Ravage Deviants #3 Epub ´ Ravage Deviants Epub /

Ravage Deviants #3 Epub ´ Ravage Deviants Epub /

  • Hardcover
  • 392 pages
  • Ravage Deviants #3
  • Jeff Sampson
  • English
  • 05 December 2015
  • 9780061992803

10 thoughts on “Ravage Deviants #3

  1. Missc Missc says:

    Is it just me or does a horrible last installment always ruin the memories of the rest of the series? I don't know if I never realized it before or if I just brushed it off in the first 2 books but I really do not like Jeff Sampson's style of writing At all The dialogue and banter between the characters is so cheesy and I felt like I was rereading chapters because everything was so repetitive I felt like a lot of things that occurred in the book was very random and didn't really add up The ending leaves a lot of uestions hanging and it is unclear if the author intended it to be this way or if he simply ran out of ideas and decided to end the book I feel like he left the ending open to the possibility of a seuel I sure hope that is not going to happen All in all I regret wasting my time energy and 60 that I invested into this series

  2. JeanBookNerd JeanBookNerd says:

    Jeff Sampson’s fiery trilogy The Deviants comes to a powerful conclusion in Ravage The series started with Vesper which the main protagonist the very normal Emily discovered that she is a werewolf The second book Havoc tells how learned that she and other members of her wolfpack became werewolves Ravage tells a very intriguing story about perhaps the most important uestionwhy?When Emily started noticing that her former best friend Megan began appearing in places she goes Emily can’t help but feel that she is being haunted by her And she can’t uite piece it together if she means harm or not Meanwhile the Deviants are certain that information collected within the walls of BioZenith laboratories must be destroyed Joining forces with the telekinetic cheerleaders Emily strategizes an attack on the lab What they are about to find completely turns to the unexpected in a way that only author Jeff can bringThe plot line in each installment has always been a standout each time around The final book presented so many answers from uestions that the first two asked With the first few words in the first chapter Jeff grabs the readers and immediately throws them into story where it had left off Although the Deviants were victorious from their encounters of their enemies there were still much to learn The character interactions moved the story uite well and Jeff’s writing style is so hypnotic that stepping away from the story is just simply not an option The book packs so much action in each page that it feels that it will burst out The twists and turns that Jeff dazzlingly navigates the reader through is a rush of excitement and intrigue The Deviants trilogy comes to a close that endorses satisfaction and fun titles from Mr Jeff Sampson

  3. Shugufa Shugufa says:

    SPOILER ALERT CONTAINS SOME MAIN PARTS OF THE STORY EVENTS I really liked this It was descriptive and it was so cool that they could control their powers However I gave it four stars though cuz it dragged a bit with the whole we have to destroy biozenith deal I also got really upset when Megan got possessed and then was killed by Emily herself I mean I understood why she had to do it but it was really sad I was about to have a heart attack when I thought that spencer had died I actually started crying However when I found out that he was still alive I started smiling like crazy Anyways it was really awkward how she hugged Evan while she was still naked from her shower I mean true he was gay but that's still like so wrong on so many levels it's like um Plz cover up I mean I would be like dude put on some clothes jeez It also got annoying how Evan blushed at like every little thing it's like seriously? Besides those things it was a good book and very fast paced for the most part and it really reminded of the Maximum Ride series I liked the first book the best of all and the ending of this one was pretty cool I'll really miss this series

  4. Valerie Rojas Valerie Rojas says:

    This is the best book ever Adore the cover and reading the summary just made me scream But then when I saw the day it would come out I screamed again but in a mad way I want to win this contest because I never win a contest like this I would keep this book and add it to my collection of my other two books vesper and havoc to complete the deviants novel trilogy I have read each book twice and I read the summary for ravage like 50 times I hope I win so fingers crossed

  5. Booknut Booknut says:

    The final battle has begun And The Deviants are than ready to kick some shadowman ass Loyalties will be tested Friendships forged Abilities discovered and wielded Allies uncovered Hearts broken Spirits ignitedOne thing's for certain The Deviants aren't here to lose They will do anything to protect those they love And the bad guys are going down

  6. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    He smiled back “I do know That’s why I love yo—um” He swallowed the last word and his face went red And I was like aww Spencer is so cute

  7. Evelin ☪️ Witch Leader Evelin ☪️ Witch Leader says:

    My thoughts exactly while reading this book 1 Wait what?2 Ugh Megan3 Oh I love Evan Nice4 Wow Amy and Nikki aren't so bitchy 5 Wait Is the reason Megan was so clingy to Emily becauseshe was inlove?6 Okay Megan isn't as annoyingPerhaps because of Rebel?7 They better make a fourth book I loved this book Not as bad as others make it seem nor as bad as the second one was

  8. Kyle Kyle says:

    A fun series with a decent ending Super fast read

  9. Lisa Dickson Lisa Dickson says:

    This was a really great series I’ve never read anything like it unexpected and a great page turner

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    I really didn’t enjoy this last book It moved entirely too slow I felt like the author was grasping for a great finale and just added too much plot for me to enjoy it

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Ravage Deviants #3[Download] ➽ Ravage Deviants #3 Author Jeff Sampson – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The war against BioZenith is onSince she first came into her mysterious new superpowers Emily has watched one of her packmates disappear through an interdimensional portal; she’s been hunted by cree The war against BioZenith is onSince she first came into her mysterious new superpowers Emily has watched one of her packmates disappear through an interdimensional portal; she’s been hunted by creepy Ravage Deviants Epub / body snatching Shadowmen; she’s managed to form an alliance with the same telekinetic cheerleaders who once tried to take her down; and she’s discovered that her believed to be dead mother is one of the BioZenith scientists responsible for her strange abilitiesNow it’s up to the Deviants to put together the last pieces of the puzzle which includes tracking down the final mystery member of their kind and forcing their parents to reveal why they mutated their own children Emily fears the answer is far sinister than anyone ever thought after all why would a parent risk a child’s life unless the stakes were high scary world ending highTired of being at the mercy of adult conspiracies Emily forms a plan with the other Deviants Destroy BioZenith before anyone can use the knowledge within the facility to aid the Shadowmen But that’s only if BioZenith — or something worse — doesn’t capture them first.

About the Author: Jeff Sampson

My writing history I’ve been involved with children’s publishing for the past years now — I got my start right out of high school just after turning Since then Ravage Deviants Epub / I’ve published eight books for children and young adults with six currently scheduled for release and in various stages of being written and edited I’ve also contributed material to ten or so other books by other authors and.