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  1. Garrett Cash Garrett Cash says:

    What an astonishing work this is in the pantheon of country music literature On my initial read through country music related works I avoided this book since I found Hemphill's book on Hank Williams to be full of basic errors and generally a little too much about Hemphill than Williams than I wanted I'm glad I finally came around to reading this classic in the genre from 1970 largely based on the recommendation of Tyler Mahan Coe from Cocaine and Rhinestones plus the recommendations made for it from multiple publications after Ken Burns's Country Music aired Contemporary accounts of historical moments like this are my favorite because they give you the real boots on the ground no country pun intended of the moment commentary that can only be entirely authentic to that time and will inevitably be distorted by changing perceptions later For fans and scholars of country music this is a treasure trove of viewpoints that were popular circa 1968 70 and an in depth exploration of where the country community was as it was undergoing major transitions along with the rest of the nation One of my favorite aspects of this book was its focus on both superstars Johnny Cash Glen Campbell Merle Haggard and Chet Atkins are all featured but it also explores artists that are not as big names or perhaps are now not as well remembered like Bill Anderson John Wesley Ryles I Bob Luman Billy Dilworth etc Suffice to say if you're a fan of country music this book belongs on your shelf From what I've heard original copies tend to show up at shops fairly freuently but I haven't seen any yet I read a first printing of this so I'm not sure if anything was added as the book has stayed in print

  2. John Steinbeck John Steinbeck says:

    My book is a first printing which is much prettier than the one here Liked this writer a lot but he wrote this 40 years ago

  3. Tom Schulte Tom Schulte says:

    This bit of investigative journalism on Nashville reeling from the rise of rock with Music Row largely vacants and in decline touts itself on the cover name dropping luminaries covered here including George Jones Patsy Cline Merle Haggard Johnny Cash etc However much ink is spent on and insight gathered from such key figures slugging away in the trenches of transformation such as Whisperin’ Bill Anderson Billy Dilworth and John Wesley Ryles This is a must read for the serious fan of post hillbilly popular country music

  4. Rebecca Padgett Rebecca Padgett says:

    A great historical read The journalistic style made this read feel thorough and well researched It was immersive and investigative I realize this was written in the 70s so much of Nashville has changed but as someone who lives in Nashville much still remains the same I was a bit taken aback by some of the derogatory language though Might have been a sign of the timesbut still

  5. Michael Smith Michael Smith says:

    A brilliantly written look into what was making Nashville tick at the time of publication 1970 during a time when pop music was beginning to merge with country and Glen Campbell was the new king of country A truly fun and informative read

  6. Julie Julie says:

    What a fascinating time capsule This book is a portrait of country music in its golden age before cable tv before the Vietnam War protests got ugly before Opryland The author an actual Southerner rides shotgun on lonely highways with performers has a malt liuor at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and sits in the studio with beloved local DJs as they shoot the breeze with a caller from the hardware store down the street He traces the roots of country music through Appalachia back to Britain The music was made for singing in the distinctive high pitched wailing untrained Appalachian style andit was a highly personal music intended to be played and sung at home or on the village suare or at such functions as barn raisings and picnics and church meetings This type of music can still be heard on the Grand Ole Oprywith the high nasal harmony that was taught a century ago by singing school masters whotaught shape note singing through the churchSongs meant to the illiterate Southerners than sermons did camp meetings offered a stage for the music and the emotionalism of the Southern religion spilled over to the musicHemphill traces these roots and discusses the artistic feuding between the traditionalists who didn't want drums or electric guitars on stage at the Opry and the modern pop country stars like Glen Campbell and Jeanie C Riley He visits studios and record labels and uotes dollar figures which even adjusted for inflation are impressive in chronicling an industry just going supernova There is a side trip out to Bakersfield California to speak with Buck Owens and investigate that city's claim to be Nashville West Also there is a look into music's future Hemphill chooses as a case in point Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline album which had just been released and interviews Dylan and Johnny Cash on their collaboration Also at this pivotal moment Glen Campbell has just been offered his own network tv show and Buck Owens has been approached about something called Hee Haw Ryman Auditorium is described as ugly and Opryland USA is on the drawing boardCash has a lot of good lines in this book it's a great tribute to him He tells of a conversation between Cash and Merle HaggardHaggard The first time I ever saw you perform it was at San uentinCash I don't remember you being on that show MerleHaggard I was in the audience JohnnyLater Hemphill shares a backstage moment with Johnny and JuneIn a playful mood he began to sing softly to I Walk the Line words he had made up that afternoon before a break in taping at the Opry House Ryman 'I keep my pants up with a piece of twine''John' his wife gasped 'Yes love' Cash said getting up and strolling out of the coffee shop a little boy grin on his face 'Just say you're mine and pull the twine'It must be remembered that this book was written 45 years ago against a background of tremendous social upheaval the Vietnam War the hippie culture and forced integration and the author does exhibit a measure of racism He uses the n word when uoting his interviewees He acknowledges that Charley Pride is pretty much the only African American in country music This is a little startling but it is an accurate portrayal of people's attitudes at that timeI do take issue with the author's assertion that country music is the only true American music I think blues and jazz have a much stronger claim In fact according to Hemphill some of the first country music hillbilly recordings were done on the Okeh label which specialized in race music But people are free to draw their own conclusionsThe Nashville Sound is worth checking out as a time capsule as a good piece of journalism The best way to experience it is by supplementing your reading with YouTube videos of everything from the Carter Family singing Wildwood Flower to Cash and Dylan's duet on Girl from the North CountryIt would also be interesting to read a companion volume that examines the cutthroat country and Christian music business industry that Nashville has become since 1970 Thanks to Netgalley for furnishing me with a review copy of this book

  7. Paul Bauer Paul Bauer says:

    What exactly is the Nashville sound? In the 1960s that was not an easy uestion to answer It included traditional country but also countrypolitan the crooning of Eddy Arnold Patsy Cline strings the pop country of Roger Miller and Glen Campbell and increasingly the music coming out of Bakersfield from Buck Owens and Merle Haggard And into this mix comes the historic recording of a folk artist and one of country music's greatest talents Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline w his famous some would say infamous duet with Johnny Cash Hemphill also briefly discusses the importance of TV as both Hee Haw and The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour took country music to the masses And Hemphill does not shy away from the subject of race in country music One can only imagine what Charlie Pride endured It is also interesting to note that Waylon Jennings is mentioned only in passing and Willie Nelson not at all If traditionalists thought the 1960s were rough they were not about to find relief in the 70s The Nashville Sound is a fine snapshot of this era and I'd rank it up there w Nicholas Dawidoff's excellent In the Country of Country

  8. Morris Morris says:

    This was an informative book about Nashville and Country Music Don't let informative scare you off however if you're a country music fan it's a lively read with great anecdotes and stories about the stars and the people who created helped create a truly American genre of music You may not agree with the politics of many of the founders and current movers and shakers who populate country but by golly they are some of the most creative and top flight musicians and singers in the world and Country Music is a world wide phenomena as John Sebastian sang Nashville Cats play clean as country waterNashville Cats play wild as mountain dewNashville Cats been playin' since they's babiesAnd any one that unpacks his guitar could playTwice as better than I will the lovin spoonful

  9. Jerry Oliver Jerry Oliver says:

    This was a phenomenal read especially considering the correlation between Nashville then 1970 and Nashville now 45 years later Todays ultra hiphappening music city of the south Nashville is experiencing a new set of growing pains via urban renewal and the tearing down of landmarks and historical sites to make tiny condos for the droves of young upstarts moving to town The history of the country music scene of the time and it's rising new stars like Glen Campbell Merle Haggard and John Anderson is an amazing time capsule to a kid like me who was born in 1959 and whose mom had her radio tuned into all this music It's shocking to remember how racist and demeaning to women everyday conversation and writing could be back then but not surprising considering the subject Very enlightening when read with perspective

  10. Kim Sasso Kim Sasso says:

    This was published long before I started paying attention to country music It was kinda fun reading about people like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton Ionly mentioned as Porter Wagner's sweet little singing partner before they were fully established as country royalty Glen Campbell was considered an upstart popstar crossover act Ha Most of the folks Hemphill talks to in this book are probably rolling in their graves at the sound of today's country music As with the collection of Hemphill's sports columns that first captured my attention these tales are eminently readable and convey a lot of personality as well as information I am glad to have read it particularly given the way it rounds out my interests in southern and family history

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The Nashville Sound ✭ [PDF] ✪ The Nashville Sound By Paul Hemphill ✺ – Various Artists The Nashville Sound Musiue en coutez The Nashville Sound par Various Artists sur Deezer Avec la musiue en streaming sur Deezer dcouvrez plus de millions de titres crez gratuitement vos Various Artists The Nashville Sound Musiue en coutez The Nashville Sound par Various Artists sur Deezer Avec la musiue en streaming sur Deezer dcouvrez plus de millions de titres crez gratuitement vos propres playlists explorez des genres diffrents et partagez vos titres prfrs avec vos amis The Nashville Sounds | Discography | Discogs Nashville Sounds uartet formerly the Anita Kerr uartet and recently the Sounds Inc The group worked on recordings and television with major recording artists including Perry Como Pete Fountain Johnny Cash Eddy The Nashville PDF \ Arnold Tennessee Ernie Ford Al Hirt Conway Twitty Loretta Lynn Kenny Rogers Garth Brooks Willie Nelson Tricia Yearwood George Burns Ann Margret and others The Nashville Sound fr Hemphill Paul Livres The Nashville Sound fr Hemphill Paul Livres anglais et trangers Choisir vos prfrences en matire de cookies Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats fournir nos services pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des amliorations et pour prsenter des annonces The Nashville Sound IMDb Directed by Robert Elfstrom David Hoffman With Roy Acuff Bill Anderson Archie Campbell Johnny Cash This movie features the music straight from the stage of the Ryman Auditorium during the annual birthday celebration filmed right from the Opry in October It also gives a synopsis of sights around Nashville The Nashville Sound Vinyl | Discogs View credits reviews tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The Nashville Sound on Discogs Nashville sound — Wikipdia Le Nashville sound galement connu sous le nom de Countrypolitan est apparu la fin des annes comme nouveau genre de musiue country Il supplante progressivement le honky tonk plus populaire dans les annes et les annes Overview of The Nashville Sound LiveAbout The Nashville Sound was first used in a article in the Music Reporter The term came into broader use when in it appeared prominently in an article on Jim Reeves in Time magazine The Nashville Sound Home | Facebook The Nashville Sound likes Hey all we're a country music band trying to keep 's and 's country alive in today's rapidly changing country music sound The Nashville Sound Wikipedia Jason Isbell and the Unit The Nashville Sound Home | Facebook The Nashville Sound likes talking about this Hey all we're a country music band trying to keep 's and 's country alive in today's rapidly changing country music sound The Nashville Sound Rotten Tomatoes An all star lineup of the biggest country music celebrities pays tribute to The Nashville Sound in as they celebrate the Grand Ole Opry's th anniversary Featured artists appearing live Nashville sound | Country Music Wiki | Fandom The Nashville Sound originated during the late s as a sub genre of American country music replacing the chart dominance of honky tonk music which was most popular in the s and s Although it refers to a means of production not to mention an era and mystiue as much as to an actual sound The Nashville Sound is generally dated from or The Nashville Sound was pioneered The Nashville Sound | Jason Isbell and the Unit Achetez 'The Nashville Sound par Jason Isbell and the Unit' sur la plateforme de musiue digital France Un catalogue de plus de millions de titres haute ualit The Nashville Sound Authenticity I grew up listening to The Nashville Sound unaware it was a category by which musicologists and country music fans understood their musical tradition By way of my dad it was mainly stuff like Jim Reeves Elvis The Browns and the Everly Brothers who I especially took to in my high school years My mom liked Dolly Parton and I myself developed a particular taste for Patsy Clines music in The Nashville Sound Authenticity This book is about the value that an audience places on a commercial cultural product like country music It explores why the concept of authenticity in country music is so crucial to so many of its fans It does this by examining the dramatic changes that occurred in country music in the s and s when one popular style honky tonk was effectively supplanted by another the Jason Isbell the Unit The Nashville Sound The Nashville Sound is the sound of America pulling up its sleeves confronting its bullshit raging at its flickering beacon Isbell maybe better than anyone else on the planet can tap into the polarizing societal veins of the country’s manias and transform them into anthems for—hopefully—much better days ahead Nashville Sounds | MiLBcom The Nashville Sounds face masks have arrived Now you can represent the Sounds wherever you go all while staying safe Shop Now MiLB Season Canceled In conjunction with the announcement from Voirfilm 😍 The 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  • Paperback
  • 289 pages
  • The Nashville Sound
  • Paul Hemphill
  • English
  • 07 April 2016
  • 9780974387710

About the Author: Paul Hemphill

Paul James Hemphill was an American journalist and author who wrote extensively about often overlooked topics in the Southern United States such as country music evangelism football stock car racing and the blue collar people he met on his journeys around the South.