The Trouble with Magic PDF ✓ The Trouble ePUB

The Trouble with Magic PDF ✓ The Trouble ePUB

The Trouble with Magic [Read] ➭ The Trouble with Magic ➵ Patricia Rice – Is Her Magic a Gift or a Curse All the Malcolms have some magic but Lady Felicity's ability to read people's emotions simply by touching them or their possessions overwhelms her She's reached a marria Is Her Magic a Gift or a Curse All the Malcolms have some magic but Lady Felicity's ability to read people's emotions simply by touching them or their possessions overwhelms her She's reached a marriageable age but how can she ever wed when she can The Trouble ePUB ↠ see so clearly a man's guilty secretsOnly He Can Tell the Difference Ewen Ives itinerant rake and adventurous inventor knows better than to underestimate the mischief of the Malcolms But sparks fly when he encounters Felicity and Ewen can't seem to refuse her plea for assistance.

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  1. Jaimie Jaimie says:

    This was one of my favorite “romance” novels when I was 1516 The fresh faced innocent oddball of a female main character who has a magical ability that hinders her ability to live a “normal” life and the dashing devilishly handsome engineer who sweeps in to her rescue and helps her learn to love herself Sign tenth grade Jaimie UP I read my copy which I bought new over and over until the binding started to come loose But it had been 7 or 8 years since I had last read it when I decided to pick it up this time So I was wary to say the least Could I be unbiased? Could this possibly be as good as it is in my memory?The short answer isno Did I enjoy it? Yes Does it have many many flaws? Also yes I got tired of how often Felicity is described as weak and naive and needing protection from the big strong Ewan That’s basically the entire plot Thank God we have Ewan to act as a shield for poor little young Ewan describes her as a child multiple timeseww Felicity Patricia Rice’s writing is still pretty great and I enjoyed the story overall I do think the story was a bit slow to start and could have been condensed slightly And I think a 2019 gender politics update would really help Can felicity save herself? And learn to love herself without a man having to convince her? That would be awesome3 stars

  2. Paranormal Romance Paranormal Romance says:

    The heroine has always been sheltered and protected by her family as her gift for seeing visions through touch often leaves her faint and weak and horrified on occasion by the secrets she's uncovered Like the secret of her would be suitor pushing his mother down a flight of stairs So with the desire to rid herself of this curse as she sees it she and her sister have ventured north to Scotland Under the pretense of visiting family the heroine can then escape and go in search of the book containing the instructions of how to make her normal The hero is the baby of the family and as such has spent most of his life in excess and freedom Thought to be irresponsible and unreliable he is nether the less a brilliant inventor who is constantly in the moment of fixing something or trying to improve something else But he is rather broke All his investments and funds have gone into repair the damage he caused with a faulty lock that caused the flood a few years back There's no hope to recover the money to pay back his debts unless he marries That poses the issue of his womanizing He's not a one woman man and enjoys the freedom and unrestrictive access to do and sleep with whoever he wants Which is why he aims to marry a well off woman without the complication of her falling in love with him So when 2 Malcolm girls show up at the tavern he's staying at he's seriously annoyed at the disruption of his plans Now he must escort them back to their family else his brothers kill him for endangering their wives sisters He thinks the heroine a fragile bird n than a child and treats her as such for a while until he comes to realize that she is in fact a woman and possesses one of the most clever and insightful minds he's ever encountered She seems to see into the heart of everyone she meets without judgement or hysterics She inspires a protective nature in him that he never thought he had He wants her and than that he wants to be the man she thinks he is The heroine is confused by the fact that touching the hero shows her no visions but rather instead gives her an insight to what he is feelings The man is a genius and so clever he astounds her with his many ideas and inventions but he doesn't know just how brilliant he is He lets people take advantage of him and this in turn inspires a protectiveness in her For the first time in her life she's torn between wanting her curse gone and keeping it as it's useful to helping to uncover a plot to steal from the hero It's he that gives her the notion that she is strong and capable and with time she could harness this curse for visions into a gift But their future is bleak Even a hasty marriage isn't enough to secure their life together The hero is worried about his lack of money and is convinced she deserves than he can offer The heroine she just wants a man to love her and only her despite her oddities and plain features She's determined to have him no matter what he or her father says see she is no longer the kitten she once was but rather a lioness This was another shining example of great characterization and putting effort into exploring personalities and motivations This author has a gift for both The hero was always lost in the moment He didn't much take into consideration the past or the future as the past was full of guilt over his invention malfunction and the future is full of debts he has little hope of paying off for some time But he needs someone to centre him and make him grow up in way that's where the heroine comes in She was much younger than him in age but she was a old soul She had none of that female stubbornness or reckless craving for adventure She just wanted to be normal I loved her calm and brilliance She really stopped the hero dead in his tracks by the way she understood him and better yet phrased him and saw the potential fro greatness in him Their romance was slow to develop and despite their hasty marriage seemed like a forever kind of love They were so very different personalities but as such they molded to fit each other so very well What one was lacking the other made up for it It was such a great book because it had a lot of heart and both characters were true and decent people who only wanted to help and do what's best for others

  3. Mikaela Mikaela says:

    I bought all of Patricia Rice Magic Novels when she selfpublished them before she sold them to Sourcebook Except this book some how went missing So when it was re issued by Sourcebooks I knew I had to buy it againAnd I am glad I didI enjoyed reading about Ewen and Felicity's romance I liked Ewen's chivalry and his attempt to protect Felicity from the visions Even when he made mistakes he acted for Felicity's welfare And my heart melted as he struggled between doing what he must and doing what he wanted It fascinating to see him grow from a wandering tinker and inventor to a man satisfied with settling downAt first Felicity's lack of self confidence annoyed me But that annoyance disappeared uickly as the story continued She has inner strength that I admired and it felt like she could do anything As long as Ewen was there And that was one of the aspects that I liked most How Ewen and Felicity fit They are different yet somehow their halves meshed and became oneBut what I especially liked was that both of them knew that they would have rough times in front of themI liked how the romance and the threat of bankruptcy that hung over Ewen's head worked together And I also liked how they worked together both when it came to finding Felicity's journal and figuring out how the lock that Ewen designed brokeAnd that in combination with an intriguing and carefully crafted setting created a book I couldn't stop readingDespite all the things I loved with the book it sometime felt like I was skimming pages not reading them But that didn't last long though

  4. Ballerina60 Ballerina60 says:

    when i started the book i was dismayed at Felicity's desire to rid herself of such an important gift i felt she was so immature and i was very tempted to not finish the book i went on this site to see what other people thought and other people seemed to love the book; so i decided to read a little so glad i did Ewen began right away to help her see her gift in a different light great story great love story i think that PR's Magic series is fantastic i had read one then i started going back as far as i could find and am now working my way forward loving it

  5. Ellen Blend Ellen Blend says:

    An entertaining and talented writer

  6. Maria Maria says:

    I was pleasantly surprised on re reading this book The first time I liked it less than the second time Felicity and Ewen are interesting and likeable characters who grow as the book progresses There were a few times that I felt like grabbing and shaking them because it seemed so obvious to me that they should be together while they were busy looking for other things that seemed less important and obscured their growing attraction to each other Everything is nicely resolved before the end as one should expect from a historical romance

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Another Malcolm and Ives pairingNobody seemed as mismatched as Ewen and Felicity He's a roaming inventor without a penny to his name She's a bookstore with a crippling gift At least they are both the youngest of their respective families Outward appearances can be deceiving though and our seems that in this case opposites attract This wasn't my favorite story of the series but it was still thoroughly enjoyable

  8. Caro Caro says:

    This was an awesome book I really enjoyed reading this Great characters that are strong and courageous written well humor emotions a drop of suspense creative good dialog and a perfect HEA I can't wait to read in this series I have a feeling it's a series worth shelf space Excited Totally Enjoy

  9. Susan R. Lundine Susan R. Lundine says:

    CuteThis Malcolm woman feels crippled by her magical gift until her Ives mate teaches her how to harness her power She's the overlooked shy one who captures the heart of the popular handsome wandering inventor But can they overcome his crushing debt and her father's objections? Well they are who they are

  10. Linda Johns Linda Johns says:

    Another wonderful magic book by this authorLike all of her Magic books this is fast paste and very hard to put down I hurry while I read it to find out what is going to happen next

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