Historische Fragmente MOBI å Hardcover

Historische Fragmente MOBI å Hardcover

Historische Fragmente [Epub] ➜ Historische Fragmente ➝ Jacob Burckhardt – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Renowned for his Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy and Reflections on History Jacob Burckhardt 1818–1897 has well been described as “the most civilized historian of the nineteenth century Renowned for his Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy and Reflections on History Jacob Burckhardt – has well been described as “the most civilized historian of the nineteenth century” Judgments on History and Historians consists of records collected by Emil Dürr from Burckhardt’s lecture notes for history courses at the University of Basel from to The brief sections span five eras Antiuity the Middle Ages History from to the History of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and the Age of Revolution.

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  1. Colm Gillis Colm Gillis says:

    This is a compliation of lectures given by one of the greatest historians in well history As such it is obviously disjointed and not easy to follow at times unless you have plenty of background information Burckhardt's razor sharp insights are in evidence as they always are but undoubtedly much of the information he provides particularly with regards to events that greatly preceded his time are inaccurate The strength of the book is in its aphorisms its grand sweep of historical event its encyclopaedic knowledge and condensation of events into a narrative However it is is a very poor shadow of Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy although the reader will profit from much of the work so long as he retains a sceptical air towards some of the fanciful claims

  2. Jaime Jaime says:

    Grat hindisght on the way the state strengthens its power mass pression envy egaltarianism an invasion and usurpation of every form of social pwoer that does not come from the state a will to make of the religious ends the political ones an absorbtion of every social task based on a false view of human nature the natural goodness of people

  3. Palmyrah Palmyrah says:

    It’s made up of lecture notes essentially so you can hardly call it a good read The style is at once telegraphic and discursive thus gnomic in the extreme The subject matter is Western history from the beginning of the Middle Ages to the middle of the nineteenth century Though Burckhardt is known as a cultural historian much of the material dealt with is political – the usual manoeuvring of princes and factions There is however a great deal about the Reformation and Counter Reformation The book is criticism and commentary not exposition; you’re supposed to be familiar with the historical material before you start readingI give stars according to how good a read a book is If the criteria were different – intellectual brilliance for instance – this would easily get five For someone living in our day and age Burckhardt’s analyses and observations are like a rap on the head from a Zen master – shocking painful and illuminating Almost every page brings another extraordinary insight Much that we take for granted about life and society in our own day is exposed as absurd fallacious and self deceiving; many of the beliefs in which good people find comfort are torn to pieces No surprise Nietzsche was one of Burckhard’s pupils It’s easy to see where the great philosopher learned his iconoclasmDon’t read it unless you want your idols twilighted

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  5. Christian Krüger Christian Krüger says:

    In kurzen pointierten Bildern gibt es einen Ritt durch die Geschichte Vom Altertum bis in die Neuzeit der Französischen Revolution Sehr angenehm lediglich der Anmerkungsapparat hätte etwas ausführlicher sein können

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