Satchmo: The Genius of Louis Armstrong PDF Ú Genius

Satchmo: The Genius of Louis Armstrong PDF Ú Genius

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  1. John John says:

    First let me confess my bias I will argue anytime anywhere with anyone that Louis Armstrong is the single greatest artist the United States has produced in any medium so a book subtitled “The Genius of Louis Armstrong” had me at the cover That being said I think I’m being not too terribly subjective when I say that this slim volume does an excellent job of surveying Armstrong’s life and work and placing them in their social cultural and political contexts Gary Giddens my favorite jazz critic and historian bias there does than just offer a survey however; he also makes a forceful argument against those critics once the majority who dismiss the importance of Armstrong’s music after the early to mid 1930s and who dismiss Armstrong himself as an innovator who later succumbed to being a mere entertainer and Uncle Tom Instead Giddens convincingly demonstrates that Armstrong’s later work continued to be creative and innovative while Armstrong himself was a strong if largely behind the scenes supporter of the civil rights movement; beyond that he usefully uestions the politics of denigrating the category of “entertainment” when writing about a popular musical formAll in all this is a good read a great appreciation of Armstrong and a nice introduction to the history of jazz I only wish it were longer Other readers may wish it came packaged with a cd; being able to listen to the Hot Fives and Hot Sevens recordings Giddens discusses at length enhanced the reading experience tremendously and if you’re now thinking “gee I’ve been meaning to get some Hot Fives and Hot Sevens recordings” I highly recommend the box set put out by JSP Records

  2. Carl R. Carl R. says:

    Gary Giddins undertakes an enormous task in Satchmo The Genius of Louis Armstrong There are piles of material but much of it is contradictory Armstrong's age for example He was younger than he said probably but proof is thin If he is younger why didn't he say so? The answer seems to be in the mechanics of the WWI draft I suppose it's necessary for a biographer to track these things down but Giddins spends pages on the problem when in the course of this remarkable life it matters not a whitThe outlines of Satchmo's bio are pretty well known Starting dirt poor in New Orleans in the early nineteens Playing and singing on the streets Graduating from streets to honky tonks Helping to invent jazz itself along the way including scat singing That unmistakable toneAs a musician alone his career would have been stellar However it's his talent as an entertainer that separates him from the crowd It separates him in than popularity It made him a pariah among many other musicians White Man's Nigger they called him They accused him of polluting the form with all his pop recordings They said he couldn't stay with the times still playing the same old stuff all the way through the eras of bebop and cool jazzGiddins does a good job of laying some of that to rest Armstrong did evolve but stayed with his core Among the many unusual things about this career is that this uneducated man was a writer He left a lot of memoir though it wasn't published he was conscious of his place in music and cultural history and makes a good case for who and why he isIn the end despite all the amusing anecdotes and the valuable info and the forays into his romantic life Giddin's book is unsatisfying Somehow its scattered pieces never coalesce He also demonstrates over and over the impossibility of describing music in wordsArmstrong begins the first of three architectonic choruses with a solemn scene settng motif E natural to B natural played five times His two subseuent choruses also turn on sturdy motifs each opening at a higher interval If you can hear that after reading that passage you're a better musician than I and the book is replete with examples Satchmo's well worth reading It does capture much of this wonderful man's life in his wonderful world even though I wish the portrait was in clearer focus

  3. Chris Chris says:

    Satchmo is a hard man to write about to be honest with you Your writing style can't match the elegance of his trumpet and a lot has been said about him some of it badly thought out Gary Giddins had written a fresh appraisal of Armstrong that set the standard for future biographical treatments ie Terry Teachout's 2009 Pops His careful linking of the artistic purpose of Armstrong with his antics on the stage as entertainer is what good criticism should look like if an example is ever needed This is a well written marvelously crisp book Please read it

  4. Lenny Husen Lenny Husen says:

    This is a loving tribute to Louis Armstrong The 5 stars are for the photos really really amazing photos some never published before and would be very hard to find The text is interesting but it is meant to be just captions for the photos and the text is meant to celebrate Satchmo's life rather than describe every detailProbably if you are looking for a definitive biography I'm sure there are other books out there but the information in this one is all I would ever need to knowSuper cool book

  5. Laurence Martin Pierce Laurence Martin Pierce says:

    Fantastic insight into the life of an American IconIt wasn't until I watched Ken Burns JAZZ that I realized what a great and pivotal talent Pops Armstrong was When I saw his biography offered on my Kindle I jumped at the chance to read it The author cuts cleanly through the mythology and misinterpretations of his life and through his the authors obvious extensive knowledge of music manages to convey what an ingenious talent Louis Armstrong was

  6. Chris Chris says:

    Terrific picture of who the man was with great respect for the integrity of his whole career

  7. Joshua Kennedy Joshua Kennedy says:

    A good biography of Armstrong's career Nothing spectacular but it'll do

  8. Hector Gallegos Hector Gallegos says:

    Too concise but extremely well written and gets the job done so you can have a great idea why Pops is important

  9. Spiros Spiros says:

    A useful introduction to the greatness that was Louis Armstrong

  10. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I registered a book at BookCrossingcom

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