Paperback ã La séparation Kindle å

Paperback ã La séparation Kindle å

La séparation [Read] ➪ La séparation By Dan Franck – His first clue comes when his wife stops holding his hand in public The second comes when she starts avoiding him at home After the clues comes the certainty his wife is in love with another man After His first clue comes when his wife stops holding his hand in public The second comes when she starts avoiding him at home After the clues comes the certainty his wife is in love with another man After that the only uestion is when she will leave him and whether he will drive her to itA bestseller in France this cruel tender and emotionally explosive novel reimagines the breakup of a marriage with a compassion that is all the piercing for its understatement And although the setting is unmistakably Paris this vision of the blistering loss of love transcends all boundaries.

10 thoughts on “La séparation

  1. Kari Kari says:

    This book gutted me It was a painful read going through the emotions of a man whose wife left him for another It was nice to read a male perspective as too often women in dissolving relationships play the victim card and paint their partners as uncaring or unfeeling

  2. Becca Loo Becca Loo says:

    after reading this novel i can see why Franck is such a successful screenwriter his scenes come alive the book opens with husband and wife watching a movie the husband continually tries to hold his wife's hand for some sort of affection which she continually refuses this action continues for weeks until finally the husband asks what is wrong she's in love with someone else it's easy to hate the wife and i still do even after the book has been resolved but that's not really what the moral of the story is the main character the husband tries so hard for most of the book to do everything the wife wants they have two young children and she doesn't want to make any decisions until she is absolutely sure all the while the poor main character is tortured by her indecision and stubbornly believes he can win her back for most of the book i just wanted him to leave her first to move on with his life because it's obvious that he is the better of the two but a book needs conflict and the title definitely defines every aspect of this book the husband is surprisingly mature about the affair and it makes me feel better about relationships in general i'm not sure if i'd recommend this book to many because it is kind of depressing and very very intimate if you've never been in a really long term relationship then i don 't know if you'd get it if fact i don't truly understand the whole book because i've never been married divorced or had children nonetheless it was nice to read as summer turns to fall

  3. Edita Edita says:

    You can fight against any reality you can get a handle on even yourself but not against outside passionsHe watches as she turns into a different person The same as before in many ways but with something missing Their keywords which constitute their memory gradually disappear Soon he will be orphaned from herHe writes to purge himself to give some direction to his excavation of his own feelings and perhaps to win her back He writes because he cannot do otherwiseI don't know I don't know I don't knowAgain and always For how long?You have to think of yourself R told him Think of yourself firstMyself is us Thinking about myself means thinking about her

  4. Yasin Ramazan Yasin Ramazan says:

    A delicate narration of ups and downs of a relationship at the end of it It also has an impressive linguistic style

  5. Jason Jason says:

    This isn't for the feint of heart It really hits you like a ton of bricks A marriage in free fall When will it end? How will it tear you apart? Do you force the inevitable or let it play out? Many uestions and hard answers Must read if you've had something like this happen But be forewarned It will leave you floored

  6. Rachel Jackson Rachel Jackson says:

    Separation was a gut wrenching read in a lot of places That's the simplest way to sum the book up Franck tells of a man whose wife suddenly stops reciprocating any affection to him because as she eventually reveals she is in love with another man But to his torture she doesn't want to leave her husband and her children and she can't seem to make up her mind on whom to stay with which is the premise of the stretched out emotional plot The scenes between the man and woman are agonizing even to read as they first plead with each other—or often the man pleads unsuccessfully with the woman—then avoid each other and then get into shouting matches that increasingly jeopardize the cover up they've made so their kids don't find out In this whole book whenever Franck writes a scene he puts you directly about it No doubts about that Everything the man and woman do at odds with each other is felt hard by the reader and the tension grows The whole affair lasts about four months but it seems longer by the way Franck stretches it out to have its biggest emotional effect The novel is narrated by the man and he goes through so many different emotional upheavals and decisions to stick with his wife then leave her then take her back then abandon her then love her then fight her over and over again until their marriage finally snaps Each one of those changes of mind or changes of mood is so tangible It's brutal

  7. Magda linga Magda linga says:

    This novel is a vivisection of a marital separation It goes very deep into the emotions of the husband but I wish I knew about how the wife felt Perhaps the reader doesn’t know on purpose because just like the protagonist we have a limited insight into feelings of others As a side note the way the protagonist felt about his children came to me as a surprise but there must be good fathers out there so I wouldn’t deem it as fantasy 😉

  8. Ieva Ieva says:

    I felt as if I was reading a secret diary of this man abandoned by his wife The emotions are very real and the descriptions very visual I enjoyed it even if though I felt the book was a bit repetitive from time to time

  9. Kamila Kamila says:

    I'm a big fan of Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road so I was initially excited to start this book and read about the demise of another well meaning relationship But about a third of the way in I realized that I'd need to be French to better appreciate it it was a bestseller in France The concept of both husband and wife having affairs is very European but I'm too American to sympathize with characters who go all extra marital on each other I greatly disliked the female protagonist and though I had pangs of sympathy for the male protagonist it's true that in such a situation the law and society automatically and often unfairly side with the woman I found him too weak and feeble uick to get hooked on Valium and feel sorry for himself The psychological portrayal of characters is well written and feels accurate but I didn't find it relatable no fault of the author of course And as an editor I do have to point out one nit picky observation and that is there are several errors that distracted me from my reading including switching between present and past when the novel is set in present and slips in point of view it's in limited third person but the first person I slips in occasionally which makes me wonder how autobiographical the novel is I also dislike how characters don't have names Their children are called First Child and Baby and their friends are all named after their first initial we have V and C and R and S so it's impossible to keep track I don't think we're supposed to It makes for a somewhat sloppy impression

  10. Gilly Gilly says:

    I can't remember when I first read this book I'm thinking around 10 years ago Its still on my bookshelf if a little battered after so many moves The first word that springs to mind when I recall it is melancholy Would I recommend it? Yes its a beautifully written piece you are drawn immediately to the narrator and his struggle to accept his changing life The portrayal is so real that at times it feels voyeuristic almost instrusive The problem is who to recommend it to? The emotions are so raw that I would feel aprehensive recommending it to someone who has lived through this recently but then again would this be the most appreciative audience

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