Kindle Edition ↠ Sweet Vengeance PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ↠ Sweet Vengeance PDF/EPUB å

Sweet Vengeance [Download] ➽ Sweet Vengeance Author Cindy Stark – Alternate cover edition for ASINB007139UD2Allie Jordan is in love and believes her future is bright She’s finally going to have the family she longs for But her dreams fade to black when her mobster Alternate cover edition for ASINBUDAllie Jordan is in love and believes her future is bright She’s finally going to have the family she longs for But her dreams fade to black when her mobster wanna be boyfriend is executed at her feet She’s spared the same fate by a muscle bound vigilante who tosses her over his shoulder and turns her life upside down in ways than one Jase Tyler has one goal in life—to exact revenge on the Chicago mobsters who slaughtered his family But when he rescues Allie things begin to change The last thing he wants is to be responsible for a woman who reminds him he has a soul but there’s a price on her head and he refuses to let the mob have her Love and danger are now a packaged deal and they can't have one without the other The true test will come when she discovers what he's been keeping from her.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 294 pages
  • Sweet Vengeance
  • Cindy Stark
  • English
  • 04 November 2014

About the Author: Cindy Stark

Cindy Stark lives with her family and a sweet Border Collie in a small town shadowed by the Rocky Mountains She writes romantic suspense and contemporary romances and she loves to hear from readersConnect with her online at you enjoyed reading her books she would appreciate it if you would help others en.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Vengeance

  1. Cat Cat says:

    I had a really hard time finishing this because I could not get into the JaseAllie relationship Jase was fine but Allie was just too stupid to live and I just couldn't understand what he saw in her For someone who grew up on the streets she was painfully naive and lacked anything even remotely approaching a sense of survival or even common sense Even after she grew up a little and supposedly got her life together she was still making one dumb decision after another and it's hard to get into a book when I'm too busy rolling my eyes at the protagonist

  2. Kim Kim says:

    Wow what an amazing story I fell in love with Jase and Allie from the beginning The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and their connection was so believable and sweet I will be looking for from this author for sure

  3. Beth Beth says:

    Sexy mobsters?YES I think I will thank you Allie witnesses her boyfriend's murder and is saved from the same fate by a sexy hero Jace Jace has built a life on the search for revenge Sparks fly Jace is going on the controlling possesive mobster boyfriend list

  4. Marie Lapointe Marie Lapointe says:

    Excellent Drama RomanceTalk about not wanting to put a book down Wonderfully written and keeps you interested throughout the entire book Cindy Stark is definitely one fantastic author

  5. Kami Kami says:

    I bought this book after reading her short story Relentless It wasnt as good as Relentless but it was decent I think 3 12 stars would be my rating for this book Allie is 19 and pregnant ready to take on the world with her wannabe mobster boyfriend Joey On the night she was supposed to tell the Joey she was pregnant he was gunned down and killed in a drive by She was rescued by Jase and taken to his safe house to recover from a bullet wound The attraction between the 2 is immediate and powerfull She views him as her savior and he views her as a sinful distraction Jase happens to be very wealthy and is a vigilante out to take down the Trasatti family since they murdered his family when he was 19 Nothing will stop him from ending this family in his need for vengeance not even the love of Allie Jase sets Allie up with a new name and a new life far away from the Chicago Mob bosses and far away from him For 6 years Allie lived away from the everything that had been a part of her life She buiilt a new life for herself but she never stopped looking over her shoulder wondering when the Trasatti family would catch up to her In an attempt at a normal life she realizes that she has to stop all contact with Jace the only contact she has is him sending her 5000 every month So she sets out to find him by going back to none other than Chicago where she faces her fears and confronts her enemy for the final showdown of the book But will Jase and Allie get their happily ever after? Or is there just too much bad blood on the way of that? Will they make it out alive?I did like this book but it is not one of my favories There was pleanty of drama and action and nice bit of lust too I didnt care too much for Allie in the beginning She was clingy and needy and weak After 6 years of growing up she was tougher and less naive I really liked her after those 6 years She stood up for herself and didnt cry and hide from her fears I liked Jase who doesnt love a tough guy hell bent on protecting you His need for vengeance was strong and while I understood it to a point it was sad that he couldnt give it up for love and a life with a chance to have a family

  6. Steph Steph says:

    I'm not a huge fan of young adult or coming of age novels so when I began reading Sweet Vengeance and Allie was only 19 I kind of convinced myself that I wouldn't like this book that my 30 something self couldn't relate with a teenager But while Allie is still a teenager what she goes through in this book consist of very adult situations and decisions The second half of this book featured Allie as a 25 year old woman and I have to give Ms Stark big kudos for the difference in how Allie was portrayed She was initially very weak and vulnerable but wound up being a brave fighter and I'm glad that she came into her own during the course of this story Jase was very frustratinghe knows he shouldn't continue to let vengeance rule his life but can'twon'tstop until the Trasatti family has been brought down He skirts the edge of the law morality but loves Allie with every bone in his body will protect her until the day he dies Their relationship was very sweet Allie was a teenager pining over a hot older bad boy with ties to the mob; Jase is hell bent on exacting revenge for the murders of his family but falls under Allie's spell the second he sees her She makes him want to be a better man but he also wants to take the Trasatti family down He knows Allie is the key to making that happen but none of them including Allie can figure out why There were some lightly erotic spots in the book nothing too hardcore or gratuitous and I thought Ms Stark did a great job weaving a tight and interesting plot with suspense and danger into a very good love story The characters were all developed well and the writing was excellent Nice job

  7. Dalene Dalene says:

    Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this book I chose to read this book after receiving a reuest from the author as I love romantic suspense However I have never read anything like this The book doesn’t waste anytime getting with character or location set up or description The action begins immediately as well as the love storyThis book was a very uick read because the action started so soon I had to find out why The pages turned very uickly I liked both main characters Allie was a great heroine Strong but not so much that she became unbelievable She was tough and could survives the situations by herself or with little help I also liked Jase as the hero I instantly liked him I was intrigued with the situation he had created for his life and how he handled things I do have to say that my least favorite character was Max I did not like him even in the beginningNot only was it just the suspense story and the romance story but the story involving family and friends that made this a great novel If you like romantic suspense you should definitely read this book

  8. Sylvie Sylvie says:

    So I feel pretty guilty I only read this book because it was free BUT I would happily of paid for it Loved it Such a refreshing read and lets be honest who doesn't love a mob affiliated bad boy ; Jase is definitely up there with Christien Grey and Kristen Ashley's Rock chick men I couldn't put this book down It's difficult to write a review without giving away the brilliant storyline I will say that the book is split in two the first section being uite slowly paced then we skip forward and I found the ending a tad rushed That is the only reason this wasn't up there with the five starsI'll happily give away details if anyone wants to know just comment or mail me I always like to know the ending so I can prepare myself haha but i'm strange that way

  9. Sparkymom Sparkymom says:

    Alpha Anti heroThe storyline of this book spans several years and starts when the heroine is a teen who finds herself in a terrifying situation alone and pregnant Jase feels obligated to take care of her but despite his feelings for her he pushes her away but continues to support her Allie is strong and survives against the odds She never forgets her attraction tho Jade but tries too move on because she knows he has criminal ties and a vendetta that will likely get him killed When the two are thrown together many years down the road sparks continue to fly but can Jase give up his need for revenge and can Allie forgive him for the major secrets he had kept from her? Can either one of them accept their own worthiness to be loved at all?

  10. Epicbookaddict Epicbookaddict says:

    Yummy rich good guy mobster killerI'll take one pleaseThe author slams the action right in your face from the beginningfreakin love when they do that I was a bit distraught at the notion of a super young pregnant mom almost married then watches a horrific science unfold that forever changes her life To my surprise and delight she kicks ass takes names way to go Did I mention that I love it when the author hits you in the face with action and keeps it coming??Anywayssss this book is fun with a cherry on top

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