormal novels This is uite a refreshing novel with its smooth writing good pacing although the first parts were a bit of a drag for me interesting storyline and great characters At first I thought Braedyn will be one of those “annoying heroines” but she turned out to be a likeable character as the story progresses What I most especially love is the father daughter relationship of Braedyn and her dad I can really feel how much her dad loves and cares for her Although Braedyn and Lucas’ relationship is sweet it didn’t give me any “giddy” feelings at all so yeahOver all Thrall was a great and enjoyable read and I recommend it to all paranormalromance fans Rating

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Thrall Daughters of Lilith #1[Download] ✤ Thrall Daughters of Lilith #1 Author Jennifer Quintenz – Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends Royal and Cassie Together they’re doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their w Braedyn is a normal girl of Lilith Epub Û just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends Royal and Cassie Together they’re doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their way by the popular crowd when a Thrall Daughters PDF/EPUB ² new boy Lucas moves into the house next door Suddenly Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first timeBut as her sixteenth birthday approaches Braedyn discovers humankind is at war with the Lilitu an ancient race of enticing demons that prey on Daughters of Lilith Kindle Ñ human souls Her father is a member of the Guard fighting against the Lilitu and so are the new neighbors including her crush Lucas As her world starts to unravel at the seams Braedyn learns the right answers aren’t always clear or easy And as for “good” and “evil” – it all depends on how we choose to actInspired by the ancient Mesopotamian myths of Lilith and her offspring Thrall explores first love strong friendships and taking on adult responsibilities against the backdrop of powerful supernatural forces and life and death stakes.

About the Author: Jennifer Quintenz

Originally from New Mexico and of Lilith Epub Û still suffering from Hatch green chile withdrawal Jenn is the author of the award winning DAUGHTERS OF LILITH paranormal thriller YA novels Outside of writing books Jenn has penned projects for TV including MTV’s TEEN WOLF graphic Thrall Daughters PDF/EPUB ² novels THE RED STAR THE BOND OF SAINT MARCEL and film most recently adapting Erica O’Rourke’s novel DISSONANCE for the big sc.