Red Dragon Codex Kindle ☆ Red Dragon MOBI :å

Red Dragon Codex Kindle ☆ Red Dragon MOBI :å

Red Dragon Codex (Dragonlance: The New Adventure) [BOOKS] ✴ Red Dragon Codex (Dragonlance: The New Adventure) ✻ R.D. Henham – For fans of The New York Times best selling A Practical Guide to Dragons a new series of fantasy fiction focusing on the power of dragonkind The Dragon Codices chronicle adventures with each of ten dr For fans of The New York Times best selling A Practical Guide to Dragons a new series Red Dragon MOBI :å of fantasy fiction focusing on the power of dragonkind The Dragon Codices chronicle adventures with each of ten dragons of Krynn From the fiery evil red dragon to the playful copper each dragon's tale is uniue Sindri Suncatcher narrator of A Practical Guide to Dragons shared these tales from his travels with library scribe RD HenhamMudd lives a peaceful life in his small town tinkering with the mill and any mechanical devices that he can find But his peaceful life soon changes when out of nowhere a red dragon attacks burning the town and kidnapping Shemnara the village seer Only one clue is left behind a cryptic note telling Mudd Seek the silver dragon.

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  1. Jim C Jim C says:

    This book is part of the Dragonlance universe and it is an adventure with some minor characters from a YA series In this one Mudd is forced to go on a uest to rescue an elder woman from his village As per usual for a fantasy adventure he is joined by a group of different charactersThis book was a total surprise for me I wasn't expecting much for it as I just recently discovered this series exists as it doesn't seem to be well known This book is aimed at for young children but I enjoyed it The message behind this book is don't judge a book by its cover and the author did a nice job with conveying this message We see examples of this throughout and each one was poignant In fact one of them interested me so much that I wish that this minor character has his own novel The adventure itself wasn't amazing but it is than serviceable The strength behind this book is the message and its supporting cast with their reveals The finale was excellent and I loved every second of itIt is nice when I receive a pleasant surprise from a book that I wasn't expecting much This is the case for this one It is an excellent book for young children but adults can enjoy this uick adventure

  2. Lego Robot Ninja Lego Robot Ninja says:

    LRN Solid five stars In this story there's a village called Potter's Mill The village maiden is kidnapped by a red dragon and a boy named Mudd who lives there has to save her Mum Was she friends with the boy?LRN Yes The red dragons eat girlsMum Why?LRN They just do Mum So what happens? LRN Mudd meets another son of a chief of a city named Drakecutter They go to Palanthas to get this pendant that summons the silver dragon which is the weakness of the red dragon The silver dragons spits out ice and the red dragon spits out fire Mudd's sister Heira comes and she is a ranger Mum What's a ranger?LRN A forestman Mum Not a forestgirl? LRN Ah whatever Mum Why is this such a good story?LRN Because the ending is awesome

  3. Isaac Isaac says:

    The story was intriguing but the writing was not very high uality It might be a good book for kids but I would not recommend it for anyone who has read a book as descriptive as The Hobbit since there is no going back to this

  4. Ethan Ethan says:

    This book is tremendous there are many things that happened in this book Its starts with a boy roughly age 16 who is sent on a uest after the attack of the legendary dragon redclaw Shemnara was captured after the first raid and now he is sent on a uest to seek the silver dragon sleekwing Him and his sister went together and on this trip they picked up a couple of men A elf with a pendant of wishes and a knight They went together and soon came upon a village with a library with the clues and tips on where the silver pendent is Then they continued on and went to the location Then they came upon a cave and went through the trials of the three powers Courage love and belief Then they had to challenge the skeletons that went and attacked Mudd He is the 16 year old Soon they completed the challenges and found the silver pendent Then he called for the dragon who was soon related to the elf and granted mudd the puzzles that he liked to solve They saved shemnara and defeated redclaw

  5. Scarlett Scarlett says:

    SPOILERS FOR DRAGONLANCE IN REVIEW AND IN BOOKAny book with a dragon involved has always been a major attraction to me nearly every book I've picked up for this reason hasn't disappointed me yet I picked this up in the 4th grade and read it and was drawn into this world of Krynn and the author's world building I reread it over the past two days and was so shocked as I've now read the Dragonlance Chronicles as major characters were mentioned Sturm Brightblade did I cry a little? yes I did no shame in that he was my favorite Est Sularus Oth Mithas my friend that's gonna be my first tattoo but anyways it was highly entertaining and an easy read I recommend for anyone in the 6th grade and up

  6. Travis Patrick Travis Patrick says:

    The book was fairly good but it honestly wasn't my type of book to read One of the characters Mudd he was probably my favorite lived in a small peaceful town Mudd's life will not be peaceful for much longer be the red dragon attacks the village he lived in The red dragon burned the town homes and even kidnapped Shemnara Shemnara was the ladie who was captured by the red dragon and also warned Mudd and his sister I personally would not recommend this book to others because I just didn't like it the book that much

  7. Joah Joah says:

    Great book for new Game masters and young children who want to read Tolkien


    i really like the adventured taken by the characters and the pot twist

  9. Go Go says:

    Dragons magic dwarves seers and interesting draconian creatures My 11 year old son started reading this and since I am awed by dragons I joined in We agreed that the beginning was engaging and wished that energy had continued throughout the story The enmity and the confrontation between the red and silver dragon was exciting The story that followed slowed down but it was still entertainingA brother and his bold sister set out on a simple uest searching for the Silver Dragon’s pendant one which is imbued with a piece of her soul “It could be used to call her and cause her to grant one wish for the summonerto guard it she set three tests—a test of courage a test of love and a test of truth” Mudd surprised me with his unwavering faith and shocked me with his courage when he jumped off of a cliff into darkness without hesitation He believed wholeheartedly in the dragon’s tests I admired his sister’s loyalty and trust in people’s innate goodness She was also very independent and wanted so badly to be a warrior so much that she had a hard time admitting she was anything else The test of truth brought that to light I thought it demonstrated how we are complex beings we are not defined by just one thing in our life Hiera looked in the mirror and saw herself as both a maiden and a ranger Mudd’s realization was significant too He had tried to fill a void by learning how to fix things rather than face the loss he had suffered from loved ones dying He came to accept that confronting his broken heart and taking care of his emotional health was good for him albeit difficult In order to allow others into his life he needed to acknowledge he had been hurt I liked the theme of accepting who you areOther themes were working together makes solving life’s problems easier and can help protect others the value of friendship people who are selfish and want something from you may tell you what you want to hear making you become someone you don’t want to be doing good has its rewardsThis book’s main dragon was red—vengeful and deceptive I felt it did not have enough scene time to really get to know it The silver dragon was peaceful and enjoyed freedom high in the sky I look forward to meeting the other dragons in the series

  10. Conan Tigard Conan Tigard says:

    Red Dragon Codex is a tale about a uest for multiple items all because of a nasty red dragon named Redclaw You see Redclaw enjoys causing pain and suffering wherever she goes She practically destroyed Potter's Mill and Greenhollow so that it would cause a chain of events that will eventually lead her to the silver dragon whom she intends to kill What a nasty piece of work Redclaw isThe storyline in Red Dragon Codex is of the type that I really enjoy in a fantasy novel The main character is on a good old fashioned uest He has been done wrong and the only way to correct it is to find an object that will help him defeat the evil that is ravaging the land There is a slight twist in this story in that there are multiple uests going on that are all intertwined with the main uestI really enjoyed the writing style of Rebecca Shelley and found the story to be completely entertaining All of the characters were well developed and I had no idea what was going to happen next Sure I knew eventually that they would have to come face to face with Redclaw but I didn't know how it was going to happen So I say well done on writing the first book in the Dragon Codex series If the other books to follow are as good as this one young readers will be hounding the book stores and waiting anxiously for the next book to come outOverall Red Dragon Codex is a great young reader fantasy novel that is bound to leave kids salivating for With ten different type of dragons talked about in A Practical Guide to Dragons there are nine books about these dragons to follow All I can say is that I uite enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing what happens next in Bronze Dragon Codex And since a bronze dragon is not of the evil type I wonder what that will be like? At least he or she will not be destroying towns and killing people I actually prefer good dragons to evil dragonsI rated this book an 8½ out of 10

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