Hunting The Hunting Saga #1 ePUB ´ Hunting The eBook

Hunting The Hunting Saga #1 ePUB ´ Hunting The eBook

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  1. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons says:

    Read at Sarcasm and Lemons If it’s not obvious after reading a few of my reviews I’m picky I’m not that person who gives something five stars just because I liked reading it On my blog I even made a dual rating system to reflect the fact that when I read a book I’m comparing it to other books in the same genre that do similar things my five star rating and I’m also consciously or not comparing it to every other book I’ve ever read my ten star rating Why both? Well because if you love Vampire Diaries and want something similar you probably don’t care that I didn’t find it as compelling and life changing as Crime and Punishment But if I did feel compelled to give it an 8 out of 10 of every book I’ve ever read that probably tells you that it’s a really damn good book Says your self absorbed reviewer anyway I preface this because Hunting is the kind of book you might overlook seeing a 3 star review The writing is simplistic and a little clunky in places which would is the main part that dragged down my rating Because I’m a bit of a snob And I like tight writing But damn does Hineline know atmosphere She took a subject so saturated in the market that I cringe vampires in case you’ve been hiding out in a bunker for the last five years and turned it into something new clever and pretty well thought out Going back into Egyptian mythology she crafts a creation myth ala Anne Rice yep I invoked the Vampire ueen Her vampires are out in the human world in their own kingdom They’re strong They drink blood They’re born from other vampires and have a hierarchy based on creation with born vampires being stronger and elite than vampires made from humans—a cool new concept that I loved And they’re tied to this neat ancient curse that reuires sharing blood every 500 years with a child born of the cursed Egyptian line See why I thought it was nifty yet? Even though the writing was muddy in places and the plot took a little too long to take off I really enjoyed it Even the slow parts Hineline has this way of describing things that reminds me of the way they used to write old fairy tales or legends Which may not work for everyone but for me it gave the book such a shiny mystical atmosphere that I didn’t feel bored The characters are admirable the ending twist is cute and the seuel has a lot of promise especially if Hineline tightens up her writing A cool new take on vampires Definitely worth checking out

  2. Jenelle Jenelle says:

    View the original review in my blog The Midnight Book Thief I received an e copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review The BadHunting was a good book no kidding But there's something that's bugging me; I can't exactly pinpoint the exact thing I didn't really find anything I didn't like about the book it was just there's something about it that seemed I don't really know how to place this old fashioned? Restrained? But this was just a really tiny issue for meThe Good The characters When SM first came to me she described Jade as the kick butt heroine and she couldn't have been correct I love the characters she created she really took the time to make sure we could connect with them I have to admit I had a hard time conncecting withn Jade at first but in the end I ended up liking all of her characters flaws uirks and all The Awesome The plot Yes I admit that I'm sick of vampires Those glitzy mysterious brooding ones that the heroine falls for with one look sick of them I tell you I am so glad that this book had a fresh take on them The whole mythology of how the vampires came to be was uniue and well thought out The story was fast paced with tons of action packed into it Though the staring part might be a bit slow at first the pacing picks up uickly in just a few chapters The twist The huge twist in the end was brilliant As the story lead to its few final chapters you'd think that everything else would be predictable but no you're really wrong Just as everything leads to the final moment of truth SM lets out an unexpected twist and I actually had to reread the paragraph to make sure I read things rightThe RatingFive stars Yep five stars I gotta admit I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book this much It was just so easy to get myself lost in the story making it a uick fun read While there was something a bit off with the way it was written I still enjoyed the entire book And what's with the way it was left off I'm sure there's gonna be a seuel And I am not gonna miss that you see Hunting ended with a of unanswered uestions and I need to know what happens in the end I recommend this book to lovers of all things paranormal who are looking for a fresh new story And weirdly enough I think this story is appropriate for YA just ignore the ages since the story was really clean which I loved Heck it was cleaner than most YA books blood and gore not included So yes in spite of the adult urban fantasy cover I'm guessing teens and adults could enjoy this book A really fun debut from a self published author

  3. Kirsten Lenius Kirsten Lenius says:

    This is a decent story and a non derivative world which I can greatly appreciateThe thing that is wrong with the story is very simple but overwhelming and led to me almost not finishing the book What is it? Well one of my college English profs used to say Don't tell Show This story largely is told by the narrator who witters on endlessly about history and ongoing events It would much easily hold people's interest and make the story impactful if that were not the case All that said I look forward to seeing this author's growth

  4. RoloPoloBookBlog RoloPoloBookBlog says:

    I like it when an author spins a tried and true plot line in a new way In the world of paranormal writing vampires are either completely hidden from society at large or completely out in the open and living amongst the humans In the case of SM Hineline’s Hunting not only are the vampires out of the dark so to speak but they are their own sovereign nation within the borders of the United States Told you new twistI also fancy a book that doesn’t completely conform to the first in a series formula introduce all the major characters; introduce the long reaching plot line; introduce and tie up the short term plot line and; provide just enough background information to keep the reader wanting Hunting is a vampire of a different blood type Hineline does introduce the major characters; Jade a human envoy to the Vampire Kingdom and Aldora heiress to the throne of the Vampire Kingdom; she introduces and ties up the short term plot line; she introduces the long term plot line but; instead of a tiny bit of background information Hineline submerges the reader in background and history While I am generally a very big fan of this type of reading I did find it a bit tedious in this particular novel with some of the longer passages slowing down the pace of the novel As for the plot line itself I am alright with it as it has yet another new twist Turns out the Vampire Kingdom conceived by Hineline has a fatal flaw; they begin to lose their power every five hundred years and will lose it completely if the single vampire child born to human parents once every fifth century isn’t found That should be easy right? There can’t be that many pregnant human women at one time right? Oh so wrong  This part of the novel picks up considerably as Aldora Jade and two companions Ignatious a formidable magician and Mordecai a much feared hybrid with amazing skills The hunt for the human child is dramatic action packed and full of surprisesThe bottom line I liked the characters I liked the action of the contemporary Hunt scene and I enjoyed most of the background information The first part of the novel does drag just a bit but the pace picks up toward the middle and through the end of the book I do believe future installments of this series will be better as the characters become fully evolved and the long term plot line further develops For now out of five stars I am at a solid three and half on this novel with the side note that I am sure that rating will go up with installment number two

  5. Megan Megan says:

    This book took me a lot longer to read than I care to admit but I got through it and it was interesting I liked how the vampire world was different than any other I've read about Jade is a badass character and not heartless like the other badass characters that I read about The only thing I felt it lacked was emotion I was waiting for there to be opinions about people not facts If that makes sense? It just might not be my style of writing but it was still a nice read

  6. just1heather just1heather says:

    Interesting storyline and the differences in the vampire mythology from other popular books were welcomed Some parts of the history of vampires got a little long winded and the ending was a little abrupt Overall a good but not great book

  7. Kelsey Ketch Kelsey Ketch says:

    Overall Hunting was an intriguing story with a captivating plotline I liked the adventure the challenges and the characters However there were a few things I felt detracted from the story First I felt the story was kind of bare bones with most of the conversation taking place in the body text rather than in actual dialogue I think if the novel focused on dialogue it would have brought interaction between the characters to life and I would have felt less like a third party watching from afarSecond there could have been a bit focus on certain characters’ points of views At the beginning I really thought this was purely Jade’s story and that the POV would have focused around her But later there was periods where the POVs were blended in the same chapter leaving me confused about who I was followingAnd finally the history was a little confusing and the mythology a bit overly complicated I loved the world SM Hineline was building but the novel has a lot of detail some of which might have gone a little too in depth It actually left me left with uestions than answers Two examples would be If the first born vampire was to the goddess Bastet in Ancient Egypt over 5000 years ago why did it appear as though the next one born after 500 years was during the Roman Empire or maybe a Celtic time period? And if vampires pure bloods at least are born and can walk in the sunlight why do they still need to sleep in coffins?The best part of the novel is the characters I like the different species vampires werewolves sorcerers and humans all coming together on this mission And Jade is awesome I like her sarcastic attitude and attempts at humor I only have one wish I wish she would have some swoon moments with another character like Mordecai YUM Oh and to see Taurean’s bum kicked That’s my other wish LOLI can’t wait to read the second novel Discovery I got a sneak peek of an excerpt in the first novel and interestingly enough the POV appears to have shifted from third to first person So I’m excited to see were the story leads nextFor book reviews you can also visit my website over at Ketch’s Book Nook Thank you

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    Jade is a single 28 year old with a good family and good friends but life is far from perfect when people randomly try to mentally contact you inducing intense physical pain all while working with vampires When her best vampire friend asks her to join in the hunt for something that will save the vampires for another 500 years she can't refuse But at what price will this dangerous and uncertain mission bring?This book like every book had its goods and not as goods The spin on vampires was refreshing and the world that was created provided a great foundation The major parts of the book were very solid The plot was logical but not too predictable; most of the characters were relatable though I wished some of the secondary characters had depth There wasn't any romance which can be a good or bad thing depending on your reading preferences However if it is a series there is plenty of room to put a romance in Jade was a fun main character very strong but still down to earth enough that her life wasn't unimaginable I felt at times she as well as her nonhuman friends spoke and in her case also thought a bit too formally I understand it coming from the vampires and how being around them might have made the formality rub off but she does have human friends so I expected a bit human diction coming from her Overall I would give it a solid 355 but since that is not an option on here a 3 I definitely liked it and I see its potential If there is a seuel I would read it and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the action in the Sookie Stackhouse books but wants something definitely cleaner or someone who likes the type of world like the Vampire Academy series but not YA

  9. Jennifer Erwin Jennifer Erwin says:

    I was intrigued by the blurb but in my opinion the book failed to deliver I read a lot of YA books but this must have been written for a much younger audience than I'm used to It seemed like the characters were older but the dialog just seemed pretty juvenile Also this book was pretty heavy on description and not enough action Not enough interest for me to continue on to the next book I'm not knocking the author this was just my opinion

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    Since it is not my usual subject line it took me a bit to get started But once started I could not put it down Great book

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Hunting The Hunting Saga #1 [Read] ➪ Hunting The Hunting Saga #1 Author S.M. Hineline – In the war between humans and vampires a child will turn the tideThousands of years ago a goddess cursed a family every 500 years a child of their bloodline would be born a vampire This child would me In the war between humans Hunting Saga Epub à and vampires a child will turn the tideThousands of years ago a goddess cursed a family every years a child of their bloodline would be born a vampire This child would mean the survival or destruction of the vampire race And each would do anything to find the child first Jade knew nothing of the curse but when a vampire princess calls you answer Now she must do her best to help find the child and save it Hunting The eBook Ü from the humans who would see it dead And if that weren't enough the princess' cousin in an effort to show her unworthy to lead their people is doing everything in his power to stop them Even if that means killing them all.

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