Tilly's Moonlight Fox PDF ë Tilly's Moonlight

Tilly's Moonlight Fox PDF ë Tilly's Moonlight

Tilly's Moonlight Fox [PDF / Epub] ☆ Tilly's Moonlight Fox Author Julia Green – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When Tilly moves to a big old house with her mum and dad she can't wait to start exploring There deep in the garden she finds a mysterious hidden gate Led by a wild fox Tilly discovers the magical sec When Tilly moves to a big old house with her mum and dad she can't wait to start exploring There deep in the garden she finds a mysterious hidden gate Led by a wild fox Tilly discovers the magical secret that lies beyond the gate and nothing is ever uite the same again.

  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Tilly's Moonlight Fox
  • Julia Green
  • English
  • 18 May 2015
  • 9781402277306

10 thoughts on “Tilly's Moonlight Fox

  1. Leonor (Ner) Leonor (Ner) says:

    Also published in A Cup of Coffee and a BookDisclaimer I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was really excited to read this book since I saw the cover Even though this is for children you never know whether a book like this might be the best lesson in your life – because that’s normally what kids’ books try to beTilly and her parents moved into a big old house in the countryside Her mother is going through a difficult pregnancy and her father is a writer who spends half of his days in his studio working As every child Tilly feels sad for leaving her old house and friends and struggles to find her way around the new house One night she sees a fox through her window and follows it entering on a “magical” garden just beyond the fence So far so good; I could relate myself with Tilly going through the same experience as is moving home But I couldn't fully understand the intend of her seeing the fox and then Helen the mysterious young girl who supposedly lived next doorWhen I started reading the book I thought Tilly was indeed in a magical garden where Helen was some sort of fairy – perhaps I read too much fantasy – and that they were a way for her to open up and impede her sorrow to grow As her mother was always in bed due to her pregnancy Tilly didn’t had anyone to turn to so she “created” this garden where everything was magical and this friend who happened to be the image of the previous owner of the house For me all this “imaginary” was a way for Tilly to be free and herself to forget her problems and sadness and just be a child However the way everything ended was a bit rushed – Tilly finds makes a friend her mother has the baby and is well and the garden was sold and is being organized It was just too fast without any sort of explanations which a kid might find hard to understandIf the story was a bit longer with some sort of way to explain Helen the fox and all the “magical” things in Tilly’s mind perhaps I would have given this 354 stars Since there wasn't any sort of explanation and it ended abruptly – felt like that to me – I’m giving it 3 stars just because it was beautifully written and the pictures were lovely It’s a lovely story for children with a dark twist waving in its lines

  2. Laura Zimmerman Laura Zimmerman says:

    Tilly's Moonlight Garden came to me for free via a Goodreads drawing which I entered because it looked like a good book for young girls to read Although I have not read it in its entirety I have skimmed through it Just looking at the cover my 7 year old exclaimed that she would like to read itThis is a gentle story of a young girl coming to terms with changes in her life Tilly encounters things in this book that although frightening at first become less frightening and even welcome in her life She learns about herself and life through her explorations but there's also a real side of the story the story of her parents' problems as seen by a child that keeps the story from being cloyingly fantasy filledI will update this review with comments from the 7 year old crowd after she has read the book I think it will be one that she will enjoy readingUpdate After reading the first three chapters my 7 year old declared she wasn't interested in reading any of the book She didn't really explain why just that she didn't want to Her sister 13 did read the entire book but didn't seem to have gotten much from it I suspect that's at least partially because of her age group as she said she felt it was a book written for much younger readers When pressed for details she said she didn't really understand what happened in the book Again I wonder if that is because she skimmed through the book thinking it was written for a much younger audience Perhaps there is an in between age that would enjoy the book and give better feedback I'm afraid I can't offer much detailed or positive feedback from the sampling of readers in my household

  3. Lizzie Sue Lizzie Sue says:

    Not worth 1599 for 199 pages I don’t think so Good thing I got it for only 199 Not a fan of the illusory realm The book didn’t really explain the difference What part did Helen really play? None

  4. BookWormBlue22 BookWormBlue22 says:

    I often enjoy middle grade But for me this one had a strong start and just started to drag about half way through I just couldnt take it any and after a while no longer cared about these characters I dnfed this

  5. Fallon Fallon says:

    Really good

  6. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Tilly is somewhat daunted by her new home it's old and big and strange And even stranger and scary is the fact that her mother isn't well A new baby is on its way and Tilly's mom must spend almost all of her time in bedwith little energy to spare for Tilly But in the night garden Tilly finds the perfect distraction There is the fox waiting to have her own cubs in a safe moonlight den And there in the moonlight Tilly meets Helen a mysterious girl who joins her in making a den of their own a secret hiding place Tilly only sees Helen at nightand though once she watches Helen go home to her own house in the daylight she can't find it againIn the meantime worry about her mother grows and though her father tries his best it's not the same and there's the horrid shyness of a new school But Tilly's grandma comes which is a comfort and Tilly makes a new daylight friend who shares her appreciation of the old dollhouse found up in the attic a relic of the girl who lived in Tilly's house long ago And at last it is Christmas and the new baby comes and the fox has her kitsand Tilly has no need for the moonlight garden anyIt is a book of lovely little bits of detail and description and the moonlight garden in particular was a joy to read about although the dollhouse was a close second Tilly's inner turmoil and anxiety are rendered beautifully too it's clear just how anxious she is but the reader isn't beaten over the head with it I would have liked a bit of the timeslip part of things the magic is definitely there but it is a background to Tilly's reality than it is the center of the story I wanted about Helen Till never has a Moment of Realization about her night time friend and it's never explicitly Explined just who she is and though this is just fine as sometimes a bit of mystery is a nice thing and there are plent of clues I did want a bit I wondered whether she was actually a ghost but since Tilly does actually see her house it felt timeslipish too me a rather particularly British type of timeslip ness I think in which the connection between people in the past and present is important than any adventures that might result In any event this is a perfect one to give to a sensitive young reader appreciative of books in which mood and description trump plot I would have loved it when I was eight or so and managed to enjoy it very much indeed even as a cynical grown up

  7. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    Tilly's Moonlight Garden by Julia Green is a children's book recommended for ages nine and older It is a story that will hit home for children and adults alike Tilly's family moves into a new house a large house that Tilly's mother has inherited Tilly's father is a writer often lost in his own work and her mother is pregnant and ill enough that she is restricted to bed rest In her fears of the new home new school her mother's health and becoming a big sister Tilly is feeling a little lost A wild fox in the garden and a mysterious girl leads Tilly to a secret garden A new girl at school Christmas and family changes lead Tilly to uestion just what is real and help her growTilly's Moonlight Garden is a coming of age story with a strong sense of learning to accept yourself and your family for who they are Tilly misses her best friend and feels lost in a big house and no neighbors to play with Her parents are dealing with their own concerns and obviously love Tilly which she never doubts but she is left to her own devices most of the time Exploring the garden and house is entertaining to a young girl with a solid imagination but Tilly craves It is only in her nighttime wanderings that the fox and mysterious girl make Tilly feel that she is having adventures I connected with Tilly right away including her fears about being made fun of for liking 'childish' things by classmates and worried that others are mocking her even when they might not be paying any attention to her at all I often felt that same way as a child and can only imagine that it is common Tilly grows makes connections and channels her creativity in constructive and positive waysI recommend Tilly's Moonlight Garden to children that share any of Tilly's insecurities Readers facing a move illness in the family family additions or just spending a lot of time alone will find much in Tilly's mind and story that they can relate to I will be looking for by Green to add to my children's library as they grow up

  8. Anna Anna says:

    Tilly is a little girl who is feeling lonely and left out when her family moves to a new house away from her old friends Also Tilly's Mother isn't feeling well and is on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy with Tilly's soon to be baby brother or sister Dad is always distracted and taking care of something else and Tilly is too shy at first to become friends with anyone at school So she amuses herself playing in the hidden garden behind her new house making friends with the fox who leads her there Can Tilly learn to appreciate what she has and how to make the best of it with the help of a very special fox? This was not my usual read especially upon discovering that Tilly is under the age of 10 I usually read upper middle grade and YA and wasn't expecting much from this to touch me personally It was darker than I expected for a book aimed at children that young The illustrations were gorgeous and I loved that they were black and white They sort of reminded me of the ones from my childhood in books like Sarah Plain and Tall and The Wizard of Oz Being of the age that I am I just couldn't connect with Tilly and as I never shared her apparent obsession with foxes the magic of that eluded me as well Probably a fun book for second and third graders and maybe children's librarians who still posesss the magic As for me my magic doesn't reach back far enough any to be included in the target audience for this one A sweet if dark book but not the one for me VERDICT 2755 Stars I received an Advanced Reading E book Copy from the publisher via NetGalley No money or favors were exchanged for this review This book was published October 2nd 2012

  9. Kellee Moye Kellee Moye says:

    What I Think This book was one of the uiet books with a strong young female protagonist The story is written beautifully and accompanied by lovely drawings Tilly is trying to come to terms with all of the changes in her life and she ends up finding comfort in a garden that she goes to alone becomes the most magical at night and is only visited by a girl who disappears as soon they say goodbye It is through this garden and Tilly's dreams that she begins to heal and feel comfortable in her new home and with her new situation While reading I had no trouble finding read aloud sections teachable moments and places that could be paired with other excellent books Tilly's story will be a great resource in the classroom and will find a home in many a children's hands Read Together Grades 3 to 6Read Alone Grades 4 to 7Read With The Humming Room by Ellen Potter The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett Hound Dog True by Linda Urban Ida B by Katherine HanniganSnatch of Text Tap tap tap Dad was busy in his study typing at the laptop Tilly listened The taps made a sort of pattern a rhythm as if Dad was playing a tune instead of writing a story p 25Mentor Text for Point of view Descriptive WritingImagery EditingRevising Narrative British Dialect MoodWriting Prompts On pg 1 11 the author chose to have the story told from the fox's point of view Rewrite these scenes from Tilly's point of view imagining what you think she was doing Topics Covered Moving Dreams Subconscious Stress Pregnancy

  10. Jackie Jackie says:

    Tilly having just moved with her parents to a house full of cobwebby corners and drafty rooms is anxious about making new friends her mother's difficult pregnancy and the foreboding dark garden that surrounds the house One night she spies a fox in the woods and follows her to a magical moonlit placeand there she meets a mysterious girl Helen Coincidentally Helen takes on the same persona as the doll that 'lives' in the dollhouse Tilly found in the attic Even though Tilly's father tries to take on the role of both parents Tilly is obviously scared about her mother's delicate condition and worries about her health Grandma comes to stay and makes things a little normal for Tilly but it isn't until Tilly's mom has the baby and her health returns that Tilly feels comfortable again in making new friends and getting on with her life Was it only in Tilly's imagination dreams or during episodes of sleepwalking that she found her sanctuary in the garden with her friend Helenor was it real? It is only for the reader to decide Tilly's Moonlight Garden harkens to stories such as The Secret Garden where one can find solace in the midst of chaosa refuge a place all one's own a magical garden shut away from the scary world

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