Absolution Penton Legacy #2 PDF/EPUB Ø Absolution

Absolution Penton Legacy #2 PDF/EPUB Ø Absolution

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  1. Denisa Denisa says:

    This was an unexpected readI really enjoy this plot the idea of a vampire plague And the characters were fun I mean we had the ultimate alpha badass in this book what's not to like Plus I'm so happy to see authors who are not afraid to view spoiler kill a character that everyone liked hide spoiler

  2. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    Absolution is Mirren's book He is the second in command to Aidan and also a master vampire who used to be known as the Slayeraka the Executioner But he left that life behind and is trying to find his true self when he is kidnapped and held prisoner That's when he meets Glory Knowing there's something different about her he makes sure to bring her with him when he's rescued Mirren is a very complex characterand I've always have a thing for those haunted tortured men who can be saved It was interesting to see glimpses of his life and how he lives and it was funny seeing this through other people who were also seeing it for the first time It made me laugh how he kept his tools in the kitchen because he never learned or needed to use the things in there I also liked Glory and it was intriguing to see how she learned to use her powers although I was disappointed that there wasn't interaction between her and Hannah I did enjoy her and Mirren but I wish there were steamy scenes between the two of them Unlike the first book where we were finding out about the vampires the town and the history this book has much action and fighting There's some deaths that I'm not happy about and it's hard to not be hopeful There's also uite a few little twists and turns that I didn't see coming and unfortunately they are still having to deal with the bad guy who always seems to get away Overall I was happy with the way the story went although I wish there would've been down time and as I said time for Mirren and Glory The focus is on the main couple but we get a lot of the other primary characters as well It also sets up things for Will's book and who his mate might be Favorite uote♥ “You can beat your head against a wall trying to change the people you’re supposed to love or you can walk away and make your own way”

  3. Trish R. Trish R. says:

    2nd book just as good as the first oneAgainThis book reminded me again how much I loved Mirren the Slayer and Glory The last book ended with Mirren disappearing but Aidan did know from the mind link he had with Mirren that he was still alive; Aidan just didn’t know where he was Anyway Will figured out where Mirren was and went and got him along with a drugged out Glory who was drugged because of Will’s evil father Matthias Matthias wanted to know Glory’s secret and when she wouldn’t tell he hooked her on heroin the bastard Fortunately for Glory after they were saved Mirren and Aidan kept her enthralled until her body was clear of the drugs so we didn’t have to see her go through the withdrawals Unfortunately AFTER Mirren and Glory fell in love Glory was taken again and the Slayer in Mirren came out to play again Mirren is 6’8” and he was some kind of pissed off He pretty much was ready to kill everyone to get Glory back This was an exciting and non stop action book and if you like vamp books this whole series is for you You just grow to love every character and are saddened when something awful happens to them But then you feel better when someone you think deserves to die actually dies Unfortunately that horrible Matthias was not one of them to get what he deservesThere was explicit sex in this book and the F bomb was used 32 times – about 30 times by MirrenAs to the narration In 2014 when I first reviewed this book on Audible it was obvious I had no idea how to rate a narrator or I would have given Amy McFadden a 1 Any time a character 6’8”open his mouth and he sounds just like a girl that’s really bad Actually and time ANY man opens his mouth and sounds like a girl it’s bad However her women’s voices were all totally different and she read with so much emotions It was just her men’s voices that truly sucked That being said Amy McFadden has come a long way since she narrated this book in 2012

  4. Michelle& Michelle& says:

    My Absolution ReviewI love this series its was such a great change from some of the lesser uality vampire books out there This one is like True Blood with some Night Huntress thrown in with its own uniue spin I enjoyed the first book Redemption a lot and fell in love them with series even after reading this bookI think its best to read Redemption first before this one But the author does take the time to explain key points that happened in the first in this one But to me you would be missing out on some important things that just makes the story that much better In this one there will be conseuences to actions from the first one which I think is better to read about first handI fell in love with Aiden and his ideas how he treats humans as friends and family not like cattle like many of the rest of the vampire population As we learned in book one the vaccine to a virus epidemic is poison to the vampires so they can only feed from un vaccinated humans Which is in short supply the vampires are starving Well Aiden had set up a town of un vaccinated humans who agrees to be their familiars and donate blood too They get to live in peace in this ghost town that Aiden bought and turned into a thriving town for his people He is very selective on who can come to this town Only vampires that are bonded to him and his “scathe” can live there and from there all the humans are bonded to a vampire in the scathe which keeps them safe from any other vampires to try to feed from them When they are bonded like that the other vampires can’t touch them Keeps them safe this way So the humans that are there are protected in this way Win win for both vampires and humansIn Absolution we follow the story of Mirrem and not Aiden like we did in the first story I won’t reveal any spoilers just a few key points that make the stories interesting So as I stated the Penton town is run and founded by Aiden Murphy and Mirrem is his 2nd in command He is 6’8” huge muscled man scary to see the size; he used to be the executioner for the Vampire Tribunal until he could not take that life any and faked his own death Then Aiden had found him and now is with him and his scathe So in this book we learn about Mirrem and Glory Glory is being held prisoner by vampires the enemies of Aidens scathe and Mirrem is also captured And to not give much away we get to see compassion from Mirrem and the romance with Glory is cute and I loved reading about itGlory is a fighter meaning a strong female that I respected I liked her humor too Seeing Mirrem’s sensitive side is nice and learning of his past is nice we only got tid bits in book one Sweey little Hannah was so cute showing her innocence either when crying or laughing Love her The characters are really well developed too Their psychology is with a real basis making very believableThe plot was really well thought out The author really knows where she is going with this story and so far I have not seen any inconsistencies at all I like that It flows well and trueWe do get some of Aiden and Krys in this one but not as much as I would like It also seemed Aiden was not as protective of her as he was previously or maybe it was he just trust her maybe too much? I am not sureOver all loved this book and the series so far as a wholeWatch for my Redemption review I did not get it written before this tour as I read them back to back uickly and had to get this one upThis can be a stand alone book meaning you do not HAVE to read the first book Redemption first I just personally think its better overall I suppose if could be read out of order too and would be fineI can’t wait for the 3rd book Omega due out in Feb 2013I highly recommend this book 5 out of 5 stars for meGreat giveaway on this tour Kindle Paper White or 100 US gift card to BN or Book Depository winner's choice5 signed print or audio copies of Absolution winner's choice of print or audio come by my blog at this direct link to the page Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books Absolution Tour and Giveaway

  5. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" says:

    I was hoping the author would develop the Penton Legacy series in her 2nd book give the characters depth and range as Vampire But it just didn't happen The Vampires need to be smarter and stronger and of course fast They need paranormal abilities These Vampire have to use cars instead of having paranormal speed They aren't very strong either Again the villains the Vampire Tribunal of the Penton Legacy series outsmart and out maneuver The Penton Scathe of vampires and humans We even lose some of the secondary characters that I had grown to like Just to tell it like it is The Penton Vampires got there butts handed to them I am not particularly found of the good guys getting there butts kicked all the time Sorry this doesn't seem to be a series I can continue reading I did love Mirren and Glory's romance and the way they were mated by accident was really good too I like how she would eat foods that Mirren liked before he became vampire so he could taste it in her blood when he drank There sexual encounters were sexy and hot and very well written That's why I am giving Absolution 3 stars instead of 2 Mirren and Glory were a perfectly written couple There growing love seems real

  6. comfort comfort says:

    Part two but can be read as standalone This is another story of a human and a vamp She is sought after by another bunch of vamps as she has powers to move objects He is the ex slayer who is supposed to be dead They are living in the commune of Penton where the vamps and humans co exist

  7. Kriss Kriss says:

    ABSOLUTION takes off right where REDMEPTION left off and in the form of Mr Tall 6′ 8″ dark Scottish and ultimate baddassery award of the year put a Kilt on it and give me a blue ribbon to pull so see just where else he is tattooed Master Vampire of Yummines Mirren Kincaid He is fierce heck he was a Gallowglass warrior in his former life some four hundred or so years ago Even Aiden cannot boast thatThe Gallowglass were a band of warriors that keep being called mercenaries correction they were not they were an elite band of warriors who were the direct servants to the leader of the clan Think of Samurai gone Scott In societies and countries who were set up to run like this every lord or clan leader or crazy ass leader of a band of monkeymen had an elite set of warriors and they were bad ass the biggest bad asses And Mirrem was one of the Gallowglass which literally in Gaelic means servant or indebted to a Chief The problem is that people saw them as a band of mercenaries because they were not led nor did they take orders from the head of the military under this chief But as a working Gallowglass spelled for us US and twenty first century peeps We have bastardized and written history from the viewpoint of the winners They were beholden be it as indentured or not to a chief and did what they were told If their chief died they did not kill themselves but they went to be hired on or become indebted to another so yes it seems like they are mercenaries but mercenary leaves a bad taste on my tongue when I say it and everyone was indebted to a lord or chief back then and those that were part of the Gallowglass had honor despite how fierce they were how deadly and how hard they swung their ax they had honor It shows each time Mirren burns a tattoo into his armWhat happened between the time he became a vampire and attached himself as the Tribunal’s executioner was his time as a Ronin warrior he had lost his master he was lordless So even in taking on the job as “THE SLAYER” for the Tribunal actually took the mercenary status away for he followed their orders and what he did until the one faithful day he refused to go that far was dishonorable though he kept up his tattooing because he felt every death and never wanted to forget them Yes another broken alpha who punishes himself oh come closer let me yank that blue ribbon – listen to the Kilt Song if you still do not get it snickeringAs I mention in the beginning where I compare a member of the Tribunal to JR from Dallas Matthias likes kidnapping those with power to serve his own obsession with obtaining any and all power he can steal conuer or manipulate into not work for it like an honorable man He is one of our leading villains and he likes kidnapping people too He found one of those he enjoys kidnapping one with power Glory Cumming Another broken but fiercely independent woman who was abused and drugged has been living as a chew toy for Matthias said vamp for a month The twist? Someone caught “The Slayer” and now is holding him in a cell slowly starving him and widdling him down It takes these two personalities thrust together by this megalomania and his son William who calls himself Will and is one of Aiden’s lieutenants who has never been treat much better than JR treated John Ross Ewing III Just like JR for Matthias blood and loyalty forced is important than being a good parent Unlike John Ross Ewing III Matthias’ son left and hid for a reason his father did not fit into where he wanted to be in life His father forced him to be a vampire at the age of 22 when he turned him Sick and twisted doesn’t even begin to describe this man Somehow through a lack of parental guidance or attention Will managed to escape the cycle and become his own manAs you are beginning to see this is a complex and engaging series Just writing it out I want to keep going but I want you to enjoy what I have written and I want to wrap this upWhere Aiden and Krys are soft and gentle in as much as they can be Mirren and Glory’s story is hot rough and edgy She is not afraid to do what it takes to not only keep her man but make a place to call her own in this town which means defending it to the end She also is not afraid of him After all what kind of woman other than a fierce one would fiddle with a man’s dials and electronics root through his video library and move his tools Which means learning what her power is all about and accepting it as part of who she is Just as Mirren learns to accept himself for who he is and give himself Absolution from his past deeds and crimesGlory is going to be a favorite of mine because she cooks I wanted to have this glorious recipe all created and photographed for you but you are going to have to take it from me the zen chef and do what Glory did for Mirren whip up your partners favorite food because a way to a mans heart is through his stomach yes I know silly but true For this story boy is it ever true because it was the nail that drove the final spike through and Glory got it right with the first pot of stew She also discovered her nitch in the community which will not only allow her dream of being a chef come true and is going to be able to make many a vampires dreams and memories a reality with a taste of their favorite it food from before they were turned to afterAll and all this book and the first one in the Penton Legacy Series is brilliantly told funny and bold and so engaging I really cannot wait for Omega to come out I gave Redemption a 4 and I am giving Absolution a 5 star review Throw in the sex scenes in both books at five stars? And make food a primary focus in a book? Cabin Goddess herby places this in the

  8. Lisa Annesley Lisa Annesley says:

    45♥sthere were starving vampires crazy vampire politicians and vampire pacifistsFor the uninitiated here's a little Penton Legacy background A viral pandemic swept through the human population leading to the development of a vaccine Unfortunately the vaccine made the blood of humans poisonous to vampires Unvaccinated humans are scarce and vampires are hungryAidan Murphy the hero of Redemption founded the town of Penton to solve this problem for his scathe or vampire community Penton Alabama consists of vampires and their unvaccinated humans who are willingly bonded to them All the town members want is to live in peace But the Vampire Tribunal whose hungry members only understand power machinations have their distrustful eyes on PentonMirren Kincaid was an assassin the Slayer for the Tribunal until he received one morally reprehensible assignment too many He faked his own death and eventually became the bad ass second in command of Penton While away from Penton he is kidnapped by the men of a vicious calculating Tribunal member Matthias LudlamMatthias discovers a human with unknown special powers Glory Cummings He kidnaps her and attempts to get her to reveal the nature of her powers When she doesn't he throws her into the cell with Mirren who has been starving for a month Matthias hopes that Mirren will kill Glory thus turning Mirren back into the SlayerMirren doesn't kill Glory and when he is rescued he insists on taking Glory with him to Penton He is unwillingly made responsible for her Against his better judgment he is drawn to the straight talking human who barges her way into his seuestered life Glory is attracted to the man she sees beneath the forbidding facade he shows to the world Mirren tries to scare her away but she isn't runningBut Matthias isn't finished with his grab for power and Glory is on his hit list since she is a loose end Other members of the Tribunal get involved in a power struggle that has grave conseuences for Mirren Glory and Penton Will Glory and Mirren survive let alone find happiness together? ♥♥♥Glory is Somebody who doesn't know Mirren's past who isn't afraid of him who sees behind the asshole he tries to be who can break down those walls of crabbitude he puts around himself Instead of seeing a killer in Mirren she sees a protector She sees a person who judges himself harshly and finds himself lacking She sees a man she understands a man she can soothe a man she can loveIn Glory Mirren sees a woman who is full of life and spirit and joy even after all the things Matthias had done to her He also sees an independent woman who babbles when she's nervous Speaking of babbling you'll enjoy the back and forth between Mirren and Glory when she babbles and annoys him Another running joke is her calling him on the carpet for swearing but hell you'll seeNot all is chocolates and roses Mirren and Glory bring a deadly fight to Penton that will have you hooked and turning the pages as fast as you can Prepare yourself because Susannah Sandlin doesn't pull her punches But don't let that stop you from reading this excellent bookOne character I uoted but haven't mentioned is Will Ludlam Matthias's son and a lieutenant in Penton Matthias is determined to regain control of his son and Will is just as determined to remain loyal to Aidan Murphy We see some of Matthias's play for Will in Absolution and also the beginning of Will's relationship with another lieutenant Randa The next Penton Legacy book Omega is Will and Randa's story I can't wait to visit Penton againSee of my reviews at Paranormal Romance with Lisa Annesley Sign up to follow by e mail and you'll receive notification of monthly giveaways as soon as they're posted

  9. ☕️Kimberly ☕️Kimberly says:

    I absolutely love this action packed swoon worthy paranormal romance series Sandlin captured my attention from page one and held it to the last page As I closed the book and caught my breath I immediately wanted the next book Absolution features vampire Mirren Kincaid and Glory Cumming’s story While this could easily work as a standalone I recommend reading them in order to meet all the characters in the town of Penton AlabamaThe tale picks up almost immediately where Redemption ended Mirren Kincaid is a master vampire known as “the Slayer” due to his previous carnage for the Vampire Tribunal After a killing he felt wrong about he left that life and is now second in command in Penton The tribunal has decided they want him back and are determined to have him They capture Glory Cumming planning to use her to break him They lock her in his cage after starving him Glory prepares to die but instead finds there is to this man then his thirst The tale that unfolds is action packed filled with sexual tension and a romance I found myself rooting forI really liked Mirren from the onset of the Penton Legacy series and was delighted to get to know the man behind the tough guy exterior He is a killer but with it comes a price and no one is harder on him then the man himself Dressed in black and rippling with muscle he is completely swoon worthy and it was delightful to watch him fall for Glory Glory has had a rough life Descended from a shaman she has abilities she is unable to control She is fiercely independent and not at all afraid of Mirren I loved the interactions between the two of them and how headstrong she was The romance was cute edgy and downright hot These two uickly get in over their heads and it was so much fun to watch it unfold We get to see other townsfolk and learned about Will and his partner I am seriously hoping his romance is the next to develop hint There were plenty of evil villains to hate and the tension they created had me turning the pagesSandlin’s world is uniue and I love the small setting of Penton Alabama A vaccine used to stop a virus has made anyone whose had it poison to vampires This had caused a blood shortage for the vampire world as unvaccinated humans are scarce Aiden Murphy has built the town of Penton offering hope to lost downtrodden humans and vampires Here they live side by side They are all bonded to Murphy and in exchange for blood they work together to build a haven Vampires around the world are looking to the successfailure of Penton Some members of the tribunal feel threatened by them and will stop at nothing to see Murphy and his town destroyed Sandlin delivers a plot that is fast paced with tons of action packed kick ass scenes that had my heart racing She does this while weaving the stories of the townsfolk into the tale bringing it to life She blurs the lines of reality for me and I get completely lost in the story The characters are fully developed and we even see growth in them I cannot wait to go back to PentonI want to thank Susannah Sandlin for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  10. Laura..devouring books like crumpets Laura..devouring books like crumpets says:

    Brilliant I love Mirren and GloriaI preferred this to the first book both Gloria and Mirren are such multi dimensional characters The story is fast paced and i love how i have no idea what was going to happen or how things will end up panning out The ending of the story wraps up with the couple nicely but leaves up Penton itself in uestionI am doing the Audio and im looking forward to Will's story But i have a funny feeling Randa is going to be his love interest and i cant stand the voice the Narrator uses for herBut the Characters and story will be worth it i hope Will eventually kills Matthias

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Absolution Penton Legacy #2 ❴Download❵ ➵ Absolution Penton Legacy #2 Author Susannah Sandlin – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk With the vampire world on the brink of civil war over the scarcity of untainted human blood battle lines are being drawn between the once peaceful vampire and human enclave of Penton Alabama and the p With the vampire world on the brink of civil war over the scarcity of untainted human blood battle lines are being drawn between the once peaceful vampire and human enclave of Penton Alabama and the powerful Vampire Tribunal Mirren Kincaid once served the tribunal as their most creative and ruthless executioner—a time when he was known as the Slayer But when assigned a killing he found uestionable Mirren abandoned the tribunal’s political machinations and disappeared—only to Absolution Penton Kindle - resurface two centuries later as the protector and second in command of Penton Now the tribunal wants him back on their side To break their rogue agent they capture Glory Cummings the descendant of a shaman and send her to restore Mirren’s bloodthirsty nature But instead of a monster Glory sees a man burdened by the weight of his past Could her magic touch—meant by the tribunal to bring out a violent killer—actually help Mirren break his bonds and discover the love he doesn’t believe he deserves.