Hardcover ¾ Girl at Sea PDF/EPUB Ç Girl at PDF \

Hardcover ¾ Girl at Sea PDF/EPUB Ç Girl at PDF \

Girl at Sea [Reading] ➽ Girl at Sea ➳ Maureen Johnson – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Sometimes you have to get lost The Girl Clio seventeen wants to spend the summer smooching her art store crush not stuck on a boat in the Mediterranean At least she'll get a killer tan The Mission Sur Sometimes you have to get lost The Girl Clio seventeen wants to spend the summer Girl at PDF \ smooching her art store crush not stuck on a boat in the Mediterranean At least she'll get a killer tan The Mission Survive her father's annoying antics Oh also find some underwater treasure that could be the missing link to a long lost civilization The Crew Dad's absentminded best friend Martin his scary girlfriend Julia her voluptuous daughter Elsa and then there's Aidan Julia's incredibly attractive incredibly arrogant research assistant What's going on behind Aidan's intellectual intensely green eyes anyway As Clio sails into uncharted territory she unveils secrets that have the power to change history But her most surprising discovery is that there's something deeper and mysterious than the sea her own heart.

About the Author: Maureen Johnson

Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer She went to Girl at PDF \ high school at an all girls' Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing She now lives and writes in New York CityMany of the adventures Maureen's characters face in her books are based on real life stories Maureen has traveled all over Europe and is a Secret Sister to vlog brothers Han.

10 thoughts on “Girl at Sea

  1. Ying Ying says:

    OHH EMMM GEEEE I LOVED ITTTTT excuse me while I gush for a few moments I loved this book The ending was kind of a surprise but I liked it I thought it was a well written book and was a good mix of mystery and romance Building suspense in every word this book can bring tears to your eyes or laughter to your mouth This would have to be Maureen Johnson's best book for me I would recommend it of course Please read this book you won't regret it

  2. Janelle Janelle says:

    Ok I have to comment on the cover WTF? That girl on the cover could never ever be Clio I’ve noticed a pattern with Maureen Johnson’s books Find a picture of a pretty slim girl with no face Put her in tight pants and a tank top Add in a few pieces of plot related decorative flourishes And Voila A cover girl that has nothing at all to do with the strong heroines Johnson writes At least Suite Scarlet seems to have broken this patternI’m probably overreacting but this really bothers me This cover is so generic that it short changes what’s inside I’m glad I didn’t judge this book or 13 Little Blue Envelopes by its cover If I had I likely would have assumed the novel would have been another formulaic teen romance drama Which it definitely is NOT If I wasn’t lazy I’d start a petition to stop this cover design travesty Ok onto serious matters Girl at Sea has a great pace and likable characters There’s a bit of everything here mystery romance drama It was a great book to read while stuck in winter misery I’m uickly growing into a huge Maureen Johnson fan almost entirely because of her heroines Johnson does not write stereotypical teen girls they are all fully fleshed out young women with diverse talents desires and motivations which is why the covers bother me so much Clio is highly relatable even though many girls probably can’t even imagine living the life Clio has cruising around the Mediterranean But Clio’s feelings her relationships her fears and her weaknesses are all very real The exotic locale is just that a setting It adds interest to the story but does not serve to alienate readers While most readers might not be able to imagine how it would feel to jump off the deck of a yacht into the dark sea most can probably relate to being hurt by a friend or fighting with a parent Another thing I like about Johnson’s heroines is that they have romantic interests but do not need to be rescued Clio does not need a boyfriend or a kiss to complete her Clio needs to find something inside her even though crushes and first kisses seem to take priority in her life it’s not really what she’s looking for While Clio gets what she wants in the love department the other things she gets the things she didn't know she was looking for are so much meaningful satisfying and life changing The inclusion of old letters keeps the mystery going and clues readers in on details related to the secret search that Clio is not yet aware of I highly recommend this book

  3. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    Maureen Johnson is really good at taking really far out premises and making them seem like a normal backdrop for a YA romance This is a great example of her doing so Clio's life is kind of fantastic in the sense that it's highly unlikely but not in a wish fulfillment kind of way She and her dad achieved some fame years ago on a joint project that broke out in a big way but that money and fame is long gone when the book picks up and that's uite an achievement considering she's only 17Johnson does a fantastic job making all of that reasonable background and while it's present in the form of her father pulling her into another project Clio reads very much like a normal girl with her own sense of self and take on the problems she faces I really liked Clio because while things were hard and she was freuently frustrated I completely identified with her frustrations and she kept trying to make the best of her difficult situations even when things piled up She's a little frustrating as a romantic lead because she's kind of clueless about boys yes but also about her own feelings and responses to her environment So while I could see her hang up on the boy back home it was sometimes frustrating to see her misread her own feelings let alone those of others in their closed world on the shipAnd I'm still not sure about Aiden Or the strength of the relationships that started on that shipmissionexploration I hope they'll last both the girl friendship and the boy relationship I have confidence that they could but that's probably just my innate optimism At any rate I enjoyed being along for the ride good times and bad and found the book very engagingSo this ends with a solid four stars not least as it kept me up way later than I had intended it was just that engaging Johnson does such a great job with the Italian scene making it come alive that I had to search out Sorrento just to see if it really is that vivid it looks like it really is The fantasticalunlikely events and occasional frustration with both Clio and her father keep this from going higher thoughA note about Chaste This is pretty chaste All the physical stuff is given in terms of kissing but there are hints that may be meant sometimes Clio herself starts the book having never been kissed so when her moment came you knew it would right? it was everything it needed to be—without being than it couldwould have been Very well done I think

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Finished it in about 4 hours Yeah that says it all really doesn't it MJ no not Michael Jackson writes realistic scenarios yet doesn't bore me to death and makes me want to keep readingWhat I loved about this book is the sense of family Which is rare in YA books I loved the history she included especially with me studying archeology at university What I especially love is that even though it's mainly American characters it's very European

  5. Neha Neha says:

    I’m trying to read YA because Summer but I find myself unable to relate to like sixteen year olds any is this adulthood? I liked the classicsarchaeologyhistoryadventure aspect to this but I had a hard time sometimes with our heroine But I still do think Maureen Johnson writes some of the best most well plotted and written YA in the game In truth a 3755

  6. Madison Madison says:

    Before I get started on this review I would like to share something that I just discovered about Maureen Johnson as of 2012 she is the ueen of Teen for the UK aka Young Adult Literature ueen After reading several of her novels I have to say that I uite agree with her nomination and election can ueens be elected? She is very skilled at writing from the perspective of a teenager obviously not being a teen herself For some authors who write YA this struggle is uite obvious with their dialogue main character's inner thoughtsactions etc Many succeed though and despite the large age difference between themselves and their characters the tone and dialogue is amazingly accurate One great example of an author who struggled but did NOT overcome would be Alyson Noel who wrote Ever I have not read any of her other books however so I can only base my opinion solely on this first Immortals bookWhile I would not say that Maureen Johnson is my favorite author I have consistently enjoyed every book written by her which is uite the accomplishment 13 Little Blue Envelopes is tied with this as my favorite of hers to dateFirst off Maureen creates a character that I would love to be friends with For me this is important Not all good books need relatable and likeable characters but it does make it easier to get into the story In Girl at Sea the main character is Clio Aside from I myself being in love with the name Clio being named after the Greek muse of history right off that bat I find that I like her attitude I appreciate wit and sarcasm in both daily life and with my heroines When we are first introduced to Clio she is fawning over a local boy who works at the art store She was standing straight so she slumped a little and arranged her face into a mask of minor melancholy She approached slowly Ya so that would definitely be the way I would react in a similar situation especially as a teen I overanalyzed everything alright so I still over analyze everything Nothing has changed except for my age These analyzations and introspective thoughts make for a very realistic teen character and really show off the author's skill at character development Then we find out Clio's backstory I won't go into much detail here because that provides a lot of the plot in Girl at Sea but let's just say she has daddy issues Not in a my daddy doesn't love me or my daddy hits me type of way nothing wrong with those characteristics it just wouldn't be right for this particular story Instead Clio's daddy issues have arisen from a number of uestionable decisions that he has made #1 Having is daughter get a tattoo at a very VERY young age #2 Oh and being pretty reckless with their money that results in her parents' divorce before the book even beginsThe newest uestionable decision that her father makes is to take Clio away from her home for the summer and force her to come with him on a wild adventure with people she has never met and on a yacht that he can definitely not affordAnother reason why I think Maureen reigns as the Teen of ueen is that she doesn't just feed her readers the information I absolutely despise an author who gives you all of the details upfront with a long backstory and an exhausting introduction to absolutely everything that is going to go down Even in a non thriller novel we need a little suspense Plus it is a chronic problem that authors underestimate their readers Give us a little creditGirl at Sea includes some historical fiction aspects which make for uite the compliment to the modern day story and setting Instead of force feeding us all of the facts we need to know right at the beginning of the group's grand adventure we learn along with Clio That is the way a good young adult story should read There also needs to be some compelling characters aside from the main character of course Here enters the cast Clio's dad the scuba diver and trip funder Clio's dad's girlfriend Julia the archaeologist Martin Clio's dad's friend and the only sane adult on this trip Elsa Julia's daughter who translates and mostly sunbathes and Aidan the assistant who provides a potential love interest for the girlsEach of these characters have their flaws They also have endearing ualities and storylines that make them well rounded None are static and all gain something from the trip I would argue that Clio gains the most She learns about love adventure and family What else could you ask for from a book?My only caveat with Maureen is her sometimes too uick climax and resolution Let us enjoy the epicness of your endings once in a while Maureen They are over too soon Still as I said before there is a reason that she is the ueen of Teen This book is uite the adventure in both mental and physical capacities It's not a long or particularly heart wrenching read but it's a great story nonetheless

  7. Amanda Pearl Amanda Pearl says:

    Girl at Sea is an adorable tale of a young girl searching for herself love and buried treasure on the Mediterranean Sea This book does a really great job explaining the different dynamics of Clio's relationship with her friends her father and her budding romance with Adian The characters are totally believable The strongest part of Girl at Sea is the character development I had a clear sense of every character's opinions and goals even though the story was told from the perspective of Clio The romance with Adian was developed realistically There was not love at first sight nor did some huge catastrophe bring them together Girl at Sea book is not just a love story though There is an interesting mystery where Clio tries to discover the purpose of her father's mission and then the mysterious objective of the mission itself The historical experts add a fun bit of insight into their mission I also LOVED the setting of Girl at Sea I've been to Italy a couple of times and I've traveled to every location mentioned in the book Maureen Johnson did a wonderful job describing the Italian scenery and atmosphere Overall Girl as Sea is a fun book about a girl growing up oh the high seas She encounters many adventures some exciting and some dangerous and through it all learns to forgive and love

  8. Kaitie Kaitie says:

    I picked this up after having read and loved 13 Little Blue Envelopes and The Last Little Blue Envelope Overall it was an enjoyable book but didn't come close to being as good as the other two Basically we have Clio who it all set to have the best summer of her life when she finds out that instead she is being shipped off to spend the summer on a boat in Italy with her dad Who wouldn't love that right? Clio that's who We find out that Clio's dad is a bit eccentric and always has something going on in his life This time is no different as Clio discovers that her dad along with three other people are on some secret mission that they won't tell Clio about The story was interesting and the main character was likable as with the Little Blue Envelope books but I found parts of the story to be a little too predictable I like most of the other characters and the interactions between them but it was pretty obvious how certain things were going to go All in all though it was a fun read with family romance and adventure Even though it wasn't all I had hoped it would be I'd still recommend it

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    Johnson's books are always fun clever and effortlessly written and this one was no exception Clio wants to spend the summer working at the local art store alongside Ollie the boy she has an enormous crush on As usual her father has ruined things by insisting that he spend the summer with her Sure they're going to be on a yacht in the Mediterranean but there's always a catch with Clio's dad This time it's that they're on some sort of top secret mission that everyone but Clio knows about Oh and her father is dating one of the other crew members but has forbidden Clio to even LOOK at the one guy her age on board What could be your standard teen angst book however is expertly cut with excerpts from the journal of an 18th century professor's daughter who is also on a secret mission Yacht jacking killer jellyfish and a hard drinking dairy princess all make the scene as well Fun all around

  10. Natalie Natalie says:

    Despite being set in the Mediterranean one of my favorite places I didn't really care for this one Clio was fairly annoying as a character She reminded me of the idiot girl from Four Doors Down I can't think of her name who treats the guy like crap yet he likes her for some reason I thought she was unnecessarily rude to everyone her dad Aiden Elsa literally everyone She had major attitude and an oh poor me attitude which didn't make sense for a girl who gets to spend her summer on a huge yacht in the gorgeous Mediterranean The secondary characters were forgettable and not well developed I also found that the flashbacks to the 1800s didn't really jive with the rest of the storyIt was cool to be able to picture some of what she was looking at because I'm familiar with the Mediterranean but it's pretty sad when your favorite thing about a book is the setting

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