Paperback ã Train Wreck PDF å

Paperback ã Train Wreck PDF å

Train Wreck ❰Read❯ ➭ Train Wreck Author Bennett Gavrish – What if I told you there is a secret stock market that assigns a dollar value to the life of every man woman and child Would you believe it And importantly how much do you think you'd be worth Nick Bu What if I told you there is a secret stock market that assigns a dollar value to the life of every man woman and child Would you believe it And importantly how much do you think you'd be worth Nick Buchanan faces that uestion every day He works for a nontraditional insurance firm that gambles on the lives of ordinary Americans and cashes in when they die After one of his clients is murdered Nick finds himself in the middle of a tangled conspiracy that he must unravel before the killers can claim another victim.

10 thoughts on “Train Wreck

  1. William Blackwell William Blackwell says:

    For a first work I thought this novel was well written tightly plotted and interesting right through to the end Through a series of flashbacks Bennett Gavrish tells the story of the interlocking lives of a group of passengers on a red eye Amtrack train to Washington DCAs the story unravels we learn lead protagonist Nick Buchanan works for an insurance company that raises the stakes significantly The Firm takes out life insurance policies on people and then arranges to have them killed cashing in big time on the pay outsOnce Nick discovers he is essentially an accessory to murder he tries desperately to uit The Firm expose the insurance fraud and murdersThe characters are well developed the dialogue crisp and funny at times and the theme of money having the power to corrupt those with weak morals or financial distress is poignantly true to lifeThe flashback style while rarely referencing any actual time seuence was easy enough to grasp and does not detract from the story in any wayBennett Gavrish is a promising young author and I look forward to future books A very good read from beginning to end

  2. Ginger Myrick Ginger Myrick says:

    As a reader there is nothing I want than to be taken away from my current situation aka the present As a writer of love stories set in the past by the end of a long day writing there is nothing I want than to escape THAT time period Ironic huh? Well TRAIN WRECK accomplished that feat and brought me slamming back into the present in spectacular fashionGavrish starts off his tale innocuously enough with his clean writing and subtle sense of humor He is a keen study of human behavior and interaction The dialogue rang true and had me giggling from the beginning I was uickly drawn into caring about the characters because of their very human flaws and rooting for them despite their flaws And just when I began to relax and enjoy the ride so to speak suddenly I realized that there was much to this than just a storyThe author's intelligent and intriguing layout of the insurance industry was masterful and provided a plausible premise His interweaving of the character histories was creative and uniue And just like the Train Wreck after which the book is named although you could see it happening there was nothing you could do to stop it Even the ending kept me guessing I knew what had to happen but it still came as a shockI have said it before and I will say it again I am a literary omnivore And nothing has brought that fact home to me vividly in recent months than reading this book Bravo Mr Gavrish I cannot wait for

  3. Jeremy DeBottis Jeremy DeBottis says:

    Nick Buchanan is a likable protagonist that drives this tightly wound plot from Boston to Washington DC The characters he's forced to interact with run the spectrum of over the top to almost forgettable which helps to balance one another out and make them believable The story does a great job of keeping you hooked from character to character as you learn how unsuspecting people can be surprisingly connected with highly entertaining one liners scattered throughout this enjoyable read

  4. Beverly Beverly says:

    I really liked this first novel Reminiscent of And Then There Were NoneVery easily read with enough cultural references to keep it contemporaryGood character developmentthrough flashbacks; good pacing of story I was able to figure out the connections between the strangers but it did not prepare me for the ending Job well done

  5. Diane Diane says:

    Bennett you aced it I loved the story and couldn't turn my Kindle off till I finished it Good luck in your future endeavors

  6. Renee Renee says:

    Oh my goshthis book was excellent I could not put it down This is a must read for anyone who likes thrillers I received this book from Goodreads

  7. Justice Justice says:

    From ’d Recommend to Georgia Shaun Mason Mira Grant’s Newsflesh trilogy; Daisy Buchanan Jay Gatsby come on the main character’s name is Nick Buchanan It’s Nick Carraway Tom Buchanan Imagine the discussionsMy ReviewI started and finished Train Wreck in the same day – a rarity for me lately Train Wreck is fairly short and captivating I will admit that the beginning was a little difficult for me to get into – there are a lot of personalities introduced early on and I had trouble connecting with some of the characters However as the novel progressed I was able to get immersed into the story and plot I just had to finish it to see how the characters were connected and their lives interwoven Unfortunately once you start putting together the pieces together it’s easier to figure out the ending This may not be a detraction for others but I was hoping for of a surpriseCreating a compelling multilayered and believable thriller is a strong suit for Gavrish I’m looking forward to reading of his work in the futureThe Bottom LineA uick read that makes an impression

  8. Lynne Thomas Lynne Thomas says:

    There is nothing I enjoy then finding new authors who's work gives me then I expected Train Wreck by Bennett Gavrish does just that Though not truly a debut as he has published a non fiction book this is his first novel I was hooked from page one until the very end His characters are well developed and the words flow flawlessly It's hard to describe the book without giving away the story though as the title suggests a moral train wreck is happening and we get to enjoy the rails that take us there I'll leave the reviewing of the book to those of you who are much better at it then I could ever be My only contribution For every novel you read by a famous and well known mass production author pick up a novel by a new voice and give them a shot You will find yourself at awe over these new voices we will be reading hopefully for years to come There's my contribution so go now pick up this novel and enjoy the ride

  9. Samuel Toms Samuel Toms says:

    Same old world new ways of telling the story Train Wreck feels like a growing up book for those who've stopped going to the bar every night with their friends after work and are thinking beyond the scope of a one bedroom apartment The mixture of humor and futility feels personal and perhaps at times a little single minded but deliberately soThe story is good it's far fetched in a funny way and the characters are uite easy to get to grips with as a cross section from many walks of life are offered up to the reader with their roles and connections to the protagonist revealed through flash backs It is a tale with inevitable results focusing on observation and with morals firmly entrenched at its heartIf I had one criticism it would be of Nick Buchanan honestly you should have really seen it comingOverall good laughs nicely simple and craftily poignant in places

  10. Donna Donna says:

    I have to begin by stating this book is not my usual genre It was told in a flashback form from the viewpoint of multiple people I agree with other reviewers statement tht this is a great attempt for a first novel The book was a uick read full of humor The storyline was uite interesting A Red Eye train from Boston to Washington DC Each character on the train tells hisher own story All characters are somehow connected to main character Nick I was not too fond of the language used throughout the book

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