Paperback ã Sunshine PDF/EPUB å

Paperback ã Sunshine PDF/EPUB å

Sunshine ❮Download❯ ➶ Sunshine Author Linda Hales – LATEST EDITION Sunshine is a dear little blond girl whose sole mission in life is to make sad people happy She lives on a hilltop and interacts in strong and positive ways with characters and situatio LATEST EDITION Sunshine is a dear little blond girl whose sole mission in life is to make sad people happy She lives on a hilltop and interacts in strong and positive ways with characters and situations she encounters on the hillside Her first such encounter is with her great grand pappy who is very sad indeed Will Sunshine succeed in cheering him up Why not read her charming little story and let your little one decide.

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  1. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    Sunshine I'll Make You Smile by Linda HalesHaving just purchased this book both is paperback and E Book version it was delightful to compare the two This is a book any parent will be happy to read to their children The author Linda Hales has done an outstanding job of telling a sweet story of a little girl whose name is Sunshine Ms Hales takes a young reader on a journey as Sunshine sets out for the day looking to make someone smileIn today’s world where you find violence and unrest it’s nice to find a special book to cheer the young ones as you yourself smile reading the story to that special someone Spreading cheer around herself Sunshine makes it her delightful task of bringing joy to those who may otherwise be cranky sad or just not happyMs Hales gives a young reader a subconscious message that sharing glad times is far better than that of bad times and madness The art work in her books both versions are vivid and so full of color it makes you smile on it’s ownCongratulations Ms Hale on preserving a message to the young that will fill their hearts with bliss that they will can feel so good aboutI would recommend both versions for any young reader After all Sunshine will make you smileRosemary “Mamie” Adkins

  2. Martha Love Martha Love says:

    SUNSHINE AND HER BIG BLARNEY SMILE by Linda Hales is a delightful and beautiful children's book that I look forward to reading over and over to my little niece and nephew I love the story and how the author has woven into the storyline the use of facial expressions to express emotions Reading this book to your little one will undoubtedly sponsor a lot of giggling and also activity by the child trying to mimic Sunshine in herhis facial expressions increasing self awareness and emotional intelligence of the childThis book is both a fun story and a teaching aid It is definitely on my Christmas gift list for family with little onesMartha Loveauthor of What's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct

  3. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Sunshine was a cute story about a little girl named get this Sunshine who always tried to make people smile I loved the message to always keep smiling and to try to cheer someone up every day It is a sweet idea and my girls love the colourful illustrations That being said I can't get past the part of the story where Sunshine meets a sad old man and tries to make him smile I tell my girls to be kind to everyone but not to engage with strangers if I am not there So the idea of Sunshine spending time with this sad old and slightly creepy looking man that she has randomly met on the hill contradicts that message just a little bit The idea was just a little strange to me and I felt like the message could have been delivered effectively if Sunshine was trying to cheer up a family member or a kid at school – someone that a child would normally be encouraged to interact with I'm sure that I am reading into this too much but as a mom to a 3 and 4 year old who are just starting to go out into the world I try to be mindful of the messages they are receiving from the books we read Sunshine I'll Make You Smile really is a funny little story that my girls did enjoy but it didn't hold their attention for a second reading perhaps because they could not put themselves into the story being as they do not talk to strangers? and left me scratching my head a little bit

  4. Micki Peluso Micki Peluso says:

    Sunshine I'll Make You SmileBy Linda HalesSunshine—I'll Make You Smile written by children's author Linda Hales is certain to delight young children in the 3 7 age group Her character a little blonde girl with a contagious smile is a role model for little ones who also love to smile and be happy — most of the timeThis book will bring giggles when read aloud as a bedtime story capturing the attention of young children with its moral and the captivating illustrations It is a sweet story that allows young children to realize the power in such a simple thing as a smile Would that there be smiles in the world it would be a better place especially for childrenAuthor Linda Hales dedicates this charming book to Tammy her own little sunshine girl It is recommended that readers check out Hale’s other children's books including Andy Roo and the Birthday SurpriseMicki Peluso writer journalist and author of And the Whippoorwill Sang

  5. Delinda McCann Delinda McCann says:

    SunshineBy Linda HalesSunshine is a delightful book for pre schoolers The artwork is bright and engaging Sunshine is a little girl with a wonderful smile She likes to smile and everybody tells her how cheerful they feel when they see her bright smile All is fine until she meets her grumpy Great Grandpappy He doesn’t smile when he sees Sunshine She takes this behavior as a challenge and begins making a series of silly facesChildren who are at the stage of enjoying silly faces and exploring how the same person can look different at different times will be delighted with Sunshine The story also has a message about the importance of being cheerfulI look forward to seeing of Linda Hales’ work

  6. Linda Hales Linda Hales says:

    Sunshine I'll Make You Smile by Linda HalesSunshine is a dear little blond girl whose sole mission in life is to make sad people happy She lives on a hilltop and interacts in strong and positive ways with characters and in situations she encounters on the hillside One day she meets a sad old man on the hillside and sets about cheering him up This is a must read to see if she achieves her mission

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