Your Hearts Desire PDF ¹ Your Hearts ePUB ↠

Your Hearts Desire PDF ¹ Your Hearts ePUB ↠

Your Hearts Desire [Download] ➵ Your Hearts Desire Author Sheri Rose Shepherd – Hope and healing for every woman who has ever loved a manBestselling author and Bible life coach Sheri Rose Shepherd shares 14 truths that will forever change the way you love and are loved This book Hope and healing for every woman who has ever loved a manBestselling author and Bible life coach Sheri Rose Shepherd shares truths that will forever change the way you love and are loved This book is written for the married woman who loves her man but struggles in her marriage It's for the single woman who wants to find a godly man to Your Hearts ePUB ↠ love and for the divorced woman who believed in her marriage until her man walked outEach chapter has life challenging love stories love coaching powerful prayers inspiring scriptural love letters and a Transforming TruthIf you're ready for a refreshing perspective on love men and marriage this book is for you.

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  1. Casey Casey says:

    During a month where I have been talking about “not settling” for less than God’s best in your life I feel privileged to have had the chance to read this nonfiction book I don’t read much else but fiction so to tear me away from my beloved novels takes some doing This book was full of so much to offer and I’m so glad I read a chapter a night in addition to my devotions Sheri Rose has an honest humble way of teaching making you feel as though you might be sharing stories over a plate of cookies and lemonade Her wisdom and candor are a welcome breath of fresh air and the 14 truths for how you love are a powerful new way to look at how we as women so often act In a time where women settle for less than best or fight their man to become who “they” think he needs to become to fit “their” needs this book shows that often the best thing we can do is love with God’s love because His romance is the ultimate love story I would definitely encourage single married young and old to read this book The prayers and words from God at the end of the chapters were a special blessing to me And I found myself wanting to apply this not just to married life someday but to my days right now This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers for my copy to review

  2. Miriam Tereck Miriam Tereck says:

    This book blew my mind I had to take notes on almost every page I am not yet married but from the way Sheri Shepherd writes in this book I can tell that marriage is definitely something worth looking forward to as well as something that reuires a lot of prayer and commitment I read the book in less than a week I just could not put it down Sheri writes from her own personal experience about the challenges she goes through as a married woman and how she manages to conuer and move on victoriously Her use of bible verses and the princess prayer at the end of each chapter adds volume to the content in this book Sheri Shepherd shares 14 truths that will forever change the way we are loved or love You can read the rest of the Book Review here;

  3. Margaret Margaret says:

    Awesome bookSheri did a great job of mixing real life issues while driving her point acrossThumbs up

  4. Jennifer Wilson Jennifer Wilson says:

    In Your Heart’s Desire Sheri Rose Shepherd take fourteen ideas about life love and God and puts them together for a book that gives a great overview on relationships with the opposite sex Different from most books in this genre this one is geared to women At first glance that might not seem like it’s uniue but it’s for the married and single woman The woman who may or may not have found the man who is going to walk through life with herMarried women can use this book to improve their marriage and singles can use this book to know what they should be looking for as well as teaching them now how to become a woman a man would want to marryI read this book on my own but I believe it would be idea for a women’s group to go through it together One thing I really liked was her warning to respect your husband’s privacy if you are going through this as a group What a great reminder because what man would want to feel like his failures were shared with and discussed to a group of ladies That would likely cause problems than it would solve Another very uniue feature of this book is at the end of each chapter there is a R code which takes you to a video on YouTube where the author discusses the chapter for a few minutes I’ve only ever seen one other book utilize R codes and I think this is a great concept For those who do not have a smart phone there is a link you can type in to take you directly to each video This gives the book a interactive feel because you not only are reading words on a page but the author gets to talk directly to youEach chapter begins with a Scripture then later there is a “Love Coaching” section which is to help you apply that chapter to your life For instance one chapter has an exercise on how to help you feel rid of shame you may carry needlessly and as women isn’t this something most if not all of us struggle with? Another chapter has ideas on how to help cultivate respect for your husband After this section there is a prayer and another Scripture Finally “His Love Letter to You” concludes each chapter This “Love Letter” is written as if it were coming from God At the end of the book there is a section of chapter highlights My favorite chapters were “Desiring a Godly Man to Marry for singles” because I am still single this one was uite appropriate for me I also loved chapter thirteen “Desiring to Glorify God by Showing Honor and Respect” The letter she shares on pages 169 170 asking forgiveness of men who we may have hurt was nothing short of amazing How many times as women have we lumped all men together? Sure there are men out there who have really hurt the women in their lives but can we honestly say “That’s just like a man?” because what about the men who are desiring the Lord in their lives and are doing their best to love those around them? That’s not fair to those men when we blame all men for the actions of a fewThis was a great book for any woman and while the chapters are short and doesn’t have time to go in depth in any one topic it’s a great overview and even if you have read books about marriage before I would recommend this because it gives a lot of great ideas to think about and hopefully implement into your lifeFTC disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review The opinions are my own

  5. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title Your Heart’s DesireAuthor Sheri Rose ShepherdPages 211 Year 2012Publisher TyndaleNote I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Follow my other reviews at and on twitter lcjohnson1988 The author Sheri Rose Shepherd is sold out for God In this enlightening resource book she gives advice encouragement and hope for women’s relationships with men from a godly stance through stories from her own life She also intersperses some very short fictional stories as well to make a point Each chapter contains Scripture at the beginning and end a specific topic for that chapter a prayer regarding the topic some advice or “coaching” about the topic and a fictional love letter to the reader from God The book is very easy to read and the chapters are not too long Her writing style is easy to understand as wellSheri shares from her own painful past and choices she has made with the resultant conseuences in order to show God’s ability to heal and use pain for profit She tells how blessed she has been when in times of pain or difficulty she has surrendered to God and trusted Him to direct the outcome The topics covered are relevant to women today in their interactions with men She challenges women to love their men the most when they least deserve itjust like the Lord does for us Another challenge she issues is that “even if our men have given us every reason to give up on our relationships with them we must not give up our God appointed position of influence in their lives” There are other topics discussed that will make the reader think about their own relationships She states “Our lives may not be the ones we have longed for but the greatest testimony is not how we started but how we finish” There is something in this book for women who are single married or divorced Sheri does a good job of showing women that their place is as a helpmate to their husbands which doesn’t mean doormat Husbands are the captains of the ship but wives are the radar she says Above all else God is to always be the center of our lives and to have communication with Him regularly so we can have a deep abiding relationship with Him She reminds women that they are creating a legacy by how they live their lives for the next generations whether good or bad What kind of legacy will you leave behind? My Rating for this book is four stars

  6. Allizabeth Collins Allizabeth Collins says:

    Review I freuently receive book reuests that fall into the LoveRomanceDating genres and times than not the books are written in the cookie cutter advice column style holding little than secondhand information For this reason I am very selective when it comes to these types usually only taking on one per month the original and out of the box the better Your Heart's Desire sounded very intriguing especially since a close friend of mine had been going through a rough patch in her relationship and wanted help getting through it We were both surprised how easy it was to read and how down to earth and genuine Sheri Rose Shepherd's writing style was She writes as if she is a close friend sharing stories of her loves and losses with the people she trusts This made the book and her messages all the powerful and inspirational allowing readers to really reflect on their own relationships or in some cases a lack thereof The chapters are of an appropriate length plenty of places to bookmark and take breaks and the scripture throughout links the reader back to God particularly the letters from God She shows women how to love their men even when they feel like they don't deserve it just like God does; to a point she's right She also says that “if our men have given us every reason to give up on our relationships with them we must not give up our God appointed position of influence in their lives” Her beliefs resonate with me but I do draw the line at manipulativeabusive relationships; there are parameters Husbands also promised to love honor and cherish their wives so shouldn't the same rules apply to them? That was the only real problem I had with the book besides a few odds and ends I also liked the idea of the R codes that took me to videos where the author spoke about related topics The interactive aspect was enjoyable as well Recommended for single dating married and mothering women who want to enrich their relationships with their significant others and with GodRating On the Run 45 I received this book from the author Blogging for Books Tyndale in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

  7. Amber French Amber French says:

    What caught my eye with this book was the cover A good cover will definitely get my attention Your Heart's Desire is written to several different groups of women For the married woman who desires for her marriage For the single woman who desires a godly man to love her For the divorced woman who desires and deserves a second chance to find love again Sheri spends fourteen chapters talking about some of the desires women have concerning love1 Desiring a happily ever after2 Desiring a godly man to marry3 Desiring to leave a legacy for my loved ones4 Desiring God's design that me and my man become one5 Desiring God to give me the power to remain pure6 Desiring to give and receive love7 Desiring to embrace my new life in Christ8 Desiring to become a woman my man can lead9 Desiring my son to grow to become a man of faith10 Desiring a miracle to build a new foundation of love11 Desiring expressions of love and romance in my marriage12 Desiring to believe God can change a man and save a marriage13 Desiring to glorify God by showing honor and respect14 Desiring to surrender my whole heart to my LordSheri also shares from her own marriage the good and the bad She does this in the hopes of letting God speak through her and help others I read Sheri's book His Princess Love Letters From Your King a few years ago and was excited to find similar love letters at the end of each chapter in Your Heart's Desire The only thing I would have liked was a little attention given to single women since that's the group I'm currently in Overall a book any woman can find something to apply in her life

  8. Tima Tima says:

    The book is written for any woman single married or divorced who wants to love and be loved Written with faith at it's core and the experiences from years in ministry each chapter takes a different step to making your relationship whole with God so that you can have a loving and healthy relationship on earth Each chapter ends with a prayer love letter from God and some thoughts and uestions for further study There is also a R code if you want to go to the author's website for informationThe book kept my attention with the stories and author's thoughts There was plenty of scripture mixed with the thoughts I liked the uestions and Bible verses at the end for further study I was expecting something that I hadn't heard before or perhaps a different approach Maybe I've been married too long but all of this was the same information I've heard before It was just packaged a bit differently I liked the author's writing style and thought this would be a great book for a newly married couple And while I enjoyed reading the book I didn't walk away with anything new or life changing So I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about or just married those who might be struggling in their marriage or new Christians who want to read about a Biblical approach to marriageI received this book free of charge from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    Your Heart's Desire by Sheri Rose Shepherd was an excellent book for Women at any point in their relationship She discusses different themes of marriage and married life including a chapter on raising your son to be a man of God Each chapter includes a related bible verse a love letter from our groom a prayer uestions for small group discussion and a R code that links to the authors thoughts on a related uestion I really appreciated the author's writing style as she shared the ideas of the chapter intermingled with stories and examples from her own marriage and from the bible She honestly shares from her own panful experiences The ideas in the book really spoke to me personally as she discusses how we should respond when we aren't happy with our husband's leadership andor actions and how We can lift up and support them instead of tearing them down I also liked that at the end of the book she shares chapter highlights to hold on to and summarizes very briefly the main point of each chapter I think this is an excellent book for married women as well as for singles as they prepare for their future relationship I received this book from the publisher in return for my honest review

  10. Linda Walters Linda Walters says:

    I found this book very helpful and my personal favorites were Chapter 3 with its Checklist for Singles This checklist is looking at a man in this case and seeing is he really the Christian he says he is or is he just saying it? A very healthy non suspicious way of looking at his actions that could really be applied in some ways to both men and women I have 2 singles friends who will benefit from this chart My other favorite had to do with Chapter 9 it had wisdom's on how to raise godly future husbands for the future wives you have been praying into their lives Now to some this praying for the future spouses may be a new idea but to me it was uite the normal part of my walk; although I didn't come into the information until later in my children's lives The book was well worth reading if that was the only things I got out of the whole thing; but thankfully I got much To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade CommissionI am mentioning as part of every Web or review that Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book All they asked for in return was an honest review; which I have now given

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