Ten Red Apples PDF ¸ Ten Red eBook ☆

Ten Red Apples PDF ¸ Ten Red eBook ☆

Ten Red Apples ➜ [Epub] ❧ Ten Red Apples By Pat Hutchins ➦ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Ten red apples hanging on a tree Yippee fiddle dee fee But they are not there for long Horse cow donkey pig hen and the other farm animals each eat one Save one for me calls the farmer But what about Ten Red Apples hanging on a tree Yippee fiddle dee fee But they are not there for long Horse cow donkey pig hen and the other farm animals each eat one Save one for me calls the farmer But what about the farmer's wifeCount on Pat Hutchins to solve the problem happily And count the red apples before they are all gone.

10 thoughts on “Ten Red Apples

  1. Jess Jess says:

    A counting book that feels like it should have a nice rhyming cadence but instead has this really awkward fiddle dee fee refrain stuck all over the place Mixed reactions at story time today but I don't think I'll read this one again anytime soon

  2. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Complete with counting backwards from 10 to 1 a funny story line animal noises and wonderful illustrations this book has it all Having the kiddos count the apples on the tree as well as guess what animal is on the page and what noise that animal makes was a great deal of fun The rhythm was a bit strange and off balance at times but a few on the spot alterations made for a great read Read during Toddler Time on November 5th 2018

  3. Alice Ball Alice Ball says:

    Sing songy counting book great pre schoolK read aloud in apple season

  4. Krista Lineweaver Krista Lineweaver says:

    Ten Red Apples is a picturebook that can be read to and enjoyed by the nursery age group It is about a farmer and his wife that have an apple tree All of the farm animals continue to eat his apples which leaves none for his wife to make an apple pie but then they find another one and all is well It is a very cute rhyming story that young children would enjoy hearing I had completed a flannelboard story project using this book and it worked out very well I was able to make all of the animals and the people in the story The children enjoyed playing with the felt pieces and seeing the story come to life as I read it to them They were all able to help me put up one animal at a time and take away one apple every time a new animal appeared It is a great story with many benefits for children It encourages rhyming introduces new farm animals and the noises that they make it could from ten to zero and has brilliant illustrations that will catch and hold the children's attention I would be very excited to see this story used in classrooms I will definitely be using this book in my classroom one day

  5. Claudia Moore Claudia Moore says:

    Ten Red Apples is a good book to help kids count to ten In this book a farmer is watching his animals eat his ten apples one by one all while telling the animals to save him one This book would be great to help teach kids numbers zero though ten You can count along with the book as the apples disappear This book can also teach kids about animals The farmer calls out to each animal as the animal takes an apple Then the animal makes a noise This helps kids learn what kinds of animals there are and what sounds they make The illustrations in this book are really cute The characters are made to look toy like This gives the book a lighthearted playful feel Each animal that has already eaten an apple can be seen to the side of each page Then the animal next in line to each an apple can be seen in the background behind the farmer This will allow kids to guess what animal will be next this will make them eager to turn the page Also at the top of each page there is the number of apples left and that many apples drawn out next to the number This allows the kids to point and count how many apples are left The apples are also shown on the tree so the kid can visually see what that amount of apples look like

  6. Drew Slanina Drew Slanina says:

    This book is informational for young children This book focuses on rhyming patterns as well as basic mathematics This book focuses on basic subtraction The book starts at ten apples and every time the page is turned they subtract one apple This book also names different types of animals which allows children to learn different types of animals

  7. Mary Greer Thomas Mary Greer Thomas says:

    Good book for young children to learn about farm animals Good bright Illustration to capture young children's attention Great for starting the ten frames on counting with adding and subtraction This book can be used with an art project to make something simple in our environment There is also room for language and literacy with repetitive wordings

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    One by one animals take an apple from the farmer's tree as the book counts down from 10 to 0 in rhyming versesThe illustrations are a little odd The book looks to be taking place in the Netherlands windmills etc so I think the illustrations are wooden Dutch dolls

  9. Trina Stets Trina Stets says:

    Pat Hutchins write the greatest rhymes in book and it works so well with her story line The colors are bright and teaches kids to count and just enjoy the rhyme time story I enjoyed reading this to my grandson

  10. Vayda Williams Vayda Williams says:

    The illustrations are a little weird but it is a great way to review numbers and animals

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