Ebook ↠ Lab Test eBook å

Ebook ↠ Lab Test eBook å

Lab Test ➿ [Download] ➽ Lab Test By Nancy Loyan ➵ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Samantha Evans is a dog It wasn't always this way In fact she once was a normal human a college graduate former homecoming ueen and the possessor of a six figure income But she was in the mood for a c Samantha Evans is a dog It wasn't always this way In fact she once was a normal human a college graduate former homecoming ueen and the possessor of a six figure income But she was in the mood for a change and she got than she bargained for much thanks to a gypsy's spell Daniel O'Brien never needed anyone or anything until he finds a stray dog not just any dog Sam Sam changes his life by turning it upside down and inside out Can the unconditional love shared by dog and master lead to true love between a man and a woman.

  • ebook
  • 202 pages
  • Lab Test
  • Nancy Loyan
  • English
  • 08 November 2016

About the Author: Nancy Loyan

Nancy Loyan SchuemannPurveyor of the written word Nancy Loyan Schuemann has been writing ever since she began composing picture books for fellow students in elementary school After graduating with a BSBA degree in marketing from John Carroll University she pursued a career in sales and marketing She has incorporated those skills into a professional writing career She is a freelance writer specializing in construction design architecture histories profiles antiue safes dance travel and special interest in local and national publications She has taught writing at the prestigious Chautauua Institution in New York StateNancy is a Cleveland Ohio native who shares her knowledge of the city as author of Cleveland Ohio A Photographic Portrait and On the Threshold of a New Century The City of South Euclid Her love however is writing women’s fiction Her first novel Paradise Found a multicultural romance set in the exotic Seychelles Islands was published in with electronic book publisher InnerVision Books and later self published She has since contracted with Crimson Romance an imprint of FW Media Writer’s Digest Books Cup of Comfort among others for six novels Three are currently available Lab Test Hearts of Steel and Wishes and TearsTravel has taken her around the world including trips to Europe Great Britain South America Egypt and the exotic Seychelles Islands When she’s not writing Nancy teaches and performs Middle Eastern dance as “Nailah”.

10 thoughts on “Lab Test

  1. Méline Méline says:

    What would you do if you suddenly woke up to find you've been transformed into a dog? That's what happened to Samantha Evans when she trusted a fortuneteller with her destiny Now stuck as a chocolate Lab she sets off to find her new master and the only man able to lift the spell But it's not going to be an easy task for Samantha who is now Sam the dog She literally has to let go of the person she was and learn how to be completely selfless In this clever twist and reversal on the Beauty and the Beast dynamic Sam discovers the true meanings of life happiness and love Lab Test is a whimsical tale that will leave you with a smile and the desire to find your soul mate no matter what it takes

  2. Carol Smith Carol Smith says:

    If you're looking for a nail biting sit on the edge of your seat type of book this isn't it If you're looking for a fun read then Lab Test is just right It's obvious that the author Nancy Loyan Schuemann loves and understands dogs Ms Schuemann handles Samantha's point of view as a dog wonderfully and with great credibility Lab Test is the perfect book for a dog lover who want entertainment A nice light summer read

  3. Darlene Walker Darlene Walker says:

    Loving LabsThe writing wasArticulate as well as tantalizing on many different levels I was not able to put this book down until I finished I didn’t want to leave the house on a bright sunny day anyway 👍

  4. Lisa Weseman Lisa Weseman says:

    The Hook Thanks to a gypsy's spell a woman looking for a change in her life finds herself trapped inside a dog's body and falling in love with her new masterLove It Lab Test explores themes common to romance novels learning to love unconditionally and overcoming fear of commitment with a truly original premise As a dog lover I laughed out loud Sam's canine antics and felt Dan's pain when he lost herLeave It Wanted to see of human Samantha and Dan's developing relationshipRead It If You love dogs Although this is a romance it's also a love letter to dogs who are represented with with heart and witSkip It If You can't suspend disbelief This is story reuires a leap of faith but one that pays off for those willing to take the journey

  5. Galen Rose Galen Rose says:

    This hooked me on the first paragraph A delightful read from beginning to end Samantha Evans goes looking for something in her life and finds herself turned into a dog by a Gypsy Fortune Teller Daniel O'Brien didn't know he needed a dog until he found Sam They both find what they are looking for in each other even if one of them is a dog But when Sam turns back to Samantha all bets are off and chaos ensues Before too long it's clear Samantha realizes what a keeper Dan is but can she convince him that she is exactly what he needs before time runs out and she back to being a dog?The author has done a fine job of crafting this fun read and I look forward to from her

  6. Lynn Cahoon Lynn Cahoon says:

    Lab Test by Nancy Loyan brings you into a dog's life Or at least ahuman turned into a dog by a gypsy with a bad sense of humor We meetSam right after her transition She finds her soul mate Dan in heraltered form As much of a connection he feels for the dog it's justa dog right? Ms Loyan gives us a dog's view of the world and what'sreally important Someone to love We all need that

  7. Traci Traci says:

    This was such a radical concept of a story I didn't know what to expect It was a funny and provocative view of the human world from a caninehuman perspective The doggie lovepeople antics and relationship disasters were hillariousNancy Loyan mixed humor magic love and romance into this entertaining tale of two people who learn that the deepest kind of love is unconditional I loved the dogs the characters and especially the strawberries and whipped cream

  8. Deborah Cordes Deborah Cordes says:

    Nancy Loyan's Lab Test is a fast paced and imaginative novel I can't believe how real she made her heroine's experiences after she found herself living in a dog's body I cared for her and Ms Loyan made me realize how scary wonderful vulnerable dangerous and great a dog's life can be Then the plot twisted again and again with a perfect happily ever after resolution A truly original love story

  9. Diane Jewkes Diane Jewkes says:

    I really enjoyed this fun paranormal from Nancy SchuemannHaving the heroine turned into a dog to understand what and who is most important in her life was a wonderful premise Her characters are beautifully written vibrant and so human even when they aren'tI would gladly recommend this book to anyone

  10. Leslie G. Leslie G. says:

    If you believe there is someone out there for everyone or that there is not stronger bond than that between a dog and his person then Lab Test is for you A charming tale that takes the reader on an imaginative and loving journey

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