Women Who Love Psychopaths MOBI ß Women Who Epub /

Women Who Love Psychopaths MOBI ß Women Who Epub /

Women Who Love Psychopaths [PDF / Epub] ☁ Women Who Love Psychopaths Author Sandra L. Brown – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Sandra L Brown MA CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction Public Pathology Education is a psychopathologist program development specialist lecturer and an award winning author Her books inc Sandra L Brown MA CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction Public Pathology Education is a psychopathologist program development specialist lecturer and an award winning author Her books include Counseling Victims of Violence A Handbook for Helping Professionals How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved Book and Workbook and Women Who Love Psychopaths Sandra is recognized Women Who Epub / for her pioneering work on women's issues related to relational harm with Cluster BAxis II disordered partners and specializes in the development of Pathological Love Relationship clinical training and survivor support services Her books CD's DVD's and other training materials have been used as curriculum in drug rehabs women's organizations and shelters women's jail and prison programs school and college based programs inner city projects and various psychology and sociology programs and distributed in almost every country of the world Her collaborative research on Women Who Love Psychopaths was recently presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy as well as the Ruth Ginsberg Lecture Series Women and The Law on Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Provider and Batterer Intervention Training in which her uniue focus on Pathological Love Relationships has been featured Under her direction The Institute has developed a comprehensive online psychopathology magazine interviewing some of the country's leading researchers on personality disorders and neurobiology a Therapist Certification Program in Pathological Love Relationships a Peer Support Coaching Program and a Model of Care Approach for Treatment Centers Sandra's previous work included the founding and directing of Bridgework Counseling Center a multifaceted mental health treatment center for Trauma Disorders Treatment of Personality Disorders and one of the country's first long term residential programs for women with Dissociative Identity Disorder She was also a pathologist on a Woman's Trauma Inpatient Hospital Program She facilitated groups on PTSD and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy as well as individual treatment Sandra holds a Master's Degree in Counseling.

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  1. Jocelyn Jazmen Jocelyn Jazmen says:

    Okay this is a tough review for me because it's kinda serious and soberingMany of my Goodreads friends as well as myself are fans of the Alpha male and in much of the erotica I read these guys have a titillating effect on the female protagonists such as an instant fierce flame of attraction overcome by his aura of virility melting at his intense gazing electricity at his touch the excitement at feeling so wanted of him making her feel as she were the most desirable woman in the world leaving her breathless Do such men exist?According to this book they actually do But ladies beware they're bound to be like Tony in Conseuences rather than Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey And according to just about all the women interviewed these guys are incredible in the sack But they're not rich billionaires often the opposite losers And they're notoriously unfaithful because of their hyperactive sex driveAnd then again we have our tortured heroes which I for one am a sucker for in novels See belowMany ladies might be attracted to the self confident dominant alpha male and I confess that at times I am also But I also realize that all men like all human beings have their weaknesses too so if I only see that side I know they are hiding it and putting on an act Many sociopaths and narcissists fall into this category On the other hand if a guy is making it a point to show his weak sensitive self mainly through stories of being a victim my wife ran off with another guy and she took all my money or she died and I feel so empty boo hoo hoo ie tortured hero syndrome that could be a danger sign as well What a dilemmaThese men have no conscious literally not a shred of it and their displays of love and affection are totally calculated They can't form meaningful bonds with others Although they don't bond emotionally they do attach to others Just as parasites latch on to healthy bodies so psychopaths latch on to decent human beings to suck the life out of them If they would be easy to detect most of us would avoid these social parasites like the plague Unfortunately however psychopaths are social chameleons who can disguise their evil natures They come across as exceptionally charming friendly humorous kind entertaining and very romantic Initially they appear to be perfect romantic partners Their glibness and charm as well as their propensity for deception and disguise often masks their malicious intent For such individuals cheating lying and hurting others is a pleasurable game a form of entertainmentWe're not talking about hardened criminals and serial killers here but swindlers and love frauds They are not only a threat to your finances but they can wreck a victim emotionally We're all too familiar with the wife beaters and control freaks that torment poor uneducated women but this book shows that in many instances the female prey is an educated competitive professional A good case study of this in a BDSM relaionship Nine and a Half Weeks A Memoir of a Love Affair which shows what can happen and is totally consistent with the case studies in this bookYou might think that this book is an esoteric choice but women should be reading it since there are a lot psychopaths out there than you realize And married women can be just as vulnerable to these real life Draculas Another term that is used is sociopath which I prefer because it sounds less extreme and therefore common as an estimated 25 million of them are out thereWhew I'm tired If interested you can read the reviews on Gr and Ciao

  2. N. Jr. N. Jr. says:

    Unlike many personal psychology books this one was not written to make a buck but with an urgent sincerity towards addressing a much ignored problem in our society The author comes across as an impassioned activist who has spent years combating the insidious and dangerous phenomenon of psychopaths The approach in this book is victim oriented attempting to identify the character traits of the women most susceptible to the crafty deceit of these predators One significant revelation is that a good number of potential victims are actually those who are competitive extroverted successful women who in some cases find many men to be boring predictable or not up to scratch to their own strong personalities and who find the false facade of the psychopath to be exuberantly refreshing thus breaking the myth that the women involved in such relationships are generally vulnerable low self confidence females who are overly dependent This new understanding allows the focus to be on the psychopath's extraordinary ability to manipulate rather than emphasizing the victim's supposed weakness and is the first crucial step in dealing with the problemAlthough the traits of potential victims listed in the book were derived from a survey of small sample size only 75 I have no reason to doubt the conclusions ie it makes intuitive sense to meIt is estimated that 6 million men in the US are psychopaths but some say twice as many that is 1 in 25 men have these traits which makes this book all the important was well as the websites mentioned and the work done at the InstituteThis book is relevant on other levels as well from child abuse to psychological methods of torture and I am sure to read it again probably several times over The only criticism I have is that women psychopaths do exist also and although probably fewer in number I wouldn't be surprised if their numbers have been increasing This might be of concern for those engaged in lesbian relationships as well as susceptible men and childrenI highly recommend this book

  3. Claudia Moscovici Claudia Moscovici says:

    Wouldn’t you like to be able to recognize scam artists before you got cheated out of your life savings? Wouldn’t you want to identify Losers before you become romantically involved with them? They say that one learns from experience than from books but that’s not necessarily the case Bad experiences can cause so much financial and emotional devastation that recovering from them becomes very difficult for some even impossible How many times have you run across women who date the same kind of bad men without learning anything from their experiences except heartache? Eventually many women settle for bad men believing that all men are like that or that they somehow deserve the mistreatment Learning to recognize dangerous individuals can spare us and our loved ones years of hardship In fact personal experience and psychological information can work together Books that identify the characteristics of dangerous individuals can help us recognize red flags and escape real life predatory relationships early on with far less damage to our wallets and our livesOne of the most helpful books in this genre is Dr Sandra L Brown‘s newest edition of Women Who Love Psychopaths Insde the Relationship of Inevitable Harm with Psychopaths Sociopaths and Narcissists Mask Publishing 2009 This is a long title for a book that gets straight point in explaining clearly for a general audience the characteristics of dangerous individuals Dr Brown explains that dangerous men and women suffer from unfixable personality disorders psychopathy and narcissism in particular Such individuals have constitutive emotional deficiencies They can’t form meaningful bonds with others Although they don’t bond emotionally they do attach to others Just as parasites latch on to healthy bodies so psychopaths latch on to decent human beings to suck the life out of them If they would be easy to detect most of us would avoid these social parasites like the plague Unfortunately however psychopaths are social chameleons who can disguise their evil natures They come across as exceptionally charming friendly humorous kind entertaining and very romantic Initially they appear to be perfect romantic partners Their glibness and charm as well as their propensity for deception and disguise often masks their malicious intent Psychopaths have no conscience are impulsive and reward driven and get bored easily For such individuals cheating lying and hurting others is a pleasurable game a form of entertainmentWe often read about psychopaths in the news Their lack of conscience enables them to commit horrible crimes including rape pedophilia and murder Most psychopaths however aren’t hardened criminals They’re swindlers and love frauds temporarily attaching to decent human beings to milk them of money shelter and affection sometimes to destroy them For all practical purposes how psychopaths became disordered isn’t as important to their victims as the fact that they can’t significantly improve their behavior Whether they’re evil by nature nurture or a combination of both they will still cheat on you lie to you use you and perhaps even steal your money along with your heart When involved with a psychopath Dr Brown emphasizes there’s nothing you can do to change him or his disorder The one thing you can–and should do–is save yourselfBecause psychopaths cause so much harm to society there are numerous clinical studies of their personality disorder In addition the true crime shelves of bookstores are packed with salacious accounts of their misdeeds But there are practically no comparable studies of their tens of millions of victims Just do the math Psychologists estimate that between 1 and 4 percent of the population is psychopathic This adds up to several million psychopaths in this country alone Because psychopaths are highly promiscuous and form dozens of relationships a single psychopath can damage the lives of dozens of women That’s several million persons hurt sometimes beyond repair by the malicious actions of these disordered individuals In the literature on psychopathy the victims are often the forgotten part of the euation even though they outnumber by far the psychopaths themselves Women Who Love Psychopaths is the most comprehensive study I know of about the female victims from their own perspective This book reveals the whole picture the psychopaths and their hostsDr Brown focuses her clinical study on a few dozen women who depict in great detail their horrific experiences with psychopaths But it’s important to note that these women could be any of us They weren’t particularly weak or gullible or uneducated individuals On the contrary this book reveals that the women who fall in love with psychopaths tend to be trusting accomplished devoted persons with good characters and high emotional investment in their romantic relationships Psychopaths prefer to test their strength against strong and moral women not against those they consider weak or already corrupt These women became involved with psychopaths because they were initially fooled by their “mask of sanity” the good image that any psychopath projects to those whom he wants to seduce and use They fell prey to the ruse not because they were especially naive but because very little prepares us in life for the kind of person who systematically deceives uses exploits and harms others just for the fun of it and with malice Statistically psychopaths are relatively common But psychologically they’re highly abnormal We will not be able to identify them or comprehend their malicious motives if our frame of reference is relatively normal human beings To identify psychopaths and protect ourselves against them we need to become acuainted with the basics of abnormal psychologyMoreover it’s not easy to see through a psychopath’s mask of sanity before getting burned This is especially true when the psychopaths themselves are educated attractive and employed in well respected professions–as teachers professors lawyers doctors counselors therapists or businessmen–which is often the case Without a basic understanding of personality disorders and awareness of our own vulnerabilities to dangerous individuals most of us couldn’t spot or defend ourselves against these wolves in sheep’s clothing This is exactly the invaluable information that Dr Brown’s book offers usWomen Who Love Psychopaths focuses on psychopathy as a relationship between psychopaths and their chosen targets Looking at psychopaths in isolation is not enough It doesn’t reveal how they latch on to normal individuals; how they fool us Without finding numerous willing partners–to dupe mistreat and use–a psychopath ceases to function To grasp the danger posed by psychopathic individuals we therefore need to understand both sides of the coin the personality traits of the psychopaths themselves as well as our own potential vulnerabilities to psychopathic seduction Women Who Love Psychopaths reveals this complete picture Think about how many self defense classes are taught in this country Sadly there’s no euivalent for psychological defense This must read book is about emotional self defense which should be our first line of protection against social predatorsClaudia Moscovici author of the upcoming book Dangerous Liaisons How to Avoid and Escape from Psychopathic Seduction

  4. Jilaine Tarisa Jilaine Tarisa says:

    “award winning author”? well I guess there are a lot of awards out there these daysChristiane Northrup recommended this book in one of her talks so I hunted down a copy my training is in law psychology and mediation and I’m particularly interested in “relationship issues”“Women Who Love Psychopaths” contains some useful information about dysfunctional and dangerous relationship patterns; unfortunately it’s poorly written and desperately in need of a good editor I don’t doubt that the author knows something about her subject victims but I uestion the depth of her understanding about the psyche One thing she gets right women mistaking intensity for passionate and enduring loveGrammar spelling punctuation are so misused I found it difficult to wade through all the errorsPotatoe?“chocked full”? I believe the expression is “chock full”“power mongrels” power “mongers” perhaps?“splitting one person against the other “pitting” maybe?The list is extensive The author also needs to learn how to properly uote and cite sources eg note page numbers for uotes from books She references a book by “Dr Reid Melloy” Meloy actually and I uestion whether the source really says the psychopath’s stare is a “relentless gaze that seems to preclude the psychopath’s destruction of his victim” “precede” perhaps?Given the lack of care that has gone into the preparation of this book readers should be wary of relying upon its conclusions While parts of it probably have validity who can say which parts?

  5. Becky Reed Becky Reed says:

    I was asked what kind of women attract the narcissist and psychopath I just finished reading Sandra L Brown MA's Women Who Love Psychopaths This is an AMAZINGLY encompassing work and I'd say that coming through a relationship of inevitable harm I found it relief exploding in the evaluation of women who suffer from such contact I said repeatedly that I felt my goodness was turned against meand she categorizes just what and why this occursand codependency isn't in the mix Women connected to the strange sycophant actually began the relationship while impaired past periods of extended care giving loss such as divorceeven boredom This is a uniue study of the victims of psychopaths and their assets such as relationship investment So many of the traits have been misdiagnosed as attachment formats This illustrates the predictable cycle of these relationships and why the bonding is so strong how the woman normally strong and vital feels so fragile or mentally ill Dissonance from the victim's perspective has a great deal to do with the psychopath's dichotomy of his childlike uality and adult mystiue not to mention communication skills and techniuesThe entire book is compiled with data explanation reason and connectivity There is no fluff within the coversThe reasons we find ourselves captivated by these alien essences can be brought to light and Sandra Brown does this with clarity and an empathic comprehension especially within the awareness of women because it is embarrassing being caught in the lure of sexuality We are intelligentand capableand yet we succumbed to some fairy tale explained are the release of hormones and the staging by the psychopath even the differentiation in his use of languageWe who have been taught that communication is the tool for problem solving find ourselves in the Twilight Zone In so many fields and places in our lives we have no answers and even negatively critical judgments about our behavior We are being held to incompatible standards There exist so many conflicts with belief systems ideologies and spiritual and religious principles where compassion is revered It seems that we victims have been hoisted on our own petardsMs Brown's book covers everything I uestionedand it is an affirmation that something wicked this way comes I don't mean to sound so melodramatic that my review is discounted The AHA moments were almost at every page and most assuredly in every chapter There is if one enjoys science fiction a correlation with the short lived TV show Threshold Awareness takes timeI know many on blogs are nutters in their own right mostly because they have not found the data to help themselves So many therapists have simply not understood and the pie in the sky New Thought folks have not come in contact with this form of alien presence It's not that it is evil maybe ? but the two philosophies for life those in healthy just the ups and downs of routine dysfunctions perhaps states and those suffering psychopathy are simply incompatible Her phrase relationships of inevitable harm will forever ring true to meHere is the BIG UESTION and one ripe for a new bookbecause the numbers of psychopaths appear to be rising how are we to live with these beings? I understand the no contact rule and it is VITALbut in the long run with the thought that these people cannot be treated for humanity what are we to do?Every chapter in her book has dog eared corners in my home I carry it with me to the restroom I return it to the coffee tableand I USE it for referenceAs always in this life the lessons are much about myself AND Sandra's treatment of us victims is kind observant and chocked full of evaluational data I am floored and delighted that there are explanations for super traits rather than that we have failed to be bright enough wise enough or even aware enough I gleaned that my traits might just be valuable Somewhere the patriarchal and yet I have learned that men can be victims also guidelines have become overly and overtly zealous I don't believe it is as simplistic as relationships with authority that comes into uestion although our deep seated thoughts on happily ever after probably filters many of our personal scope of evaluationsI am never uite as trusting as once I wasand because I have daughters and grandsons I am alert to those in our realm and my own reactions to them I'm not paranoid but neither do I let a brief intuitive feeling flow past without a moment of appraisalI share my thoughtsso much is falling into place for me and MANY others because of THIS book Women Who Love Psychopaths in particular I have read Brown's other works but this one is of monumental importance There must be a moving way to say this It struck a chord of complete connection and affirmation within my very being and soul There is REASON for the chaos into which I fell And all with the best of intentions It is not concisely ONE AHA moment but everything in the bookThe explanations cover daily life with a psychopaththe lure the treatment the forever changing terrain and MOST importantly the way we who fall prey respond For me this book relates to my daily heartaches fears anguish and uest for my ideal Not just of the relationship but of the me I knew before this fear fest of an encounter The absolute torture was in the faltering grasp of my own humanity AND to have AGREEMENT is CRUCIAL for survivalnot just mouthed upsets and emotions but to comprehend the why's Interestingly as I look over this review I see the feelings expressed Our society seems to be based on these very emotions and the need to join and establish rapport Transferring our thoughts and feelings onto this other who is called a psychopath reminds me of Michael Crichton's book Sphere What if the contact with an alien or artifact has no frame of reference for us as human beings is the gist of the novel It appears to have come to life todayWith profound respect and gratitude for allowing me to feel that my style of emotional sharing is NOT the CAUSE of the psychopath's evil in pinpointing me It is albeit something to be watched and monitored by me myself

  6. Connie Connie says:

    Never has a book since the Bible impacted my life in such a positive way This is a must read for any teenage girl or woman Because of my circumstances it took me an entire year to read process and finish I recommend this book uite often to women who come to me looking for advice It literally helped save my life

  7. Harrison Harrison says:

    Perhaps the best book I know that no only introduces the concept of psychopathy but shows how and why they are able to destroy the lives of so many women The information applies to so many levels Highly recommended

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    I seriously thought she had been following me around with a tape recorder She nailed this topic and has great insights on the how when why that really helped me move on to the healing part I was so stuck in the why of it I could not move to the next step All I can say is THANK YOU

  9. Lisa Thomasse Lisa Thomasse says:

    How psychopaths affect their romantic partners is an interesting topic and it did spark some new interests for me but this book could have been so much better To start off it was poorly written with uite some grammar and spelling mistakes that made its understanding confusing Moreover the author appears close minded about topics of a sexual nature such as porn and polygamy and she tends to represent a very conservative if not Christian view of what a healthy life should be Plus I found that this book was not inclusive at all For instance it only refers to heterosexual couple dynamics and consistently portrays the men as bad guys and the women as victims Also what disturbed me is that I was feeling influenced to believe at multiple times that psychopaths are doomed without ever referring to proper scientific studies but folk stories to support that theory It never addresses any steps to prevent a child from becoming a psychopath The only way was to not have a DAD as a psychopath How the author addressed that issue was a bit borderline for me Finally the book seems to only refer to psychopaths on the extreme end of the spectrum over generalizing them not addressing ifhow someone on the lower end of psychopathy has an effect on a romantic relationship Maybe this book was written to make money than it was to serve as a scientific vulgarisation on the topic For this reason and the ones cited above I would not recommend this book If however you still want to read it I would advise caution in its interpretation and maybe as a book to stimulate your curiosity rather than teach you about psychopaths

  10. Agapi Gregoriou Loreléy Agapi Gregoriou Loreléy says:

    Absolutely brilliant This is a book that every woman should read Seriously I really need literally every woman to read this book ASAP I wish I had read this when I was seventeenPlease read it immediately and pass it to the next womanThis book def deserves than 5 starsI highly HIGHLY recommend itFull review coming soon

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