Clark Gable Tormented Stars PDF É Clark Gable PDF \

Clark Gable Tormented Stars PDF É Clark Gable PDF \

Clark Gable Tormented Stars [Reading] ➾ Clark Gable Tormented Stars Author David Bret – Clark Gable was the archetypal Hollywood gentleman the kind of man red blooded women lusted after and who their envious husbands yearned to be Yet as David Bret reveals Gable was also bisexual a facet Clark Gable was the archetypal Hollywood gentleman the kind of man red blooded women lusted after and who their envious husbands yearned to be Yet as David Bret reveals Gable was also bisexual a facet of his Clark Gable PDF \ complex persona that was airbrushed out in an age when such men were invariably mocked as effete and lily livered Bret recounts Gable's two failed marriages to women who turned a blind eye towards his affairs with men such as the actors Earl Lari Johnny Mack Brown William Haines and Rod LaRocue — men whom Gable outed to the press to prevent himself from being outed Bret also reveals exclusively that Gable's wartime heroics which saw him promoted through the ranks from private to major in less than a year were no than an elaborate publicity stunt which subseuently embarrassed the US government Bret draws on a wealth of unpublished material to examine every aspect of Clark Gable's career and personal life telling his story as it has never been told before — wholly uncensored with accuracy and passion.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Clark Gable Tormented Stars
  • David Bret
  • English
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9780786720934

About the Author: David Bret

David Bret is a French born British author of showbiz biographies He chiefly writes on the private life of film stars and singers.

10 thoughts on “Clark Gable Tormented Stars

  1. Raymond Raymond says:

    Remember that icky half incredulous feeling you had the first time you realized that mom and dad were doing it? That’s the feeling I had reading David Bret’s book on Clark Gable It’s possible that what I was reacting to comes out a buried sense of ageism Clark Gable in my lifetime was old enough to be my grandfatherI wasn’t shocked by the revelation of his bi sexuality Seventy five percent of actors at any given time have tried same sex encounters From my experience in the world I would venture to say that percentage includes all males in the arts Artists have a heightened emotional awareness that makes them open to experimentation of any kind This may be eually true of female artists but I have a limited experience with thisI wasn’t bothered by the suggestion that he traded sex with both males and females to advance his career When you are limited by the circumstances of your life you use whatever tools you need to use If sex is one of those tools then let it be I would only suggest that you don’t rent cheapI was bothered however by Gable’s revealed public homophobia yes gay people can be homophobic Some of it came out of a perceived need to protect his image but I think came out of a self loathing Gable bought into the then and still current in some circles communal fiction of what real men looked like and how real men acted Bret has tendency to analyze Clark’s careful nurturing of his masculine image While the analyses seem plausible he makes them seem expert opinions Nowhere does he offer a rationale for his expertiseOf course no biography of Clark Gable could ignore his great love Carole Lombard Lombard could be one of the boys She cursed smoked and could tell a vulgar joke with the best of them She was a prankster and could put aside her interests for Clark’s Her death in an airplane crash while on a World War II bond drive devastated GableSaying that Clark Gable was Rhett Butler in his most famous movie Gone with the Wind is not the same thing as saying that he was an actor Bret seems to agree with that assessmentTaken as a whole Clark Gable Tormented star is just an ok read It’s the perfect book to read while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room or waiting for a haircut Should you happen to leave it behind without finishing it there won’t be much regret

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    Avoid Avoid AvoidPage after page of rumour concerning Gable's sexualityAvoid Avoid Avoid

  3. EA Solinas EA Solinas says:

    David Bret is one of those authors whose careers rely on a single legal fact when someone has died you can't be sued for raking muck about themAnd nowhere is this obvious than Clark Gable Tormented Star a sleazy little tell all whose ambition is to confidently declare that Clark Gable was a closeted miserable loser and that every single gay rumor in Hollywood was absolutely true More than that it's just an ugly dull book with a focus on the revolting body odor farting dismembered bodies and a style drained of any dynamism or even excitementGable's formative years are skimmed over rapidly and only long enough to notify us that his father was a neglectful homophobe After a friend gets him to join an acting troupe Gable married the much older Josephine Dillon and was sculpted into the rough diamond that we remember him as after getting some vocal lessons dental care and nice new clothesAnd of course having lots of affairs According to Bret he slept both with women including Joan Crawford and Loretta Young and with male stars William Haines Rod La Rocue He also racked up a string of wives as well including his beloved Carole Lombard And while he became the King of Hollywood and attained an enviable career Bret alleges that he was haunted by the fear that people would learn of his same sex relationshipsBooks telling all about actors' lives can be very illuminating especially since during the Golden Age of Hollywood the press slavishly did whatever the studios demanded And yes that includes their sex lives especially since most actors are bisexual If backed up by plausible testimonies rather than rumors and hearsay I am totally okay with biographies revealing same sex affairs for Hollywood stars no matter what their public imageHowever David Bret seems to believe that every single person in Hollywood was secretly gay Men are particularly suspect in Bret's mind almost every single man in this book is regarded as being secretly and shamefully gay hiding behind a macho man exterior that he believed kept him from being genuinely gay Every rumor about a star's sexuality is taken as gospel truth and Bret produces a few about minor stars of yesteryear that seem to be supported by uh Bret's own declarations He spends less time witch hunting women then men but still depicts the women either as sexually rapacious vamps or as lesbiansIf proof is needed Bret cites Darwin Porter who notoriously claims that every star in Hollywood was a gay sex addict as a reliable source I rest my caseIn fact Bret's whole view of sexuality is rather creaky and outdated He seems to believe that bisexuality is the same as homosexuality while he often calls Gable bisexual it's with a grudging air as if he hates the idea of NOT referring to him as gay because of all those pesky love affairs with women It feels like talking to a crusty bitter old man who believes that any same sex experience for men means they are completely gay especially if they are involved in the artsAnd Bret produces many massive lapses in logic For instance he declares that Josephine Dillon was a lesbian who just wanted a lavender marriage and immediately forgets this Just a few pages later he talks about how Gable would rub salt into his wife's wounds with his extramarital liaisons If she only wanted a guy to cover her affairs with women why would she care?And further the book is simply not good Bret writes in a clunky dry way that despite the sleaze seems strangely bored and bloodless Despite the colorful life Gable led Bret often makes it seem downright boring And he crams in a lot of filler such as summarizing Gone with the Wind in torturous detail explaining symbolism the scarlet dress that anyone older than six years old could easily figure out for themselvesAnd despite the potential for plenty of juicy gossip here a lot of Bret's foci are simply UGLY For instance he gives nasty details about Gable's genital hygiene and his summary of Marilyn Monroe is entirely devoted to how disgusting and unsanitary she was Yes we needed to know about her BO her menstrual habits belching farting and pubic hair color that's much important than her LIFE or CAREERClark Gable Tormented Star is a painful read not just because Bret rakes muck like a stablehand but because the book is so dull disgusting and dated in its view of sexuality It's an ugly ugly book

  4. Christopher Roth Christopher Roth says:

    Well one certainly can't complain that this isn't a tell all I'm not at all sure who David Bret is From his acknowledgements and the jacket blurb and other clues he seems to be an Englishman of a certain age who was the flamboyant gay despite references to a wife in the acknowledgements confidante of Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich whom he has both also written biographies of and many others He has a penchant for pop your curlers bluntness about sexuality and rather comical reactions to various components of the King's conflicted bisexual secret life Bret oohs and aahs over Tab Hunter and Johnny Weissmuller but finds Clark did he ever meet him? one wonders repulsive and seems unwilling to grant him a bisexual identity which would make him sympathetic leaving it implicit that he was heteroflexible a hetero man who used gay sex to relieve boredom and to advance his career which can't really be the whole story Bret is also fiercely loyal to Crawford and Dietrich and the grand generation they represent going so far as to describe Marilyn Monroe's decaying flatulent physiue in the most contemptuous terms and to hurl ninja throwing stars at Christina Crawford of course and cattiest of all A very very bitchy book and very entertaining the so because Bret has not completely sorted out his feelings toward his subject

  5. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    If you love Clark Gable then don't read this bookit just breaks your heartHe was the most charming man on screen Thousands of girls dreamed about him; thousands of wives wish their hushands were exactly like him But he lived in a most miserable life off screen like the subtitle says a tormented starHe lost his mother when he was a baby; he lost his wife when he just climbed on the summit of his career; and then he died before his first child was bornHe spent very tough rough time at an early age He was shamed of never having much of a formal education He sacrificed himself to get further chances He did succeed after the legendary movie Gone With The WindGWTW he's salary was immensely high he was immensely famous but he was not happy He destruct himself by heavy drinking and long term smokingHe was the finest man courteous and humble He threatened to boycott GWTW Atlanta premiere unless his black co star was allowed to attend To sum up his life as an actor Gable says 'I'm just a lucky slob from Ohio who happened to be in the right place at the right time' He died too early it always grasped my heart I really feel sorry for him

  6. Melissa Becker Melissa Becker says:

    This is a book of gossip and rumors that never really give any insight into the man or his work Some of it is amazingly fun especially his relationship with Lombard but the author gets so many detail wrong about specific films and timelines that ultimately it is hard to believe his outlandish claims such as the assertion that Gable was a gay rent boy in his younger days Still the secret daughter thing is worth the price of admission If you can find it at a used book store pick it up for fun but don't put too much stock in it

  7. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    This isn't a biography of Clark Gable This is a fantasy of the author A black book of who was having sex with who That's all it is And if the author is to be believed which he isn't by me Everyone was having sex with Everyone AND Everyone was GAY And not only is everyone gay but they were all whoring for profit If I had a hard copy of this book I'd burn it I didn't even finish it I only got 80 pages into this sexual score card of garbage I will NEVER read another book by this author He owes ME stars for wasting my time and money on this piece of crap

  8. Laura Lee Laura Lee says:

    Bore bore bore I love Gable hate this book

  9. Thea Van Den Berg Thea Van Den Berg says:

    Not a great book a great actor yes but the writer spends way to much time describing his movies as opposed to his eventful life

  10. Matthew Watson Matthew Watson says:

    David Bret like Darwin Porter writes trash If you want to read a book that presents stars as homosexual bisexual or lesbian without evidence than this is the book for you Bret is eually good at misspellings contradictions and just terribly bad research He cannot even uote dialogue from Gable's most popular film right Years ago Bret admitted his work was fiction and also sent death threats to those who opposed his work Complete waste of time

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