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Outbound [Download] ➺ Outbound ➿ Brad R. Torgersen – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The award winning science fiction novelette from award winning writer Brad R Torgersen Outbound first appeared in the pages of Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine going on to earn the praise of r The award winning science fiction novelette from award winning writer Brad R Torgersen Outbound first appeared in the pages of Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine going on to earn the praise of readers and authors alike Bestseller Dean Wesley Smith said a great story in Analog That rocked me Wonderful science fiction at its best Well done Dr Jonathan Vos Post said Deeply human fiercely envisioned metaphysical and physical tragic and yet filled with hope This is an astonishingly mature and profound work of fiction The story eventually went on to win the Analog Analytical Laboratory AnLab Readers' Choice award for its category .

  • Outbound
  • Brad R. Torgersen
  • 05 December 2014

About the Author: Brad R. Torgersen

Who is BradBrad R Torgersen is a full time healthcare tech geek by day and United States Army Reserve Warrant Officer on weekends He is a Writers of the Future winner as well as a contributing author for Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show and Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine—the latter awarding him the “AnLab” readers’ choice prize for best novelette Presently Tor.

7 thoughts on “Outbound

  1. Banner Banner says:

    If you're in between reads and can't decide what to read this is a great place to spend about an hour with a book After reading I felt a full novel could have been written to tell this story but the impact of a novella was still impressive Several thought provoking concepts are explored in this short work The characters come to life immediately This is good old fashion science fiction

  2. Matthew Matthew says:

    The review title says it all Outbound is jam packed with science fictional tech but what drives this story are the characters the gripping edge of your seat emotions and the realism of it Brad Torgersen has a way of getting into the heads of his characters and showing us their every fear regret and gut wrenching emotion as if it were happening to him and not some fictitious character This type of writing is what makes Brad's stories so popular I'm not old enough to remember the Golden Age of science fiction but if stories from that era were as fantastic as some of the older readers say they were this story would fit right in as a 24 carat gold nugget

  3. Jay Goemmer Jay Goemmer says:

    Torgersen hits another home run out of the park He sucks you into the story and keeps throwing believable twists and turns in This was the third Torgersen story I've read on my new Nook and this one seemed to especially resonate with me Torgersen manages to combine some standard science fiction technologies with very realistic flawed human characters While the end isn't really a cliffhanger I found myself wanting to find out What Happened Next If I read the fine print correctly I didn't have to wait very long Good story structure characters I cared about and Torgersen didn't back away from examining belief systems without simply dismissing them A tip of the hat to him and J Michael Stracynzski Babylon 5 for being honest enough to do that Aug 21 2012

  4. prk prk says:

    Reviewed as part of the 2012 Hugo Voter packetOutbound follows Miroslaw Jaworski who's evacuated from an Earth orbiting station just in time as it is destroyed and Earth rendered uninhabitable shortly after when war breaks out Despite the factions involved in the war being destroyed their automatic weapons continue to wage war destroying any human habitations in the Solar System Miroslaw and a few others flee out of the solar system towards the Juiper Belt following the path taken by the Outbound decades or centuries before It was well written and paced with a satisfactory ending and I enjoyed reading it

  5. Les Les says:

    Upon reading this novella one can most certainly appreciate why it has been so successful it's really really good Full of heart and soul it's an emotional roller coaster like I've never experienced before in a science fiction story Not without Torgersen's trademark hard sci fi elements the story is one of love and loss pain and hope and above all humanity Read it you'll love it

  6. Adam Adam says:

    This book sucked me in right from the start The setting characterisation the little technical touches all conveyed a sense of realism that allowed the author to explore ideas and the nature of humanity A really good tale of hard SF

  7. Bracken Bracken says:

    A very interesting premier story I think Torgersen has much to contribute into the world of science fiction

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