The Dragonslayers Apprentice PDF/EPUB ☆ The

The Dragonslayers Apprentice PDF/EPUB ☆ The

The Dragonslayers Apprentice [PDF / Epub] ★ The Dragonslayers Apprentice By David Calder – Popular PDF Epub, The Dragonslayers Apprentice By David Calder There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780590630931 > format Paperback and others > 160 pages and has a text language like Popular PDF Epub, The Dragonslayers Apprentice By David Calder There are many interesting things in this book isbn > format Paperback and others > The Dragonslayers eBook  pages and has a text language like English.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Dragonslayers Apprentice
  • David Calder
  • English
  • 26 July 2016
  • 9780590630931

10 thoughts on “The Dragonslayers Apprentice

  1. Joseph Allen Joseph Allen says:

    This was a really good book and I enjoyed it uite a bit While the english can be hard to understand in some parts of the book it had a story that really keep in into the story If there is a second book I wanna read it soon The reason I choose to read this book is becuase I saw it on the book shelf and I mistook it for another book I've read in the past My favourite thing about this book is the authors sense of humor really shone though the main charatcer There is very little I would change about this book The one thing I would change about it is the english itself I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fanasty its a really good book and I enjoyed reading every bit of it

  2. Roxana Roxana says:

    What an odd little book Something of a leadershipmanagement guide disguised as a middle grade fantasy I think I liked it but the ending is flat

  3. Cassius Cassius says:

    I think that The Dragonslayer’s Apprentice by David Calder is an exciting book The main character Jackie is a 15 year old girl who loves action She is not afraid of any creature witch or other danger that she may meet on her adventures I thought that reading this book was exciting and I would definitely recommend it to people who like action and adventure Besides being an exciting read I also thought the book was very easy to read I read it over a couple of weeks but I actually think that you could easily read it in a few days if you read it a lot The best thing about The Dragonslayer’s Apprentice was that it was really funny this book really made me laugh However it was a bit predictable; the dragonslayer slays the dragon etc No big surprises therefor it wasn't that excitingCassius Mohapi11913Rating

  4. Alex Alex says:

    A fun little book that I pick up and read for a pick me up This book is about the dragon slayer as it is his perspective but the way it's told is fun with a dash of snark The dragon slayer has an assistant who barely says two words and an apprentice who is a 16 year old girlrun away princess She has a witty way about her and if you are looking for a bathtub book or something light to read this is a fun little book to have Personal side note this book is responsible for my inability to spell words like realize and color without trying to add the UK affect Colour and realise

  5. Katie Katie says:

    This had some humor in it but it didn't have enough of a plot to interest me The Dragonslayer has an apprentice who's a girl you find out she's a princess basically 5 pages from the end and an assistant the comic relief? There is never a name for the Dragonslayer and the names in the book consist of Jack Jackie Ron TomSeriously? Anyway this book does provide a slightly humorous read but is it worth spending an hour or two of your life?

  6. Devon Devon says:

    I read this when I was pretty young and it sparked something in my brain Girl could be heroes Girls could slay dragons It's a pretty lucid story written in a tongue in cheek manner Good for a young audience but someone older might find it lacking

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    Not a fast paced exciting read but enjoyable Some parts seemed to drag but it kept my interest I was not surprised by the ending as the author gives many hints leading up to it It had plenty of humor I recommend to someone who enjoys fantasy that is looking for a uick light read

  8. Annie Annie says:

    It was uite funny It was a very simple book plot wise as it didn't include tons of sensory details to make the book extremely exciting but I laughed out loud at some points and enjoyed the story overall The characters were diverse and ideas were interesting making for a decent book

  9. Whitney Whitney says:

    I would consider this a children's fantasy book Not a lot of plot but still enjoyable in a child type way Could be re written to be much exicitng but less okay for children

  10. Kevin Kevin says:


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