Cold Shoulder PDF å Hardcover

Cold Shoulder PDF å Hardcover

Cold Shoulder ❰Download❯ ➽ Cold Shoulder Author Lynda La Plante – Lorraine Page is a down on her luck ex LAPD cop recruited against her will to hunt for a serial killer Cold Shoulder is the story of a young woman who has everything a devoted husband two beautiful da Lorraine Page is a down on her luck ex LAPD cop recruited against her will to hunt for a serial killer Cold Shoulder is the story of a young woman who has everything a devoted husband two beautiful daughters and a successful career as a lieutenant with the Pasadena Homicide Suad But when her partner is shot and dies in her arms Lorraine's life starts to unravel The after hours drinking that once was social becomes her refuge and soon she's not waiting until the end of her shift From there it all comes undone with frightening speed Drunk she kills an innocent boy while on duty is fired from the force is abandoned by her family and ends up living on the street as a prostitute Cold Shoulder is the dramatic frighteningly explicit account of Lorraine Page's fall and nightmarish recovery while caught between the danger of a serial killer on the loose and the manipulations of the old boy police force that had ostracized her not so long before The book reverberates with realism because it is based on a true story one that has been meticulously researched and crafted by Lynda La Plante a consummate expert in crime writing.

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  1. Natalie M Natalie M says:

    The saddest aspect of this novel is the fact it is based on a true story I love Lynda La Plante and have read almost all her work so at times I found myself struggling to identify her style in this novel It is very different to her well known and much loved Prime SuspectJane Tennison series From setting the USA to the main character alcoholic disgraced unfathomably callous Lorraine PaigeThe similarities are only in the uality of writing La Plante is masterful in creating an all consuming tale The difference is what I felt for the protagonist frustration determination loathing and desire to right her ways but I suppose that is the art and talent of such a skilled writerNow that I have assimilated my feelings about this novel I will have to read the other two books which follow

  2. Steve Steve says:

    I found this book difficult to get through It was well written and absorbing but the content was uite confronting I thought the main character had hit bottom and then went even further The book built up nicely with a bunch of twists some expected some unexpected The climax was a little disappointing but it turns out it wasn't the major climax which snuck up on me The resolution was a little rushed but I suspect it leads into the next book in the series I am not certain if I will read it

  3. Ria Ria says:

    Absolutely brilliant never read this author before this was a holiday buyWas so enjoyable i want to collect the rest of her workA well crafted storyline with so many unexpected twists and turns it kept me guessing right up until the last pageWell worth reading if you like fast paced thrillers and serial killers

  4. Carrielurane Carrielurane says:

    On my way to a vacation in a remote place I realized that I'd forgotten to pack any books My only option was a resale shop selling used books for 1 each I grabbed this one and I sufferedWhere to begin?Sloppy and lazy writingAbsurd coincidencesUnlikeable protagonist She's a truly terrible person who makes inexplicable choices and constantly screws other people over She's supposedly this crack detective but she does stupid reckless things constantly and she makes no senseTerrible terrible sentences Was there no editor?Casual racism Fatshaming RAMPANT TRANSPHOBIA Jesus At one point our heroine threatens to send a trans woman to a men's prison in order to get her to confess It works as the woman is justifiably terrified at the prospect of what the men in the men's jail would do to her We are meant to think this is brilliant police work Our heroine also verbally abuses this same trans woman in an appallingly transphobic way Also every gay or trans character called transsexual or transvestite by the author in this book is a murderer a blackmailer a thief or all of the above Or they make child porn It feels like LaPlante tried to load this book full of things that she thought would seem shocking or sleazy to readers including a truly gross last minute description of child sexual abuse that seemed to serve no purpose other than providing an explanation for why one character is a cross dresser and a murderer Gross gross gross This is a terrible book

  5. Emma Emma says:

    The first Linda La Plante book I have read based in the US and for the most part I enjoyed it It was a little slow at times and some of the situations I found a bit implausible but overall good

  6. Rachel Martin Rachel Martin says:

    I found the first part difficult to read and get into and then I couldn’t put it down

  7. Sridhar Babu Sridhar Babu says:

    Author Lynda La PlanteCharacters Lorraine Page Rosie Hurst Bill Rooney Brad Thorburn Steven Janklow Art Matthews Norman Hastings Didi Holly Nulalocation Los AngelesGenre SuspensePLOT Eight Girls all prostitutes from different areas and a male named Norman Hastings were killed by a nightmare serial killer All had been killed by hammer blows to the back of the head and suffered severe facial injuries Their bodies left in a trunk of a stolen vehicle No witnesses Each case left open file Lorraine Page Ex Lieutenant of Los Angeles Police Department hired by Captain Rooney as a paid street informer to help him in the case One night Lorraine herself comes face to face with the killer being attacked in a garage of a shopping mall by claw hammer and from the cufflink logo of her attackers shirt she learns that the perpetrator is connected with the vintage car selling companyAssisted by her best friend Rosie Hurstshe finds out their prime suspects were Brad Thorburn and his half brother Steven Janklow two influential persons with political backing in Los Angeles Lorraine's further investigation points out that victim Norman Hastings suspect Steven Janklow were both transvestites and were blackmailed by photographers Art Mathews and hookers Nula and Didi With the backing of Captain Bill Rooney Lorraine is drawn in to the dangerous investigation with no hope of backing off The best part of the novel is about Lorraine Page's come back from her dark past Kicked away from police department because of her being alcoholic divorced losing her children to her remarried husband capable doing anything to earn enough money to drink herself to oblivionBeing sent to rehabiliitation center with no further hope With her friend Rosie and Jake's support getting her life back as a private Investigator of Page Investigations From my point of view I think it would have been better if the author had given of Lorraine's personal tragic lifeher constant efforts to come back than the routine 'serial killing 'stuffMY COMMENTOKEY DOKEY

  8. Reader50 Reader50 says:

    This is the first book I've read by this author though I've enjoyed the Prime Suspect mysteries on PBS based on her books It's a fast exciting page turner whose protagonist Lorraine Page is a former police lieutenant who is kicked off the force in Pasadena CA for killing an unarmed youth while she was under the influence of alcohol At one time she was a highly commended officer but her life becomes a shambles as she is dismissed of her duties and divorced by her husband who takes custody of their two young daughters Seven years later living a life of crime and prostitution to support her drinking she is viciously attacked by a would be John but manages to escape Lorraine is befriended by a hospital employee Rosie herself a recovering alcoholic and together search for Lorraine's attacker who had killed several women in the past The novel is filled with many colorful uirky characters with a couple twists in the end The plot was not as straightforward as I expected Also as I read the book I was rooting for Lorraine hoping she could resist the pull of alcohol and get her life back together The was to me a thoroughly sympathetic characterJust as an afterthought I wondered if a predominant thread in La Plante's books involves alcoholism as both the Jane Tennison character in Prime Suspect and Lorraine Page in this book have drinking problems

  9. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    This one did not excite thrill or interest the reader as much as many of her other books do I am a big fan of La Plante some of her books have been superbly written crime thrillers that keeps you holding on for not so with this one The plot just seemed to take forever to even begin to have the slightest bit of momentum then just when you think it's picking up it drops back a gear or two The female protagonist is the saving grace of the book Lorraine Page her character was gritty real and likeable The rest of the book was fairly insipid in comparison to her other books Not one of her better works I think many fans may agree I would recommend this one only if you have nothing else to read It could have been really good but simply it wasn't

  10. SueChor SueChor says:

    Reading LaPlante you have to know right off that the book will be a bit dark and gritty First off she’s a contemporary Brit and next she wrote the Tennison series starring Helen Mirren Her protagonists are women often alcoholic and as such tend to be self destructive Already dark In this one we clearly see Lorraine’s struggle to climb from the abyss into which she has fallen Once you know what to expect it’s easier to simply go with the storyline and not to be swamped by the darkness And this was a good story LaPlante’s narrative can be a bit journalistic at times stringing out fact fact fact but the story livens it up just enough And she does understand some of the self hatred the motivating factors for her character Good read

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