One Last Breath Kindle Ó One Last Kindle -

One Last Breath Kindle Ó One Last Kindle -

One Last Breath ❮Ebook❯ ➥ One Last Breath Author Laura Griffin – He's an ex cop She's an ex wife And they're both out for revenge on the same man When pampered former cheerleader Feenie Malone takes a job writing fluff pieces for her South Texas paper she has no id He's an ex cop She's an ex wife And they're both out for revenge on the same man When pampered former cheerleader Feenie Malone takes a job writing fluff pieces for her South Texas paper she has no idea she's about to stumble into a juicy news story that could launch her career if it doesn't One Last Kindle - get her killed first Almost as soon as she breaks out her press pass she crosses paths with Marco Juarez the macho PI obsessed with solving his sister's murder The information he has might be the perfect lead but his dangerously sexy looks could be a deadly distraction Juarez has zero patience for reporters especially mouthy blond ones But with the evidence pointing to Feenie's ex husband Marco thinks she could be useful Confident he can keep her on a tight leash he lets her in on his investigation He uickly discovers he's underestimated his new partner as well as the danger they both face Now he must protect her to the very last breath.

  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • One Last Breath
  • Laura Griffin
  • English
  • 21 June 2016
  • 9781416537373

10 thoughts on “One Last Breath

  1. A. A. says:

    Ditched after 75 pages Romantic suspense laced with humour created through the klutzy behavior of the disaster prone too stupid to live heroine?No thanks

  2. ElaineY ElaineY says:

    New author for me again Brace yourselfIf Marco's no nonsense attitude towards the heroine Feenie grates after awhile this IS supposed to be a romance then Feenie deserves it and much less She is so dumb to call her a dumb blonde would be insulting every blonde in the worldGriffin has her heroine insist on following the PI hero Marco Juarez everywhere even though he's told her not to so that he can do his job without her getting in the way or killed Of course the ex cop now PI knows all Feenie is good for is a uick fuck which is why when he first met her 2 years ago trashing her soon to be husband's belongings he didn't even hit on her He doesn't want that kind of girl see Now 2 years later and he with his own agenda I get the idea thanks to the author that Marco hasn't changed his opinion of Feenie one bit Unlike the dumb blonde Marco isn't impulsive so he's pretty focused on finding out who killed his sister The poor guy's way is dogged by the dumb blond's even dumber behavior and so the book plods along this way despite the promising prologue dealing with Marco's sister's murderThe defining dumb blond moment comes when Feenie once again insists on not being left behind on Marco's investigation so she makes sure she's on Marco's boat when he's waiting for Feenie's ex to go 'fishing' Marco had taken her for shooting lessons strike one against him and so he's given her his mother's gun maybe they do deserve each other Feenie then trips and falls in the boat and of course the bad guys hear the gun go off since Feenie Marcos have been following the bad guys' boat in the middle of the night Of course the villains give chase but the hero manages to elude them and they spend the night in the boatFeenie decides she wants to fuck Marco so she comes out of the shower in a towel and nothing else and drops said towel in front of Marco who's laying on his bed Of course hero asks heroine if this is what she really wants and of course she says YES I'm waiting for a book where the heroine who drops her towel and asks the hunky Hero With The Bulge if this is what HE really wants LOLIt takes 23 of the book to get here by the way and thenzilch I think the heroine did have an orgasm but I'm not sure if poor Marco With The Bulge did If the author isn't going to be explicit then do not give the idea that it's going to be Unfortunately this book does lead you on to think it's going to be action packed and loaded with hot sex due to the hype the author gives Marco Juarez He is after all a sexy hunk who's mysterious and reticent full of brooding sexual magnetism and he has the hots for Feenie And don't forget the ever present Bulge Marco lives up to the character the author promises him to be but the author cheated me by not following through with the heat factor After saddling me with the most annoying heroine I've come across in a long time the least I could have gotten for my trouble is one just one satisfying sex scene There are great romantic suspenses out there with subtle sex scenes like Sandra Brown's Play Dirty Vicky Hinze's Lady Liberty or Michelle Jaffe's Bad Girl so it's not as if I have to have hot sex in a romance to likre itI just can't see any reason why Marco would want Feenie after he gets the info that will lead to closure on his sister's death Sure he'll have sex with her but even the author doesn't think it's important enough to write much about this so I don't feel so bad that I don't buy into a future for these two Marco far deserves a smarter woman than this bimbo he's saddled with and I have books on my TBR pile I know are better

  3. CD {Boulder Blvd} CD {Boulder Blvd} says:

    I debated between 2 or 3 stars but looking back to the number of times I had to put the book down and take a breather from the characters or a scene I went with 2 starsFeenie isn't the best heroine She divorces her first husband because he cheated and walked all over her And then although Marco doesn't cheat he spends the entire book just using her for information and sex If she isn't being a doormat then she's doing something TSTL Her ability to be an investigative reporter is pretty nil She just came across as just another annoying doormat And Marco isn't much for hero material He pumps her for information doesn't communicate ignores her leaves for weeks and then is back for weeks and doesn't call If he isn't using her for information then he appears to be using her for sex This is supposed to be romantic suspense but for me there wasn't any romance Their relationship such as it was didn't really develop Showing up drunk for sex after being gone for weeks isn't a relationship nor is it romantic He doesn't mention his sister's funeral doesn't ask her to go with him and finding her there he acts like oh yeah you should be with me; let me introduce you to my family as my girlfriend But she's desperate so it's okAs for suspense not much of that either And when the book ended I felt like there were a lot of hanging items Some to be resolved in future books but others just kind of felt like oh yeah we got some of the bad guys

  4. Christa Christa says:

    I enjoyed this book but it is not of the caliber of my favorite romantic suspense authors such as Karen Rose The book is romantic suspense with some humor included The hero was very appealing and the heroine was likeable She did some things that were less than intelligent and this lessened my opinion of her as a character The next book by this author is about two of the minor characters from One Last Breath and I am interested in reading their story This book was interesting and reading it was a pleasant experienceFeenie Malone finds out in the prologue that she has a cheating husband Two years later she is trying to break into a career as a reporter Trying to find out if her wealthy ex husband has possession of a boat that belongs to her Feenie inadvertently realizes that he may be heavily involved in several illegal activities Feenie encounters ex policeman turned private investigator Marco Juarez who is also interested in the activities of her ex husband Marco's sister who was also in law enforcement disappeared two years ago and Marco is determined to prove that Feenie's ex Josh Garland had her killed As Marco and Feenie try to find evidence of her ex husband's involvement in murder and other illegal dealings Feenie becomes a target of danger While Marco tries to protect her they become intimately involved Feenie knows that her feelings for Marco are deep but she is afraid that he is only looking for a temporary physical relationship When Marco's investigation concludes he and Feenie must decide what they want from one anotherOne Last Breath was a good book and I will definitely read the next book by this author I didn't find either the suspense or the romance in this book to be as intense as in most of the romantic suspense that I read It had humor than most romantic supsense books and while I enjoyed some of it I found myself wishing a couple of times that the author would decide to write either suspense or humor but not try to put the two together The hero was an intensely masculine character with some baggage left from the ending of his former career as well as from his sister's disappearance The heroine was well meaning but came across as bumbling and inept much of the time Even so they were both likeable and the book was worth the time spent reading it

  5. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    WOW What can I say? I picked up this book because I saw how high some of you guys goodreads friends and PBS buddies had rated this book I was totally hooked I went in assuming I wouldn't really like it but I was so WRONGThe book has a little humor a good bit of sexual tension and heat a tight plot and a great amount of suspense If you enjoy Linda HowardJulie GarwoodNora Robert's romantic suspense books then you don't want to pass this one byFeenie's a former cheerleader trophy wife whose life has officially hit the shi#er Then she stumbles she actually stumbles uite a bit onto some information that may enable her to get back at her cheating louse lawyer of an ex husband who screwed her out of just about everything in the divorce It doesn't take Feenie long to get in WAAYYY over her headMarco just wants the name of the hired killer who took out his sister the cop He's pretty sure it was Feenie's ex who hired the hit man and he runs across Feenie while investigating The story of how they originally met will leave you in stitches Anyway he decides that maybe Feenie can be of some use and she's pretty hot too I don't want to give it all away but these two are uite a pair Their escapades will leave you giggling and then gasping for breath as you race through the pages to find out what happens next Don't miss it

  6. Veronica Veronica says:

    Cool book Fast paced Exciting

  7. Katharine. Katharine. says:

    Murder cops FBI drug smuggling child exploitation loveThis is another good book from LG Feenie divorced from a cheating husband accidently gets mixed up with a murder victim’s brother and murders for hire This just the beginning Non stop action and romance

  8. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    Primarily a mystery but there is a developing relationship which I was rooting forSTORY BRIEFFeenie was a high school cheerleader who married the local football star and occupied herself with decorating magazines and charitable activities She discovered her husband was having an affair They divorced Her husband came from a wealthy family and was able to hide his assets so Feenie got less than normal She got the house with no furniture and a car she sold because she needed the money Now she works as a part time reporter for the local newspaper doing fluff pieces She accidentally sees Josh with one of his hidden assets a boat and Feenie starts spying on him to prove he has the boat She has a good heart and a good attitude but is not street smart She follows some bad guys someone tries to kill her and she flubs a number of things throughout the story She’s easy to follow makes noise when she’s supposed to be uiet etcMarco was a cop who was framed for drug possession He did not go to jail but he lost his job His sister Paloma was a cop investigating a drug smuggling group headed by Josh Feenie’s ex husband Josh or his people murdered her Marco now works as a PI For the past two years in his spare time he has been searching for evidence concerning his sister’s murder He runs into Feenie while she is spying on her ex husband Marco doesn’t want her involved but she keeps getting in the way and he saves her numerous times Feenie starts to fall for Marco but she fears he only wants her for what she knows about JoshREVIEWER’S OPINIONThis was primarily a mystery but there was a fair amount of romance involved A lot of time was spent developing the relationship between Feenie and Marco I was rooting for them to get together throughout I enjoyed this book The characters and events kept me interested and I wanted to keep reading There were many times I chuckled at unexpected remarks It was a worthwhile readDATAStory length 442 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 2 Total number of sex scene pages 5 Setting current day Texas and Mexico Copyright 2007 Genre romantic mystery suspenseOTHER BOOKSTo date the author has published four books two series with two books each This is book 1 of the first series I recommend reading this book before reading the seuel “One Wrong Step” Characters and events are introduced which continue into the seuel For a list of my reviews of other Laura Griffin books see my 5 star review of “Thread of Fear” posted 51009CAUTION SPOILERSI would have liked an epilogue to answer some uestions Someone planted drugs on Marco’s property causing him to lose his job as a cop Who were the bad guys who did this? I wanted to see the bad cops punished and Marco’s reputation restored I also wanted to see what was going to happen with Josh What evidence was presented and what would put him in jail What happened to the tape Robert had? What about Josh’s father? Did Feenie ever get her boat back? None of these uestions were answered in this book or in the seuel “One Wrong Step” However the seuel did answer some additional Robert uestions The seuel is the story of Robert Cecelia and the reporter John

  9. Meigan Meigan says:

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this author she has the potential to make it to my sacred list of favorite romantic suspense authors Loved the storyline really liked the characters and their interactions and relationships both the romance and the suspense were enough to make me come running back and put off housecleaning to finish this bookThe characters were well written and developed and the relationships between them were believeable and enjoyable The author was able to write them with emotion which made the reader really connect with them I was mad laughing sadexcited angry all while reading this book I really grew to like Feenie despite her oddball name I loved Celie and Marco sounded like a big chunk o' sexy The suspense side of the mix was really good although I felt the wrap up of the mystery was a bit on the anticlimactic side and played out rather tidily There was uite a suspenseful build up and a lead on to what I thought would be the climax I felt something bigger was going to happen with the unraveling of the bad guys but it seemed to end too neatly with many unaswered uestions Feenie also had a listening problem that got her into a few hairy situations which made her come off as a cotton headed ninny muggins at times Had she just put on her listening ears she could have avoided some troubleThe only part that seemed off to me was the timeline in the book The first half the reader is able to keep time It's easy to follow meaning everything that's happening is within a span of a day or two then we move nicely to the weekend now it's next week etc In the second half the time keeping stretched into weeks One page you're reading about this week but then the next page it's as if weeks have passedwhich they have The second half seemed kind of pressed for time which is why weeks were passing on each page That didn't necessarily irk me it was just a really minor thing I noticedOverall excellent book I went ahead and blindly ordered additional books from from this author prior to reading this one Now I can rest easy knowing if the first one was really good it's a positive sign the following ones will be just as good or better

  10. Kristen Kristen says:

    In One Last Breath the first book in the Borderline series we're introduced to Francis Feenie Malone a divorcée who's seeking revenge on her ex husband We can see her struggle in the journalism field making a name for her own and her anger and heartbreak on her ex husband I really felt for Feenie ever since for page one and how her former in laws treated her Her best friend Cecilia Strickland always supporting her while we witness her own struggles with her own husband Enter Marco Juarez a former cop now turned PI who turned up the heat We know for sure sparks would fly between them a certain chemistry ever since they got trouble He's a man on a mission too Is it hot in here or just me? He's hot sexy and not bad on the eyes We witness the chemistry between them and their love grow while they both stop at nothing to get the same man one way or another This romantic suspense will cool you down this summer

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