Out of the Past Kindle å Out of PDF/EPUB ²

Out of the Past Kindle å Out of PDF/EPUB ²

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  1. Jaline Jaline says:

    Frank Abbott says “I shall be off by an early train so I thought I had better come and pay my respects tonight and let you know how the Cordozo affair has panned out”Miss Silver thinks ‘Really these modern expressions Derived of course from the gold mining industry and in its way expressive but one could hardly approve it’ I had to laugh because Miss Silver reminds me of myself at times like this occasionally jumping on my high horse or a soap box in defense of the English language Ha On the other hand I am also known to make up new words here and there and tweak the noses of those who don’t like the way I place my participles or would like to see less or adjectives andor adverbsAnd then there is Miss Silver’s love for Lord Tennyson’s poetry I have only read bits here and there but any reader of Miss Silver’s investigative adventures can attest to her mind expanding Tennyson uotes I have wondered if she memorized all of his works in their entirety because she can present one of his uotes for nearly every eventualityThere are a couple of very good Tennyson uotes in this novel although I decided not to include any in my review because they could be construed as spoilersI like how this novel starts off as a family saga where we learn a great deal about the family and their closest friends As we move into present time the story expands to include several friends of the family as house guests The overflow go to stay in the large rooming house next door where Miss Silver and her favourite niece are enjoying a pleasant holidayOne person who is connected to most of the others in the story turns up like the proverbial bad penny three years after everyone was sure the person was settled and happy elsewhere The malice starts small and always with a smile and then grows in increments until it mushrooms into a big canopy that covers nearly everyone in the two households containing owners and guestsThen like dominoes going down a suspect list for murder takes its toll on the inhabitants of the two dwellings Nerves are stretched tight and no one knows for certain who they can trust Somehow Frank Abbott and Miss Silver need to right those dominoes examine each one carefully and find out who the culprit is before they are driven to strike againA great story a great plot and keen insight into each of the book’s characters can be found here I enjoyed this one a lot

  2. Ellen Ellen says:

    Out of the Past Miss Silver #23 by Patricia WentworthThis has to be my favorite Miss Silver to date All the characters are introduced to the reader with their past lives in detail and how they relate to the others Excellent mystery and I might add may be compared to any of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple booksCarmona is staying at the estate left to her husband James by his late father They had been married a short time however Carmona had been engaged to another man who left her at the altar and drifted off to south America without a word Three months after that deplorable experience she married James Suddenly Alan Field appears at the door with no other explanation other than he's decided to pay everyone a visit Mr Field does really care that not everyone is thrilled to see him or to welcome him back He apparently has other motives for his trip to pay his respects to his old chums That motive would be money and he is bound and determined to get as much as he can even if that means blackmailSo enjoyed this Miss Silver and can highly recommend it to any mystery lover

  3. Stephanie Stennett Stephanie Stennett says:

    Giving this 4 stars because I like the style and the period If you've read all the Miss Marples you could do worse than starting on Miss Silver Clever characterization slightly severe detective Silver a bit of police procedure and no desultory obligatory sex scenes Seriously If I wanted to read sex I read a book about sex So many novels and films seem to have a checklist and pointless sex which lends itself to neither character or plot advancement is on it Along with unnecessary physical description of characters If being a tall blonde in designer shoes is IMPORTANT to the plot fine Tell me If it isn't it's just tedious I can't count the ARCs I've tossed back because I've had to read about what the protagonist looks likewearseatsdrives on the first page or two

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    This features one of the most deserving victims in the entire series

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Alan Field was charming handsome and ruthless He would have preferred that last word to be rich but he was murdered in the midst of his latest attempt to achieve wealth without working Blackmail was he thought much easier Not one but two ex fiancees were in the area one of them the now married woman he left at the church when he fled to South America Fortunately Miss Maud Silver is at a nearby boarding house taking a short holiday with her niece Only she can put the pieces together and finger an unsuspected murderer before there's a third tragedy

  6. ShanDizzy ShanDizzy says:

    His eyes travelled to Esther Field She really hadn’t changed a bit He supposed she never would the soft hearted muddle headed old thing He felt uite fond of her as he remembered how easy it had always been to get round her Neither of the Trevors was in evidence Esther’s maid had told him they would be there – ‘Such a nice party Mr Alan Mrs Field was ever so pleased about it Colonel and Mrs Trevor and Lady Castleton – uite a reunion as you might say not to speak of meeting old friends we used to see when we went down to Cliffton regular every summer The only pity is Major Hardwick not being there’ Somehow he felt they would be able to do very nicely without James Hardwick And without the Trevors too Maisie was all right – she might even be useful – but old Tom had always given him a pain in the neck Adela Castleton – no on second thoughts Adela might be worked into the game It would be tricky of course but he could do it – oh yes he could do it And to play a tricky game well was half the funAlan is blackmailing uite a number of people with no remorse or compunction No wonder he is murdered ‘But Alan Mr Murgatroyd wouldn’t be buying the letters People don’t do that when they are writing a biography’‘uite right – they don’t But there might be money in it all the same’‘I don’t see how’‘You will all in good time You see I’ve got to have money One can’t unfortunately get on without it And as it is I’ve got a chance of a really good thing If it comes off I’ll be made for life and no trouble to anyone But I’ve got to have a sprat to catch my whale with’The evening was over and whatever happened or didn’t happen no one could make them live it through again It had begun with an impression of approaching storm – dark clouds coming up from a long way off and brooding overhead They had come they had hovered and they had passed There had been no explosion

  7. Meg Meg says:

    A very good older whodunnit

  8. Shauna Shauna says:

    I thought this was a pretty average Miss Silver outing Not the most intriguing of plots or selection of characters and it lacked some of the sparkle of the other books in the series

  9. Laura Laura says:

    Just arrived from Finland through BMA story where there are too many suspects of a murder crime which calls for revenge betrayal and blackmail This is the 23rd book of Miss Silver series and reminds me the famous detective women created by Dame Christie Miss Marple These old ladies who nobody notices are the key personages who are able to solve very entangled murder mysteries

  10. John Frankham John Frankham says:

    Enjoyed again in 2019Six people have very strong motives to murder a rotter who has come back into their lives after jilting his fiancée and disappearing for three years He needs money and blackmail is his method Luckily Miss Silver is staying at a boarding house close to the mansion where most of the 'cast' are livingvisitingA good average Patricia Wentworth whodunnit

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Out of the Past ❰BOOKS❯ ✸ Out of the Past Author Patricia Wentworth – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk James and Carmona Hardwick are spending the summer playing host to numerous friends and relatives in an old Hardwick family residence by the sea The arrival of Alan Field a devastatingly handsome thou James and Carmona Hardwick are spending the summer playing host to numerous friends and relatives in an old Hardwick family residence by the sea The arrival of Alan Field a devastatingly handsome though shady figure from Carmona's past destroys the holiday atmosphere in the ugly old house and replaces it with mounting tension culminating in murder Fortunately for the Hardwicks and their guests Miss Silver is present to unravel the secrets from the past secrets the killer Out of PDF/EPUB ² will stop at nothing to keep hidden.

  • Paperback
  • 267 pages
  • Out of the Past
  • Patricia Wentworth
  • English
  • 15 August 2016
  • 9780060923631

About the Author: Patricia Wentworth

Patricia Wentworth born Dora Amy Elles was a British crime fiction writerShe was educated privately and at Blackheath High School in London After the death of her first husband George F Dillon in she settled in Camberley Surrey She married George Oliver Turnbull in and they had one daughterShe wrote a series of classic style whodunnits featuring Miss Silver the first of wh.