The Faerie's Gift PDF Ñ The Faerie's Kindle -

The Faerie's Gift PDF Ñ The Faerie's Kindle -

The Faerie's Gift [Download] ✤ The Faerie's Gift By Tanya Robyn Batt – If you could make a single wish what would you wish for Would you ask for something that would transform your own life or would you try to take the needs of your family into consideration too A humble If you could make a single wish what would you wish for Would you ask for something that would transform your own life or would you try to take the needs of your family into consideration too A humble woodcutter faces this very dilemma when he rescues a faerie one day in the woods With different appeals from his wife mother and father as well as his own desires the woodcutter is torn between four choices and must make a decision The Faerie's Kindle - that will change his life forever.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    When a poor woodcutter rescues a faerie from a hawk he is rewarded with one magical wish Should he ask for the child for which he and his wife have been longing? Should he ask for his old mother's sight to be restored? Or should he follow his father's advice and ask for gold? Which is the worst childlessness blindness or poverty? Luckily a falling star provides the woodcutter with the inspiration he needs in order to make the right choiceBased upon a traditional Irish tale related to the author by storyteller Eibhis De Barra on the Cape Clear Island this story seems to be fairly widespread in Ireland with this example from the far south paralleling such northern examples as Just One Choice found in the recent collection The King with Horse's Ears and Other Irish Folktales in which an Antrim farmer is faced with a similar choice when the seals of the Giant's Causeway grant him a wish Batt's engaging narrative is paired with Nicoletta Ceccoli's luminous acrylic and oil paintings in The Faerie's Gift creating an appealing picture book sure to please young fairy tale lovers

  2. Nene Riley Nene Riley says:

    CategoriesGenres TraditionalFolk TaleEstimate of Age Level of Interest Gr 1 5 Estimate of Reading Level Not availableBrief DescriptionThe Faerie’s Gift is based on an Irish folktale in which the poor woodcutter saves a faerie leprechaun in the woods He is given one wish but when he returns home everyone in his family has a different idea of what he should wish for His mother wants her sight his father wants wealth his wife wants a baby The woodcutter goes for a long walk in the woods to think despairing that he cannot make everyone happy His solution is indeed a brilliant conclusion to this wonder tale Two Characteristics of This Genre and How They Appear in the Book 1 This folktale reflects its Irish origins The soft and beautiful illustrations by Italian artist Nicoletta Ceccoli have a dreamy and magical uality that lend themselves well to the story though in some ways may overly shelter children from the grim reality of the family’s poverty The theme provides children with insight and encouragement in how to deal with the competing needs of all the members of their family 2 The plot is simple and direct The language is also “But the poor woodcutter had only the one wish What should he choose? Suddenly that one wonderful wish seemed to him nothing but a heavy burden” You can almost hear the Irish lilt in the cadence of the narrative How the Book Serves Its Intended Audience This book is relatable to poor rural children who easily connect to the woodcutter’s dilemma A long walk in the woods is a wonderful model of how to face a thorny problem Children will appreciate the woodcutters creative solution in which everyone wins This is a great book for discussing Celtic traditions and on a universal level family issues Awards NALinks to Published Review from com “This fairy tale has been told throughout many cultures but with its Irish twist the magic in this version cannot be denied” School Library Journal 2003 Susan Marie Pitard formerly at Weezie Library for Children Nantucket Atheneum MA“Ceccoli's luminous pictures are expertly rendered in acrylic and oil pastels Their unusual perspectives elements of fantasy and ethereal uality complement the story's magical theme Compare this with other wish fulfillment tales or have kids write their own story with themselves in the woodcutter's role” Booklist Lauren Peterson

  3. Claire Claire says:

    A charming story of generosity and patience

  4. Katharine Katharine says:

    Finally a tale where a person is given the chance to make a wish and doesn’t blow it

  5. Kiyoko Kiyoko says:

    Surprise ending a good readI read this as an illustrated e book during the Covid 19 uarantine

  6. Leslie Leslie says:

    The humble young woodcutter lives in a house with his wife and his aging mother and father “Life was hard Old Man Poverty sat on the doorstep and snatched away everything good that came their way” 5 He and his wife could not have a baby and his mother had gone blind “the world about her like a curtain of darkness” 3One day the woodcutter rescued a faerie in the woods who in gratitude gave the young man the only thing he had a single wish But what to do? His own fancies take flight about him until he remembers there are others in hardship as well He seeks his family’s advice and each have desires of their own–and not frivolous ones eitherThe Faerie’s Gift is about Patience Ingenuity and ultimately Unselfishness As the faerie was exceedingly generous so may be the woodcutter who notably found a way to gift all the others with their desires; and the happiness was all his And really he seemed to have learned unselfishness from those around him as well as patience His mother raised him and his father was spare in speech but wise when he did advise his son There are all kinds of ways this story addresses the unselfish act while still being an enjoyable story to read–not to mention look atThe Faerie’s Gift is laid out in two small images atop and below text and a full illustration on the facing page Little Red Riding Hood below is formatted the same way The two images capture the action of the text and the facing page a portrait that would signify the moment It is a lovely way to accompany the author’s storytelling Ceccoli could easily overtake the text As it is her work embodies the spirit of the story is uietly emotive and ever breathing in the soft unassuming lightL omphaloskepsishttpcontemplatrixwordpresscom20

  7. Megan Megan says:

    The story told of a man who lived with his wife mother and father The family was dealing with many hard ships The mother lost her eyesight the man and his wife were unable to have a baby and the family in general was poor While out cutting wood the man spotted an eagle on the hunt The man noticed that the eagle was hunting a small man The man throws a rock at the eagle to scare it away and rescued the little man The little man turned out to be a faerie The faerie granted the man a wish When the man went home the family all told him what wish he should make after days of wondering what to do the man choose a wish that would grant all their wishes and so they could live happily This was a very sweet story that incorporates traditional literature and fantasy Telling of the struggle of the man and his family and how being kind to the faerie allowed something magically to happen to the family The pictures in the story were creatively drawn to give a magical presence while being realistic One of my favorite pictures was an aerial view in the forest showing the view from the treetops; basically the view from the eagle’s perspective You don’t see that type of few in many stories

  8. Alice Alice says:

    375 Stars There is a TV commercial out right now that says Do you know that genies can be so literal the man wishes for A Million Buck does he get a million Hundred dollar billsnope a Million Deer BucksSo this story The woodcutters has needs he and his wife want a baby but mother is build and dad says get money With one wish what do you do?? I love the resolution of the problem I would have wished for 3 wishes but hey you can't win them all I don't love the pictures but I did like the stroy

  9. Samantha Samantha says:

    PB#35 What a beautiful written story I really loved this picturebook and appreciated the wonderful descriptive language used by the author The story line was very interesting and the author writes it in a way that you are engaged in what is happening and feel strongly for the main character I would recommend this to anyone

  10. Christopher Christopher says:

    I enjoyed reading this book and the many concerns posed to the old man I do believe this book will be able to teach children of all ages about the number of choices presented to a person and the importance of the choice one makes in life because of the impact it can have on those around himher Great art illustrations I love the old man's choice of making a wish

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