Must Be Magic MOBI Ø Must Be Kindle - Paperback

Must Be Magic MOBI Ø Must Be Kindle - Paperback

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  1. Shelby Day Shelby Day says:

    Rice continues to build the history of the MalcolmIves families in this second book of her Magic series Great characters are peppered throughout the story but I loved her strong female lead the best Leila is not sure where she belongs in her family or for that matter the world at large However she has a dream and decides to go for it Rice also puts much development into Dunstan whom we first met in the first book of the series While I don't think it is necessary to read them in order it is great to do so to see how the characters and their relationships and circumstance grow Dunstan is a very delectable hero with just the right amount of vulnerability to make things interesting I enjoyed seeing their relationship grow and their confidence in each other and in themselves I loved this book even than the first book in the series This book also made me want to become a spelunker ;

  2. Sandy M Sandy M says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of Patricia Rice’s books I’ve read so far historical as well as paranormal This latest re issue from her Magic series is a good book but for me it seems to lack that “something” I’ve found in her other stories lately I’ve been wondering since this is my first read of her earlier work if perhaps it’s because she’s grown as an author over the ten years since this one was originally released The one difference between the books from then and now that stands out for me is her voice It’s much lyrical today and gives books – especially her paranormals – of an ethereal sometimes haunting uality And that’s what’s missing in Must Be Magic as I read it But don’t get me wrong here Either way then or now Patricia Rice is an exceptional author Her characters have layers of depth and her storylines are always intriguing I still enjoyed Must Be Magic despite that different voice I find in it I love both the hero and heroine each consumed with their own problems and mysteries and then when they meet they’re consumed with each other all the while thinking they’d be better off without such complications Ah but the heart always has a different ideaLady Leila is a Malcolm – with no magic She’s grown up the black sheep of the family dark headed compared to all the blondes and watching her mother her siblings and other familial members use their magical powers day in and day out But Leila no matter how hard she tries has never had even a twitch when it comes to magic So she’s turning to developing perfumes and other fragrant items because her sense of smell is beyond compare To do all of that she must plant roses and other flowers carefully cultivate them to then prepare a personal scent for someone However there’s one small problem to begin her process She needs an agronomist and according to her father the best in all England is Dunstan Ives Number one Malcolms and Ives don’t mix well together – the Ives bring disaster to Malcolm doorsteps Number two this particular Ives is a suspect in his wife’s murder Leila wants him anyway and she’s going to have him because after her latest crop has died it’s apparent she does not have the green thumb necessary to grow anythingBeing a younger son with nothing to his name Dunstan is tired of living off the graciousness of his older brother He knows his scientific research will pan out if he can only find the land to grow his experimental turnips which will help farmers feed the downtrodden in the future So though he knows it’s something he shouldn’t do Dunstan reluctantly accepts Lady Leila’s offer of the land he needs if he will also help grow her rose garden Being around the woman however has him in a tizzy wanting her so and he goes about his duties when she’s entertaining guests That’s when he comes across Lily an enchanting dark haired servant who makes his blood boil Lusting after two women is not what he signed up for What he doesn’t realize until much later is that Leila and Lily are one and the same which I found both fun and amazing at times that he didn’t put two and two together much sooner But the fun between them when she’s Lily outweighs the disbelief he doesn’t recognize her without her powder and silk and satinI like that Leila is not shy when it comes to sex She’s always seduced the men she’s wanted since becoming a widow and now that she wants Dunstan she goes about seducing him uite nicely She even gets past his sense of honor of not wanting to ruin her reputation if she consorts with a murderer When they do come together watch out Dunstan is one sensual sexual man Their lovemaking sizzles still when you’re two chapters beyond those scenes Dunstan tries to stay away from Leila but not once is he successful He doesn’t want to have another illegitimate child; his fourteen year old son needs his father’s attention as will another child who comes along I love the scenes between father and son throughout the book and when Dunstan finally realizes he just needs to be a father his life comes together that much for him Thus though he knows he has no right to Leila and since he can’t protect her from himself he does protects her from suitors who want her only for her money and land and also from her nephew who befriends such men When she reveals she is pregnant he knows he has to clear his name to be worthy of her and their child so he heads to LondonThere are number of other Ives and Malcolms running around these pages I know eventually all got their own books so it’s best to keep them straight here for the future But they’re all uirky in their own way willing to work to help out their loved ones with anything they want only a few uestions asked There are a number of great scenes that will stay with you long after the reading is over One is Dunstan and Leila standing their ground – literally – over the rose garden from Leila’s drunken guests a good portion who are trying to woo her and who are also suspects as far as Dunstan and Leila are concerned in the murder Both are magnificent as they try to protect the budding plants and each other but it’s Dunstan who steals the show riding hell bent toward Leila to keep her safeAll in all this is a very good story I just miss that lyricism that seems to have worked its way into Ms Rice’s later works That’s one of the biggest draws for me to read her books along with her characters and that’s definitely what saved the day in this story Dunstan is larger than life and Leila knows her own mind and they are uite perfect togetherSourcebooks has very kindly offered up a copy of Must Be Magic to give away to one of our readers today US and Canado only please So tell me what’s that one magic moment you always wait for between a hero and heroine? A meaningful comment or response will put you in the runningSee my complete review at

  3. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    Originally posted at yes there is magic—of pheromones life from a tiny seed family love uniue talents secret places and “meant to be” love that bides its time but will not be deniedWhen a Malcolm woman and an Ives man make a deal that will allow each of them to work toward respective goals Society is aghast Leila and Durstan are each misfits yet their families give unstinting support always and so when they face tremendous oddsDunstan Ives the most learned agronomist in England is believed by many to be a murderer Conseuently when the wealth widow Leila Lady Staines hires him as her estate manager enemies contrive to derail their plans Durstan hates being beholden to Lady Staines But he has financial responsibilities; he needs to clear his name; and he also needs a place to bring to fruition his experiment with a special crop that will benefit poor farmersHis surly ways irk Leila but she weighs her irritation against her desires and decides to outmaneuver him so she can have her roses and pursue her dreamLeila had conuered Society for her late husband’s sake and now she has solid social standing among the elite However all she wants is to live on her country estate grow flowers—especially roses so she can distill special scents that fit personalities These scents prove to be the key that unlocks the secret to her “special gift”—what a gift it isDunstan avoids and ignores the Lady of the Manor Leila as much as possible To him she's a dangerous Malcolm who has a sultry regal elegance and even though she seems slightly vulnerable at times she's tenacious in her determination to get what she wantsConversely Dunstan lusts for the dark haired woman called Lily in the red dress who digs in the dirt and protects baby rabbits He’s attracted to her uick wit lighthearted ways provocative nature and is rather amazed at her total lack of proper respect for authority He doesn’t know how she fits in on the estate but she sends his body into an agony of unreuited lustAs Leila learns about how to channel her gift she begins to unravel some happenings that are a threat to her and to Dunstan but she also uses it to have fun with Durstan in her own special way She does get frustrated as they battle for control with both of them determined to get what they wantLeila’s nephew who will get the estate should she remarry is a spoiled undisciplined young man with an agenda all his own He and his so–called friends make life miserable for her The life threatening situations that flare up keep the reader on pins and needlesBoth the Ives and Malcolm families rally to the cause when Leila and Dunstan need them These highly gifted people bring humor and excitement as well as a no nonsense determination and ability to protect their own Dunstan’s son Griffin and his uestionable relative “Adonis” bring complications and mystery to mix with all the other happenings Of course each the members of both families seem to have intriguing stories of their ownPatricia Rice’s remarkable descriptions of places and people bring the story to life She creates mesmerizing scenes that are breathtaking and truly magical The grotto scene is one long to be remembered—gracious how it uickens the senses She weaves together fun fear and serious happenings along with captivating back stories as Leila and Dunstan’s beautiful love takes deep root and thrives Her tantalizing symbolism and compelling metaphors make Must Be Magic enchanting What a joy to read

  4. Tammy Tammy says:

    For Dunstan and Leila's story the basic theme is about second chances Both these characters have had a rough past both for different reasons but with each other they start to see possibilities As with all her other Magic books this book grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go until you have reached the end The book also has some really good mysteries to go along with it which always makes the story interestingWhether you have read other books in this series or this is your first book you will enjoy this book these books can be read as the full series or independently The book has the fun characters great story line and steady pace of books by Stephanie Laurens Johanna Lindsey Jo Beverly and Kasey Michaels

  5. Sharyn Sharyn says:

    I really enjoyed Dunstan's story I read these books when they came out and now thanks to Audible plus I am listening one after the other It is also helping me exercise as I listen while I swim and walk and I walked longer tonight to finish Leila is the only dark haired Malcolm and she doesn't think she has magic but it turns out she has powerful magic She can feel others feelings but didn't ever realize others couldn't She is a widow and Dunstan is a widower who has been accused of killing his wife so this is a bit of a mystery The year is 1750 and the descriptions of the clothes and wigs is uite interesting The other interesting thing is that acceptance of bastards and lovers I do love the stories of the Malcolm's and Ives that Rice follows right up to the present

  6. Maria Maria says:

    Leila thinks she has no Malcolm talent The only black haired female in the family and a siren to the males in society she marries and is widowed Her troubles start there I really loved the way Dunstan also previously married and widowed helps her to understand that no one else smells fear or lust or cowardice etc She has always taken it for granted that everyone had that gift Lovely book with a Pollyanna feel as things get corrected and Duncan and Leila are both saved from their lonely lives

  7. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    35 round upGenerally enjoyable I appreciated the slightly older couple a widow and widower the unusual inclusion of an illegitimate child and that the female character was given sexual agency throughout I did find the mystery easy to decipher and thought Dunstam was a little too driven by his lusts though I did like how he fully owned that he went brainless in the presence of an attractive woman This is book two in a series and I was able to read it easily even without having read book one I'll happily read the rest of the series

  8. Susan R. Lundine Susan R. Lundine says:

    LovelyThe only dark haired Malcolm in the family wants to discover her special magical gifts and thinks a rose garden is the way to do it so she hires the best man to help heran Ives who many believe killed his faithless wife He's not even sure he didn't do it Meanwhile her wretched nephew is determined to see her remarry to anyone at all so he can regain his home that she inherited and can keep so long as she remains single

  9. Phylisha Stone Phylisha Stone says:

    45 starsTwo familys the dark brooding men of the Ives family and the eccentric magical women of the malcolm clan come together in this book via Dunstan Ives and Leila Staines Both are outsiders in society There family drama theft and murder This book is set in 18th century England a period I enjoy reading about I will be reading other books in this series

  10. Laura Laura says:

    Always entertainingDunstan and Leila are perfect for each other I really like that they are a both a little older and experienced than the debutante that historical romances do often revolve around I think it gives them a greater depth of character and experience to draw upon As usual a very good read

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Must Be Magic ➳ [Reading] ➶ Must Be Magic By Patricia Rice ➩ – An Explosive Attraction Lady Leila Staines has always felt like an outcast among her magically gifted sisters Desperate to discover her own talent she seeks out Dunstan Ives a dark and brooding aristo An Explosive Attraction Lady Leila Staines has always felt like an outcast among her magically gifted sisters Desperate to discover her own talent she seeks out Dunstan Ives a dark and brooding aristocrat with a scientific bent who may hold the key to unleashing Leila's hidden powersCan Create A Spark That's Pure Magic Dunstan has shunned the decadent society that wrongfully condemned him of murder and he's vowed Must Be Kindle - never again to succumb to the spell of a beautiful woman But the bewitching Lady Leila makes him a proposal no man in his position can resist.

  • Paperback
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  • Must Be Magic
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  • 03 October 2016
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