Hunted The Guardian Legacy #2 MOBI ¹ Hunted The ePUB

Hunted The Guardian Legacy #2 MOBI ¹ Hunted The ePUB

Hunted The Guardian Legacy #2 [PDF] ✅ Hunted The Guardian Legacy #2 Author Ednah Walters – Bran and Lil may have escaped an attempt to lure Lil to the dark side and recovered the contracts damned people signed with Bran when he was a soul collector but someone forgot to tell them that no on Bran and Lil may have escaped an attempt Guardian Legacy Epub Ù to lure Lil to the dark side and recovered the contracts damned people signed with Bran when he was a soul collector but someone forgot to tell them that no one switches sides or cancels contracts without conseuences Hunted by an unknown but powerful enemy Lil Bran and the Guardians must seek help from unlikely sources to avert total annihilation of the Guardians When they finally face their enemy one of them may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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  1. Lisa (A Life Bound By Books) Lisa (A Life Bound By Books) says:

    That last 2 pages just about killed me I wanted to throw the book scream My head heart hurt a bit now Ugh I need to know what the heck is going to happen because that was not what I thought was going to happen Review to follow for the blog tour

  2. Aure, The Bored of the Quarantine Aure, The Bored of the Quarantine says:

    4 Strong stars I've signed up for this blast and a book review but I wasn't sure I'd even like this book or the seriesI know I know I probably shouldn't say that but I wanna be honestwhen I say that this book this series the surprised me it blew my mind away TOTALLY UNEXPECTEDLY ohhh and the ending See I read Ya from time to time but I'm usually hesitant to start with a teen angstWhat I liked most in this book was Lil How she is so much matureI've read this series all 3 books in a row so I actually felt proud of her Of course this new book also brings secrets enemies to love or to hate and a ton of action There was A LOT of that And I loved itThe fight between God and Evil super I don't wanna spoil anything for ya so I just want to advise you orbetter yet I insist that if you haven't bought this book yet or if you haven't even read this series in a first place You my dear friend must do that IMMEDIATELY

  3. Catie Catie says:

    I loved this bookWell as most readers can tell I am a huge fan of Ednah Walters Since I finished Betrayed a few months ago I have been waiting impatiently I might add for Hunted to come out So I am so excited that I got to get an ARC of Hunted Of course I loved the eye candy that is the cover of Hunted as Bran is my favorite character So I am even happy with Hunted as I expected to be I love the new badass Lil She has grown so much since we left her at the end of Betrayed a few months ago Actually all of the characters have grown in their own ways The plot of Hunted is fast paced and runs along very smoothly In Hunted it was almost like I became a part of the story like I was watching everything potray before my very eyes I can not wait for the next book in this great seriesSo if you want a great story with badass characters I suggest you all go out and pre order your copy of Hunted which will be realesed on April 2nd

  4. Kate Kaynak Kate Kaynak says:

    This series is addictive I just started proofing the galleys at Spencer Hill and ended up sucked into the story and unable to put it down

  5. Ari Ari says:

    I just thought this was supposed to be a trilogy but I am not complaining as I can't wait to read some ; This is a series that many people don't know about but one that I've enjoyed enormously over the yearsI fell in love first with Awakened a few years ago and I can tell you that the book had me laughing than not and staying up late to finish it Then Betrayed came over with plenty of action and mysteries and made me fall in love with the pack of characters Now they have all become a big happy family but something dark threatens to throw them appartI must confess that I had high expectations when I started reading this book and as it happens always with the advanced copies I receive I was afraid to pick it up because I wanted so badly to like it Also it's been a while since I read the other books and my memory didn't help me with remembering where the story ended But that's OK because during this book some information is brought back to us such that we don't feel lost into the storyThe beginning of the book didn't grab me like the other ones did It's not that it's slow but somehow it advanced up until some point and then it took a step back and I am still unsure of how important that detail was or if the story wouldn't have been the same without it I thought it was supposed to bring some major drama into the play with our main characters Bran and Lil but I was glad that it didn't I liked to see them happily together ;What I really really liked was the connection between the characters We get to find about our young guardians and we see their friendship get stronger and stronger through their interactions For a moment my heart skipped a beat thinking that Lil might get involved into a love triangle but the author stayed away from it once YES and I hope that she won't ever take that path as I wouldn't enjoy that at all Still there is a complicated situation regarding some secondary characters and I can't wait to see how that evolves in the next book I wasn't expecting it in fact I had a completely different story on my mind but hey I love surprisesBeautiful Smart Impossible That is who you areWe also found out  about the world about how things work what other rules there are there are things that even the older guardians don't know how to handle Also there are uite a few new characters some you will love for some you might want to buy an one way ticket to TartarusI don't want to spoil much but things are getting complicated I didn't enjoy that some 'past things' didn't stay in the past I am cryptical but I have a reason for it and there were some characters that make it so easy for me to hate them but all these complications are getting us to the final point which came as a bit of a shock I really thought this book was supposed to be the last one but it is obviously not and now of course I can't wait to see how we will get out of this whole messWhile we are at it I really really wish for the kids not to do things behind the elder's backs They all try to hide things from the others young and old and this is always getting them ALL into big troubles After so many time you would think that they would learn to trust each other but it seems they are not Also the kids are not uite punished for their disobedience and this is starting to rub me the wrong wayAnyways fans of this story will definitely enjoy it It has mystery and action and love and it will leave you wishing for ; The characters are really great and fun to be around and after all this time I feel like I know them allI have one thing to say and I've probably said it on every review so farI really don't like these coversFor the love of whatever you believe in I really know that this is the reason why people are not compeled to read these books and it makes me so very sad Because the story is so great and so much better than many popular books out there and I wish someone would just design better covers to grab people's attention I don't want to offend anyone but I would really want to see some fresh covers that would appeal to the young audience for this series in the futureHappy midnight reading This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnightcom Blog EN | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog RO

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh what an ending I can't say this enough I hate waiting I NEED the next book nowThis book focuses on Lil's growth She finds that she is the Chosen One The Kris Dagger and her become one and are powerful I feel like I can't say much because I don't want to spoil anythingBut let me tell you that It is nonstop action It started a little slow for me but then bam I couldn't read fast enough There will be sacrifices and losses sadness and awe There are characters and old enemies There are surprises and an ending that I didn't see coming and nowgrrr I have to wait

  7. Nickyrian Nickyrian says:

    Book one is about Lil Falcon gaining her Nephilim power at age sixteen and meeting Bran Llyr who is a half demon and half angel The Guardians will help Bran to rescue her sister Celeste in Coronis Island They will win the battle against Coronis and her minions In the end of the book Lil will learn that her biological father is Valafaranother powerful demon and right hand of CoronisIn book two the battle of the Guardians and demons continues Valafar insists to connect with Lil and fulfill his fatherhood obligation to her But Lil refuses to give him a chance since his real intention is not really to bond with her rather to use her as a weapon against his foes and so he will use every possible way to get her attention by bringing chaos to her loved ones especially her boyfriend Bran Because Lil's charismatic personality she will gain some alliances in the demon world Lil's grandfather has sent Valafar to TartarusIn this third installment Solange Lil's half sister has gained a power almost euivalent to Lil's power when she is bonded to Kris Dagger Valafar is brought back from Tartarus by Solange She has also convinced the Tribunal to hunt Lil by the archangels who is led by Raphael Once again another chaos to battle by the Guardians The ending has brought me to tears With the decision of the Tribunal Lil is forced to live with Valafar for one year in the demon world and leave his loved ones in human world She is not allowed to see them especially Bran Valafar thinks that Lil's point of views will change once she is living with him It is so heart wrenching seeing Bran and Lil say their last words to one anotherLil Promise me you will not come after me BranBran Don't make me promise something I won't keep Lil Please don't go against the TribunalBran We are mated Lil No one not your father or the Tribunal will keep us apartLil Then wait for meBran I will be at our spot in Maui Haleakala every dayBran Yours always mine foreverLil Yours always mine foreverI can't wait for the 4th installment to read I have never thought that this series is going to be so good and will lead me to addiction Kudos to Ednah Walters Keep up with the great work and love triangle free

  8. Annie Page Annie Page says:

    Hunted A Guardian legacy by Ednah WaltersThis book has it all Demons archangels Goddess special weapons its a battle over evil and good and keeping it in balance The bad side cheated and now the Good must fight and many friends are lost to get the world back in balance Great story and the characters each have they own powers and personalities to make this a very strong and wonderful book to read

  9. Lisa B. Lisa B. says:

    Hunted is Book two in the Series Awakened is the Preuel; Betrayed is Book one; and Forgotten Book three is EW's current project and continues to Wow as a rapid paced rare jewel and superior to other Nephelim vs Demon novelsThe thousands of year old Nephilim Tribunal Council has decidedly spokenSeventeen year old heroine Lil is prophesied to be The Chosen One to balance the Nephilim world She has been ordered to live for one year with her recently found demon birth father The Counsel handed down the mandate from accusations of Lil's alliance with Guardians good Nephilim and her father's minions the evil Nephilim These polar opposites have brutally battled for centuries protecting and destroying mankind and now deadly Archangels enter the boiling mix and they aren't particular who they killLil ends Book 3 flying into gut wrenching goodbyes and hugs of steel to the only parent she's ever known since she was a baby her maternal grandfather a Senior Cardinal Guardian Joining the desperate moment with shock sorrow anger and a burning desire for a frantic revengerescue are her fellow Cardinals Guardians team mates and her forever boyfriend and true love BranGood over evil may not prevail during the one year sentence as Lil realizes she is HALF demon The final truth Lil takes is that her mad immortal birth father truly loved Lil's LATE Mundane motherThe commanding Tribunal has agreed Lil's one year stint with her father is for her to be able to choose for herself which group of Nephilim to side withLil's power hungry demonic father isn't the only one secretly waiting to steal Lil's powers her half sister CRAVES and DEMANDS power so badly that even the demons want her deadNot to be left unmentioned Lil's hunky boyfriend Bran born with ethereal black wings has his own supernatural gifts clever fierce battle skills and an inherited trait to wield power and control water His uniueness earns him the rare honor and title as the only living Cardinal Water Guardian Frightened and desperate to protect Lil Bran's never ending embrace and kisses may be all she has to take with her as she's pulled away from Bran Bran's booming voice then explodes Yours always mine forever As expected the wheels in Bran's head were already planning for her escapeEdnah Walters Can you type faster? Your fans need Book 4 from Kindle I've never been very patient so they tell me Can't wait Readers who need to catch up hop on the bandwagon with Books 1 and 2

  10. Teresa Mary Rose Teresa Mary Rose says:

    More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesI’m pretty sure I have a lovehate relationship with this series well not really I love it but sometimes I want to shake the book and make the characters do what I want them to do I am always addicted and engrossed with the story but I have moments where I just want to chuck the book across the room It’s an odd feeling but overall I would say I enjoyed the bookLil is a good heroine She may not be my favorite but I do like her She is a genuinely good person and she always tries to make the right choice Also she doesn't whine and I really appreciate that However sometimes I think she brushes things off a bit too easily People always seem to be keeping secrets from her and if it was me I would start cracking skulls and demanding answers instead of just waiting for people to finally tell me Then again I’m impatientThen we have Bran who is my favorite I just love him so much But boy do you need to learn to stay still It seems like in every book in this series he goes missing at some point There are always a few chapters where Lil doesn’t know where he is and those chapters always drive me bonkersI also love the secondary characters in this series especially Sykes He just always knows how to lighten the mood He makes me laugh out loud constantly I also love Master Haziel a lot; simply because he is the wise know it all teacher with a weird sense of humorThe plot in Hunted was really fast moving and kept me turning pages It killed me every single time I had to stop I just wanted to know where the story was headed Some of it was predictable but I found that it didn’t take anything away from the story With that being said some of it frustrated me A pet peeve of mine is when characters lose their memories and that happened in this one I hate having to relearn things so initially I was angry However as the story progressed it became clear that the memory loss was not going to be the main focus of the story Once I realized this I was a happy camper and moved past this pet peeve of mineAll in all Hunted is a very enjoyable read especially for those who enjoy angeldemon books This one has everything you want in an angel book while still maintaining its own distinct feelI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review

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