The Last Dragon of the North PDF Ð The Last Kindle -

The Last Dragon of the North PDF Ð The Last Kindle -

The Last Dragon of the North ❮Download❯ ➻ The Last Dragon of the North ➿ Author Tony Chandler – A hard hitting adventure One rousing dragon fighting story with a thin slice of romance along the way Piers Anthony Owain Armstrong has been hired to hunt down a red dragon that is killing livestock a A hard hitting adventure Dragon of Kindle Ò One rousing dragon fighting story with a thin The Last Kindle - slice of romance along the way Piers Anthony Owain Armstrong has been hired Last Dragon of Epub Ý to hunt down a red dragon that is killing livestock across Wiltshire The only evidence is a bloody patch on the ground and the head of the dead animal Owain begins to track this nocturnal predator when news of another dragon comes – a much bigger dragonDuring his journey Owain meets up with the famous dragonslayers of the Northern Band Katja a beautiful blonde deadly accurate with a crossbow; Erik a massive man short of temper and always eager to fight; Lars a man as cunning as he is strong; and finally Edlund their dynamic leaderWhen meeting Owain the band of weary slayers long had been on a uest to kill The Last Dragon of the North But they soon hear strange tales– tales of the Green Dragon Inn and the monster that lives inside the mountain And for a price anything is possible.

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  1. Sheri Gormley Sheri Gormley says:

    I wasn't expecting to like this since it's about dragon slayers rather than noble dragon beasts but this is a well written story with fully developed characters I just couldn't put it down frankly and if you like fantasy and a traditional dragon as monster theme then you are going to love this bookThe authors take their time setting up the main dragon uest story up by starting off with a local dragon slayer taking down a young dragon by himself By the time we meet the famed Northern Band it is clear we are off on an epic dragon huntThe characters and the story reveal themselves in a well paced vividly imagined world and this was an amazingly fast read for 323 pages Best of all since the dragon hunters didn't have time to destroy the nest of dragon eggs the door is open for a seuel I hope the authors will reunite the Northern Band for one last pest uest

  2. Mark Mark says:

    I just had the pleasure of reading this great book I will admit I wasn't too sure about the dynamics between Owain and the Northern Band at first that is But as the story progressed I was sucked into it and it took me for a sweet dragon hunting ride and I uickly grew to love all the dragon hunters as a group I certainly would love to see adventures of Owain and Edlund and I would recommend this book to those who love dragons I loved learning new facts about dragons per the Chandlers' mythology about them dragon hunters action packed hunting galore and the lands these folks called home Great job Tony and Virginia

  3. Angela Holtz Angela Holtz says:

    From Pagan Writers CommunityBad fantasy is just bad but good fantasy rocks And this was fantastic So many details and it was dirty and scary and far realistic than any other dragon book I’ve ever read It answers uestions such as “If there were really dragons why haven’t scientists found the bones?” and “Really a huge reptile and one knight in shining armor can take it down single handedly?”The characters take their time opening up too this really keeps the story fresh as they are traveling around after the last dragon Plus with five main characters it allows loads of time for them to develop and deepen I really disliked Owain at the beginning but came to love him by the end Lars is another one I liked I think I just loved the name Larsand speaking of Larswho has ever combined Vikings and Dragons? Ok I’m not especially well read in the fantasy genre it may have happened but I haven’t seen it yet And who doesn’t love Vikings and Dragons???So yes if you want a great fantasy read that is going to let you immerse yourself into the story for a few days The Last Dragon of the North is it And I’m hoping as there was a hint there may be a continuation of this story I will be waiting in line for that one

  4. Angelique Asher Angelique Asher says:

    The Last Dragon of the North was a great read I was captured right from the start I very much enjoyed my journey with Owain and the Northern Band I celebrated their victories and cried right along with them when one of their own fell This is a must read for everyone who enjoys a good dragon story The Last Dragon of the North will not disappoint My only uestion is there a seuel?

  5. Matthew Baker Matthew Baker says:

    I should definitely read fantasy; after all I cut my teeth on it when I was a young teen From DragonLance to Dungeons Dragons I loved it all and I read everything I could find in the genre So it’s no wonder that dragons hold a special place of honor in my heart When author Tony Chandler approached me about reviewing THE LAST DRAGON OF THE NORTH I said ‘Yes’ before I even know the book’s plot I’m glad I took a chance on it toothis book is full of everything that makes fantasy so much funThis book really surprised me; not because I thought it was going to suck or anythingbut because the story is epic in scope for being such a simple plot The Chandlers do an amazing job of world building and then seeding it with characters and creatures both terrifying and interesting THE LAST DRAGON OF THE NORTH is written very well and flows smoothly The action is intense the story is engaging and there’s plenty of things in here that will capture even the most decadent of readers In essence there’s something for every fantasy fan in this bookI particularly enjoy the characterization in this book Each character is bold and vibrant given a healthy dose of realism so as to make them spring to life from the page My favorite has to be Owain Armstrong himself He starts off as a bit brash and overly self sure but his travels with the other dragonslayers takes him on a journey of self discovery as wellTHE LAST DRAGON OF THE NORTH is a hearty robust fantasy adventure brimming with action and fun I highly recommend this book and am greatly looking forward to the next tale the Chandlers bring Give this one a look for sure

  6. Tony Chandler Tony Chandler says:

    FINALIST in FANTASY category 2013 EPIC eBook Award Contest

  7. Dixie Dixie says:

    First I would like to thank author Tony Chandler for gifting me with The Last Dragon of the North And so here is my fair and unbiased reviewLet the fun beginThe last dragon of the north is an action pack heart racing on the edge of your seat until you get to the end and you say whew that was great I want to read it againI found the story line to be very strong and smooth following I had no problem keeping upAnd the characters you will just absolutely fall in love with them I know I did The last dragon of the north was not only an action but romance and funny at times and in the right places I loved that the characters were strong and the character development was good and set at a nice pace so it wasn’t to fast or too slow The last dragon of the north is set in a long ago time era were dragon ruled the sky and land and made the people afraid and thus brave men and women became dragon slayers to kill these terrible beasts That’s it that’s all I’m saying if you want to know go buy and read the book I guarantee you will love itRecommended 17 and up Rating45 Soul StarsSoulfyre Reviews

  8. Fayley Fayley says:

    I should love this book non magical heroes battling a dragon a dragon fighter falling in love another dragon fighter haunted by guilt and seeking redemption but it falls flat I just didn't care about any of the characters Reading it felt like reading a list they did this then they did that and tears streamed down their face I don't know what it is that authors do to make us engage with their stories but sadly neither does this writer

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