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A World Between Us ePUB Ä A World PDF/EPUB or

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  1. Reynje Reynje says:

    Here are two things about me you should probably know about me before I jump into this review1 I’m a huge history nerd And proud A by product of this is a long and enduring love of historical fiction since I was old enough to check my own books out of the library 2 As a teenager I went through a period of being obsessed with all things war related I read watched listened to just about anything I could on the subject hoarding facts with an unprecedented gluttony for detailSo picking up A War Between Us felt familiar and comfortable; I had a strong suspicion I was going to love itFirst a note on the cover on one hand it’s cute and vintage esue and most importantly relevant on the other hand it reminds me to those Sunfire historical romances with the heroine always flanked by her two obligatory love interests Also the cover artist has really gone to town with Nat’s eyebrows they’re kind of distracting While it would seem that the cover of A World Between Us is screaming “HISTORICAL LOVE TRIANGLE” that’s both true and not true and does the novel a disservice in seemingly reducing the plot down to merely its romantic elements Because sure romance plays a part in this story but primarily this is a novel about how three young people become involved in the Spanish Civil War in various capacities and the subseuent impacts of the conflict on their lives And Lydia Syson has done her homework This book is rich with historical detail not only of the political situation in Spain at the time but the role of the International Brigades and volunteers who aided the Republicans working class movements and youth activism of the time religion in Francoist Spain the influence of censorship and propaganda By writing from the perspective of a volunteer nurse a soldier and a journalist Syson conveys the conflict and its impacts from various viewpoints Further by imbuing these characters with different incentives for becoming involved in the conflict Syson is able to examine it through various lenses “What prompted thousands of men and women some only teenagers like Nat and Felix in A World Between Us to leave everything they knew to go and help the Republican cause in Spain – often without a word to their families? Many had never left Britain before most didn’t speak a word of Spanish and a fifth of them were killed there” – Lydia Syson “Come and See The Blood in the Streets” April 22 2013 Arguably Nat – the young working class Jewish socialist Felix initially meets at an anti Facist march has the most incentive to join the Republican’s cause in Spain From the outset his motivations are fairly straightforward Slightly complex are Felix and George’s reasons for eventually volunteering though it’s through their eyes that Syson is able to communicate a gradual loss of innocence and complacency through exposure to the violence and devastation wrought throughout Spain Syson traces the nationalist advance across the country depicting the battles including Bilbao Ebro the siege of Madrid the bombing of Guernica etc with vivid clarity and keen insight not just from the perspective of those on the front lines but the communities left desolated in their wake There’s a genuine poignancy to Syson’s depiction of three young people facing the horror of war and her writing is expressive without being cloying or dramatic Yes there’s kissing but there’s also much conveyed in the scenes of sheltering from air raids in the simple generosity of touch and human contact Here Syson depicts the urgency and desperate yearning of love born in times of uncertainty the bittersweetness of moments stolen from the realities of war In the characters there is a true sense of camaraderie and courage without the novel waxing poetic or sentimental about circumstances are clearly are neither romantic nor nostalgic Rather Syson develops fully realised characters that undergo physically and mentally trying circumstances; her characters are sympathetic because they are realistic and flawed A World Between Us is an impeccably researched work of historical fiction and also a compelling human story If it’s any indicating of what’s to come I eagerly anticipate Lydia Syson’s next novel That Burning SummerNot that I’m saying you need to be a history nerd to enjoy this book I’m just revealing my biases

  2. Anna Anna says:

    There are certain things that I don't as a general rule approve of in young adult fiction One of those things is love triangles I won't go into the old love triangle argument here but I just tend not to find this situation realistic in the slightest and a lot of the time it just doesn't create the tension the author may have intended Another thing is insta love I wouldn't say that I'm negative about this as the love triangle but it needs to be done very well indeed to convince my cynical and jaded selfSo went I read the blurb of this book one of the things that sprung to mind was 'that sounds like a certain three sided shape in romance form with a touch of love of the instant variety' But it's all good It didn't matter in the slightest Because a few other things had caught my attentionBack in the day I somehow managed to come out of university with a politics degree not that I have used it in my professional life whatsoever and politics has always been something that has caught my attention especially political history When I started on this whole YA readingwriting business I never expected to find the two interests crossed over in such a fascinating way I mean the Spanish Civil War isn't something that most folk even a lot of politically historically minded ones know a great deal about I remember writing an essay on it many moons ago but ask me to recall any of the facts and I will stare at you blankly pretend I didn't uite catch the uestion and offer you a brew and a biscuit to distract you So I was definitely intrigued by the premise And the cover Did I mention the cover? THE COVER Seriously I can't take my eyes off it It's magnificent Anyway back to the contentsWhen a story is split three ways so much relies on making each character engaging in so fewer words And Ms Syson than nails Felix Nat and George Sometimes in this situation I find myself wishing a particular character would hurry up and move the story along so I can get back to my favourite but this never happened here Although I have to say I found George the most compelling in the sense that this sort of nice guy character is usually so one dimensional in most stories but here he was given another side to his character one that didn't involve moping after the girl he is never destined to be with or is he?And Nat and Felix I can completely forgive the insta love thing when the chemistry is this good The tension between them and within the story is just fantastic Wobbly knees a plentyLike a few historical YA books I've read recently the uality of the prose is first class On key political events like war it doesn't pull any punches with every smell sound every horror right their on the page unflinching And like in war we're are reminded that not everything is cut and dried as reality begins to dawn on these charactersIf this was a book aimed at adults I imagine it might be a sweeping epic romance the size of which might act as an effective doorstop And when I was about two thirds of the way through I was getting a bit annoyed because I wanted it to be longer I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet But on finishing I was converted this is the perfect length and all the skilled because so much emotion and action is within fewer pagesI know historical YA fiction isn't for everyone and if you're after a light hearted read then maybe give this one a miss But if you want and intense beautiful book that will make you physically melt whilst reading it then look no further This might have actually inspired me to pick up my Southern European history book that's been languishing on the bottom shelf for far too long

  3. Stacey (prettybooks) Stacey (prettybooks) says:

    A World Between Us is an epic romance and historical adventure set during the Spanish Civil War a period of history I am ashamed to say I knew almost nothing about It was something I certainly hadn't come across before in young adult fiction I am all for fiction that provide us with an educational experience as well as tell us a compelling story I think it's essential in books if 'the whole world's inside them' Cornelia Funke Inkheart; not talking about history does not mean that it didn't happenA World Between Us takes place between October 1936 and April 1939 Felicity or Felix as she likes to be known is training as a nurse unaware of what impact Fascism will have upon the world until she meets a young rebel called Nat in the East End of London Felix is captivated by Nat's relentless passion for justice During a trip to France with her brother Neville and admirer George in a fit of unusual spontaneity she follows Nat to Spain where she begins her new life surrounded by chaos and warFelix is a complicated character I was freuently frustrated by her inability to make decisions her inability to choose between the familiar long time family friend and the mysterious boy who changed her world view Even at the end don't worry I won't ruin it for you I'm not entirely sure she fully knows what she wants Yet I couldn't help but find her to be a convictive character Felix did something that most of us wouldn't have done leave her relatively safe sheltered existence to work in a battlefield constantly at risk and saving lives But she's often naive and lacks curiosity struggling to see the bigger picture even though her defiance against the Fascists and determination to save complete strangers is unwaning Throughout the novel we feel Felix's inner turmoil as she switches between both stances and it certainly is an eventful journeyA World Between Us is full of passion and fight shattering heartbreaking and immensely enjoyable A compelling love story but one that never takes priority over showing the realities of civil war the tragic violence and what it's like living in the unknown showing how life can change in an instant It's a wonderful addition to the historical fiction genre a brave tale of triumph over adversity but never making it look easy that I hope writers will tackleYou can read the first chapter hereThank you Hot Key Books for providing this book for review I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books

  4. Serendipity Reviews Serendipity Reviews says:

    I am not a great lover of historical books but I was intrigued by this one from the beginning I was lucky enough to attend the Hot Key Books launch party and I got to hear the author Lydia Syson talking passionately about this book and the research she amassed while writing it The author's passion for the Spanish Civil War made me want to read it The book is told in third person from three points of view each character interlinked within the story Felix is the main character she is a passionate young girl who is easily led by her feelings She falls uickly for Nat who has powerful views on the unrest in Spain resulting in her following in his footsteps and rushing off to join the medical team there Felix is followed to Spain by George who was on the verge of asking Felix to marry him before she ran off His rash decision to chase her changes his life forever as he comes in contact with such devastationThe book follows these three characters over a period of three years gently weaving their stories together as their paths cross on numerous occasions One chance meeting changed the lives of these three characters for ever I did find this book a little slow to get into but I'm pretty sure that is because this isn't the style of book I would normally read However as the story progresses I found myself completely swept away with the romance and relationships between the three characters as they struggled through adversity It was like watching one of those epic war movies from my child hood Simply beautiful I loved the contrast between life in England and life in Spain during the Civil War it made you appreciate how very different the countries wereI warn you now the ending of the book will reuire hankies It was extremely poignant and not the ideal book to read in company if you get embarrassed by blubbering On reflection I feel this book would appeal to any age It is definitely a cross over novel which adults would enjoy just as much as teenagers I am not sure younger teens would enjoy it as much as the older teens The book feels as though it is historically accurate because the information provided is very detailed although not too much that it distracts you from the story Summing up I felt that this book was beautifully written carefully crafting fact with fiction to create a memorable story It brings history alive making it real for future generations

  5. Gill Gill says:

    A well researched beautifully written book about an interesting but often overlooked period of history Some wonderful evocations of the East End and Civil War Spain with some really engaging protagonists I am disappointed that this novel has not been included in the 2013 Carnegie longlist

  6. catra catra says:

    rating 35 stars i liked this book i really did i tried so hard to love it because it had all the elements of a perfect book for me communists communism not being portrayed in a negative way swoonworthy romance recent history cool vintage cover however all of this didn’t exactly fit together very welllet’s start i loved the idealistic young communists especially nat i think he was my favourite character and communism not being portrayed negatively communism has a bad rep and it’s nice to see communism mentioned somewhere and it not turning into the black book of communism anyway that was my personal bias coming into this book and i won’t keep talking about politicswhat about the romance? that was a pretty big part of the book and it was alright not exactly otp worthy but i enjoyed reading about felix and nat although i thought that them always being able to meet up in exactly the same place multiple times was a little unrealistic especially since spain is a huge country but it is a book and these are just pet peeves if you like unrealistic but really swoony romance you’ll love this bookalthough the whole thing with george really bugged me it was a love triangle and as we’ve already established i hate love trianges but i don’t even know if it was an ordinary love triangle i don’t even know what it was view spoiler felix never even like george but he ran to spain for her and she eventually agreed to marry him out of pity and then he died hide spoiler

  7. Emma England Emma England says:

    If you want to read a book about the volunteers in the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War without reading a non fiction text you could do worse than this book It is very well researched to the point I recognised events and people described in first person accounts I've read It is also easy to read at a rip roaring pace As a fictionalised account of the war it's fineUnfortunately as a romance novel it failed for three reasons1 There were a few too many gaps and things left hanging I would have liked to seen some resolution or emotional impact from a couple of fairly major events2 Throughout the book there are italicised passages that I thought were flashforwards to give us an idea of what was coming but they didn't seem to go anywhere I wonder if I missed something or if my Kindle edition did? 3 The ending was incredibly abrupt and poorly executedAll in all I'm glad I read it but wouldn't read it again

  8. Emmeline Emmeline says:

    DNF'd at page 69I am so disappointed that I didn't enjoy this book I was so confused on what was happening It may be because I don't know much about the Spanish civil war but even if it was about something I had a better background knowledge in I still would have DNF'd it because I was so confused There were characters being introduced left right and centre and had no defining features so I got to a point where I was asking myself who is this? Then there insta love in it and I really mean insta love which for me was just a let down Maybe i'll decide to give this book another try because I really hate DNFing books but this really wasn't for me

  9. Carly Carly says:

    Honestly I don't have any complaints about this book It's taught well written and deftly plotted so despite having a low word count for the scope of the story every scene and every line had a purpose making it highly readable I finished it in less than a dayIt didn't leave a massive emotional impact on me hence the three stars which may be because of the length but this is not a criticism of the novel and a side effect of the style of book It's not an epic tale of love and war but it is a well researched engaging book about an event that is not very well known and deserves to be read widely than it is

  10. Kerry Kerry says:

    Any book that starts with the heroine picking up a hot dude at the Battle of Cable Street is ✔️✔️✔️ by me

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A World Between Us ➳ [Reading] ➶ A World Between Us By Lydia Syson ➩ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Spain 1936 Felix a spirited young nurse has travelled to Spain to help the cause of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War But she is also following Nat a passionate young man who has joined the Int Spain Felix a spirited young nurse has travelled to Spain to help the cause of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War But she is also following Nat a passionate young man who has joined the International Brigades fighting Franco And George familiar George from home is not far behind in pursuit of Felix As Spain fights for its freedom against tyranny Felix A World PDF/EPUB or battles a conflict of the heart With the civil war raging around her Felix must make choices that will change her life forever An epic and moving historical adventure from debut author Lydia Syson.