Paperback ¾ Der Papalagi eBook å

Paperback ¾ Der Papalagi eBook å

Der Papalagi [Ebook] ➨ Der Papalagi By Tuiavii de Tiavea – Tuiavii a Samoan chief traveled to Europe at the turn of the 20th century and wrote a commentary condemning the very foundations of Western society Today at the dawn of the millenium his words promise Tuiavii a Samoan chief traveled to Europe at the turn of the th century and wrote a commentary condemning the very foundations of Western society Today at the dawn of the millenium his words promise to cast a spell over a new generation of readers By looking at ourselves through Tuiavii's eyes we are saddened by the loss of simplicity and humanity in our society Yet each page filled with Tuiavii's insight brings us a step closer to the truth and ultimately to understanding ourselves.

10 thoughts on “Der Papalagi

  1. Catarina Miranda Catarina Miranda says:

    35 stars I guessAND I'M FINALLY DONE WITH THIS BOOKIt was good Better than I expected If you're looking for some kind of reflection book this is a great choice It was a little bit too religious for me but I enjoyed it anyway

  2. Brian Burriston Brian Burriston says:

    Very good helps to look at our way of life in a new perspective Everything we take as being good is not what it seems

  3. Martin Pierce Martin Pierce says:

    This is a good outsider's view of modern westernized societies It was written around late 19thearly 20th century and contains a general critiue of western civilization It helps us appreciate what was important to premodern people and how we have forgotten and neglected those important truths For example one complaint is that we think too much meaning we analyze and judge things and people instead of enjoying life for what it is People were already going to see silent motion pictures at the timeInterestingly Tuiavii was a Christian so he had no problem with the Bible's teachings Like Gandhi he saw western Christians as hypocrites Be forewarned that the book might have been written by a German instead of by a Samoan chief named Tuiavii Even so the person had been to Samoa and would likely have been able to understand and describe the typical Samoan perspective If you want to be assured that this is a 100 percent authentic record rather than a possible pseudonymous account you will probably want to avoid this

  4. Tess Mabon Tess Mabon says:

    Well worth a read to widen your perspectives

  5. Susan Chow-Dukhan Susan Chow-Dukhan says:

    The version of Tuiavii's Way that I read was adapted and translated into English by Peter C Cavelti The original book by Erich Scheurmann was written in German and published in 1920 Tuiavii was a young Samoan chief who traveled to Europe in the late 1800'sand returned back to Samoa to prepare a series of speeches regarding his perception of the white man's culture beliefs life styles and behaviours While the earlier speeches are amusing as Tuiavii talks about clothing buildings and money the speeches take on a darker undertone as he becomes disillusioned with the white man's greed and selfishnessReading Tuiavii's descriptions about some of the things that he saw I started to get the feeling that my leg was being pulled I found it hard to believe that a native in a travelling show could have been given the opportunity to look at X ray machines and microscopes The epilogue written by Peter Cavelti provided some enlightenment There does not appear to be any proof that Tuiavii ever existed Scheurmann may have written his book as a satire expressing his personal disillusions about society while incorporating some impressions of the white man from conversations with Samoans

  6. Sandy D. Sandy D. says:

    Allegedly the speeches of a Samoan chief who visited Europe at the turn of the 20th century this was almost certainly written by the translator a German idealist from the Wandervogel tradition who visited Samoa from 1914 1915 who published his thoughts about their primitive culture in Germany in 1920 It's interesting mainly as an exercise in seeing European culture and their idealism about Polynesian culture from a 1920's freethinkers' perspective

  7. Helena Helena says:

    I read this in Swedish but the speeches by Tuiaviis is available in other languages and I suggest you get yourself a copy of this little gem Dare to read And reflect how civilized are we the white man really?

  8. Haytham Reid Haytham Reid says:

    35 starsIt's an interesting read especially to understand the cultures of those who saw the white colonists come to their lands Although there is much I disagree with the rest is written wisdom

  9. Antonia Antonia says:

    that the white man's burden is very unconfortable when clothes are concerned

  10. Kemal Eren Kemal Eren says:

    This is really effectiveIt help us appreciate what was important to pre modern people and how we forgotten those important truths And the story is simple everybody totally understand them I love from samoa and you are our devil yes you Papalagi

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