Traversa A Solo Walk Across Africa from the Skeleton Coast

Traversa A Solo Walk Across Africa from the Skeleton Coast

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  1. Daren Daren says:

    I really enjoyed this book It has a lot going for it in terms of appealing to me it is slightly unorthodox travel it is written in a relaxed and easy style it is very funny and the author doesn't hold himself up for glorySo what did he do? He completed the Traversa Page 2 While many Victorian explorers became obsessed with the notion of being the first white man to set foot in some particular place a few individuals came to regard crossing Africa overland from coast to coast as a goal to rival the discovery of the source of the Nile This overland crossing of Africa became known as 'the Traversa' For the author's Traversa he not only planned this as overland but was walking carrying his own pack and euipment Commencing in Namibia on the Skeleton Coast at the Atlantic Ocean coastline through Namibia Zambia Malawi and Tanzania to reach the Indian OceanThis is uite the epic stroll Over 5000 kilometres through desert extreme hot and cold through the Caprivi Strip to the Zambezi and to Victoria Falls where food was largely unavailable through wet season downpours up the west side of Lake Malawi and on to Bagamoyo and his goalThere are trials and tribulations a small donkey a donkey cart a mule there are insects lots of insects there are medical situations mostly related to feet and insects and there is that 40kg packFor mehe got the writing bang on Enough history to be informed about the places he is and uotes from and talks about the famous explorers where they cross his path He also does not fall into the trap of repetition He calmly states Four days later I arrived at without feeling he had to labour over four uneventful days For a journey of over a year this was essential to being able to document his travel He also uses self deprecating humour and isn't afraid to uestion his own actions which is refreshing It is also apparent that the author has a genuine affection for Africa and its peopleA uote P221 And new physical problems are arising almost daily I'm getting problems from a painful trapped nerve in my shoulder where my rucksack strap has been pinching it and I can't straighten my arm above shoulder level soon I will be limping like Richard III By now my back is covered with eczema the result of a perpetually sodden shirt and rucksack pressed against it day after day in this heat In one place my pack has rubbed a painful hole in my skin through the eczema; carrying my rucksack was unpleasant before but now it is purgatory This eczema must be partly due to eating bad food for so long I never had this problem at home I'm expecting my teeth and hair to start falling out before long and I've got or less a permanent acid indigestion from eating so much junk Week after week I've lived on lukewarm Coca Cola stale buns and doughnuts slurps green bananas powdered milk and far too many cigarettes With all the rubbishy food and sugar soft drinks I've been consuming I'll see the east coast through a hypoglycaemic haze Great stuff five stars

  2. John John says:

    Incredible story of trekking from Namibia's Atlantic Coast to the Indian Ocean ending up at Zanzibar Although the author's attacked by neither man nor beast just insects aplenty he has his share of troubles starting with recalitrant wild donkeys and finishing up with a week of malaria treatment apologies if that proves a spoiler Terrific writing skills and a great sense of humor make this book one of my top books for the year Highly recommended

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    I loved this book It was captivating I feel like I've travelled across Africa with him obviously without the challenge of walking 5000kmYou'd think after reading a book about a man walking across four African countries from Skeleton Coast to Bagamoyo on the coast of the Indian Ocean I'd have some awesome and poetic uotes for you but my favourite passages wereOn the outskirts of Karonga I sit outside a little shop eating a slurp as I watch the world go by A cow stands patiently on the opposite side of the road minding its own business; a local guy approaches and for no apparent reason gives the cow a hefty kick as he passes then turns and grins at me What am I supposed to do applaud politely? The cow's response is to give the man an incredibly human look intelligent dignified and full of pathos It's as though it's saying 'Look I may only be a cow but it's still not fair for you to kick me just because you feel like it'I bet he was glad he walked across Africa to witness that NextJust outside of Morogoro I stop beside the road to fix my rucksack facing the direction in which I've come A bus races up behind me; as it passes a young guy leans right out of the door and whacks my arse with a large stick 'Come back here you FUCKER' I shout rather impotently after him

  4. Chris Steeden Chris Steeden says:

    With a mix of adventure and history this is a fantastic book Also very inspiring We follow Fran as he treks across Africa from the Skeleton Coast to Zanzibar and my word what a journey it is He did it on his own under his own willpower strength determination and bloody mindedness FantasticThe book is free flowing and damn is it interesting I love the way that Africa is so vast that at one point Fran looks at two places on a map and realises it is not to far to walk in comparison to what he has already done and then when related back to Britain it is like walking from London to GlasgowFrom Namibia to Zambia to Malawi to Tanzania to Zanzibar Just a little walk then Fran? He throws in nuggets of history from other explorers experiences of the places he visits including Livingstone Stanley and Ewart Grogan

  5. Greg Greg says:

    An entertaining account of the author's 'traversa' across Africa on foot from Namibia to Tanzania Sandham tells the story with self deprecating humor and anecdotes from the great African explorers like Stanley and Livingston of how he backpacked across the continent entirely on his own

  6. GUD Magazine GUD Magazine says:

    It's hard to read many travel books without a sense of 'Why? Why are you putting yourself through all this?' and Traversa is no exception Those who sit at home may not understand what drives some people to these lengths but that doesn't stop us lapping it up and asking for In this enthralling book Sandham brings his solo walk from the aptly named Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean to life He comes across variously as courageous determined bloody minded and completely insane By the end of the book it's easy to feel as he does that he has earned his right to be in Africa even among people so poor that a man who has scrimped saved and given up chocolate biscuits to be there is immeasurably richThroughout Sandham places his experiences in a historical context evoking the horror of being preserved from shipwreck only to die of thirst the shame and waste of the slave trade and butchery in wars over territory that match anything Europe has achieved in that line As his traversa progresses he moves from a theoretical understanding of Africa to a genuine affection for the place and its peopleThe book is filled with dry self deprecation and humour there's a disastrous donkey and we can only imagine Sandham's problems with his mule as he declines to go into details and some of the characters he meets are portrayed as so much larger than life that there's a temptation to believe they're imaginary Perhaps the best example of the man's courage is when having invested time effort and money in a donkey diseased a donkey cart beautifully painted and a mule disobedient he's able to walk away from all three Many people would have persisted even in the face of so much discouragement but Sandham knows when to cut his losses He probably wouldn't have made it across Africa without that knowledgeApart from the not so tame domestic animals there's lions Real live traveller eating lions Fortunately the threat they pose is perceived than actual; some people have been eaten but Sandham gets through There's also explosive diarrhea a very unpleasant if probably inevitable attack of malaria and of course blisters Yet day after day he gets up and gets going Even after side trips to investigate mules or donkeys he insists on being driven back to the point where he stopped walking so he can start again He knows when he's idled somewhere too long and somehow gets himself going There's no cheating on this journey even though the temptations must have been enormousThis book entertained and saddened me by turns and I heartily recommend it reading what Sandham has to say is the only way even partially to answer the uestion 'Why?'

  7. Maliades Maliades says:

    If there is one burning desire in my life right now it is adventure This book choice seems serendipitous having just watched the series premiere of 'Expedition Africe' on the History Channel last night In Expedition Africa the journey begins in Zanzibar and in Traversa the journey ends in Zanzibar Both sets of travelers seem to be loosely re creating the journeys of Livingstone and Stanley I shall read this book with great pleasure hopefully while I dream of foreign lands and travelNow I've finished the book and I must say that it was very enjoyable At times I cringed at the difficulties he faced uestionable food huge blisters stubborn donkeys or merely his having walked so many miles across harsh land it sure must not have been easy but he did it Wow I appreciated the history peppered throughout the book and the stories of the people he encountered I do wish he would have included technical information on his supplies and I found it mind boggling that he'd eat so much junk food and drink so much alcohol on such a hard physical journey but he did it And the book was enjoyable Anyone who is yearning for travel or adventure should read this

  8. Andrea Andrea says:

    Travel narrative is a subjective taste So I always feel a little guilty giving a relatively low rating to a book with very good points Sandham walks from the Skeleton Coast in Namibia to the Indian Ocean in Tanzania He follows a strict rule of accepting no rides and he does not have a support team nor a sponsor so he does the entire trip on a shoestring budget There are several sections where Sandham does a nice job of succinctly explaining important historical events in the regions he passes through although they are rather standard narratives For my taste I prefer a narrator who spends time describing either human interactions or the natural history of the areas he passes through Too much of this book is about the various other backpackerswhite travelers Sandham either daydreams about seducing or spends time getting drunk with and a minor point I suppose but for someone who supposedly spent a year preparing for the trip Sandham spends an awful lot of time describing his blisters which never seem to heal Not that blisters aren't a big issue for long distance walkers but when it is literally the only thing I learn about weeks of the journey I hope I don't sound hardhearted in saying I lost interest in those sections pretty uickly

  9. Linda Linda says:

    Fran Sandham is a British writer who worked for years as an editor for the Rough Guide Travel Series Tiring of the hustle and bustle of London he decided to walk across Africa Even as a child he had been fascinated by the stories of the African explorers such as Stanley and Livingstone The walk became a real test of endurance He wouldn’t accept rides and often spread his sleeping bag in an inconspicuous place at night rather than stay at a hostel or guest house His pack was much too heavy at the beginning of his trip and he even considered getting a donkey or a mule to carry his pack but eventually lightened his pack as much as he could and went on alone He started at Namibia’s Skeleton Coast near Swakopmund and crossed Namibia Zambia Malawi and finished at the Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania He writes well and is well read so that he uses literary allusions and tells tales of those who have been there before him I particularly enjoyed it because our family has traveled in Namibia and we have been to some of the places he visited I highly recommend this book

  10. Abby Abby says:

    Former bookseller Fran Sandham has always been fascinated by Africa and the Victorian explorers who opened the continent to trade with apologies to the Portuguese who came before One New Years Eve he decides to do it himself walk across Africa from the west coast to the east Scrimping and saving for the next year Sandham fills his rucksack gives up his flat in London his job and sets outWhy I Picked It UpI love reading stories about people doing crazy things especially things that I'd never dream of doing I guess I'm the ultimate armchair traveller Sandham's journey provides a window to an Africa rarely seen since his walk takes him away from the major tourist routes and through the less populated and popular areas Sandham's reflections of his own reactions are honest and open a welcome change from the usual platitudes and pollyana isms from other while travelers in AfricaWho Would Like It Julia B who I think would appreciate the ballsyness of the author and would maybe want to follow in his steps and Tess who loves a good story

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Traversa A Solo Walk Across Africa from the Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean [BOOKS] ✯ Traversa A Solo Walk Across Africa from the Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean ✹ Fran Sandham – Inspired by the legendary explorers who first crossed the African heartland Fran Sandham left the daily grind of London to undertake an extraordinary adventure He traveled on foot across Africa from t Inspired by the legendary explorers Solo Walk PDF ↠ who first crossed the African heartland Traversa A PDF/EPUB or Fran Sandham left the daily grind of London to undertake an extraordinary A Solo Walk MOBI ☆ adventure He traveled on foot across Africa from the Skeleton Coast on A Solo Walk Across Africa PDF/EPUB or the southwest tip of the African continent through Namibia Zambia Malawi and Tanzania until he reached the Indian Ocean Traversa is the fascinating account of the hardships and hilarity that he experienced during his epic solo journey Sandham describes his brushes with lions and snakes land mines and bandits his two month battle with a syphilitic donkey malaria cockroaches the size of mice and the other everyday troubles that arise when walking across Africa Underpinned with the stories of his forerunners David Livingstone Sir H M Stanley and Sir Francis Galton among others Traversa is the enthralling account of a real life modern day adventure against the elements.

  • 274 pages
  • Traversa A Solo Walk Across Africa from the Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean
  • Fran Sandham
  • English
  • 06 November 2016
  • 9780715637029

About the Author: Fran Sandham

Fran Sandham was an editor Solo Walk PDF ↠ at Rough Guides for several years Traversa A PDF/EPUB or and worked in bookselling and in the voluntary sector before that He A Solo Walk MOBI ☆ has traveled in over fifty countries He now lives in London and A Solo Walk Across Africa PDF/EPUB or Wirral and divides his time between freelance writing and public speaking He has written for many newspapers magazines and travel publications including the Sunday Times the Daily Telegraph the Obs.