Poor Little Witch Girl PDF/EPUB ↠ Poor Little ePUB

Poor Little Witch Girl PDF/EPUB ↠ Poor Little ePUB

Poor Little Witch Girl ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Poor Little Witch Girl Author Marie Desplechin – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Die elfjährige Lila soll Hexe werden – und findet erst nach und nach Geschmack an dieser Idee11 Jahre ist das richtige Alter um das Zaubern zu lernen – finden jedenfalls Lilas Mutter und Großmut Die elfjährige Lila soll Hexe werden – und findet erst nach und nach Geschmack an dieser Idee Jahre ist das richtige Alter um das Zaubern zu lernen – finden jedenfalls Lilas Mutter und Großmutter Lila ist davon jedoch alles andere als begeistert Sie ist ein ganz normales Mädchen und das will sie auch bleiben Erst als ihr Freund Soufi in die Zauberei miteinbezogen wird findet sie Gefallen daran Ob es auch klappt ihren Vater ausfindig zu machen.

  • Hardcover
  • Poor Little Witch Girl
  • Marie Desplechin
  • German
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9780613947251

About the Author: Marie Desplechin

Marie Desplechin has written over thirty books for children and adults and is published internationally Enormously popular in her native France she has twenty two first cousins feels most comfortable in the kitchen and has always dreamed of living in the th century.

10 thoughts on “Poor Little Witch Girl

  1. The Library Lady The Library Lady says:

    Perhaps this was better in the original French and loses something in this translation Because I'm still trying to figure out WHO this book is aimed at Not much kid appeal not a rich enough story for teens or adults

  2. Heather Heather says:

    This was just an OK book not spectacular or anything In fact the first part of the book narrated by Ursula the mother was so snarky that I almost stopped reading it For girls who want witch books this doesn't go into a lot of spells or magic as it's of a story about families but it would probably satisfy them

  3. Maddie Maddie says:

    At 11 years old Verbena hasn't shown any sign of being a witch and her mother Ursula is beside herself with worry Ursula wants Verbena to be a witch like her and her mother But all Verbena wants to is to be normal she wants to know and hang out with the dad she doesn't know and be a regular person Trying to prompt Verbena's magic Ursula's mother Anastabotte decides to spend the day with her on Wednesdays and teach her about being a witch Verbena still isn't sure if she wants to be a witch but with these new powers she might be able to find her dad This book was a favorite when I was in Elementary School I loved the cover and I loved the french ness of it it's originally a french book It is charming and fun it's short read and it contains multiple perspectives I just adore it

  4. Tessa Tessa says:

    I thought this book was very funny and interesting it is in french but it is about a girl that's a witch and doesn't want to be Her parents are divorced because her mom didn't like her husband so she cast a spell on him and moved out with their girlAt the end the girl finally meets her dad because of her grandmother

  5. Shannon Shannon says:

    Not my favorite booknot much plot or character development A fun idea that just falls very short Interestingly it's very popular in France where it was originally written so maybe I'm missing something due to cultural differences

  6. Lorcan Lorcan says:


  7. Beth Polaski Beth Polaski says:

    What a fun little read Perfect for the Halloween season

  8. Kimberli Kimberli says:

    Three witches three different points of view that’s what you get in Poor Little Witch Girl by Marie Desplechin And just for fun Desplechin throws in a boys’ opinion which makes for a great contrast because he has been sitting back observing all three witches The story begins with Ursula’s opinion and here we get the idea that she is selfish and spiteful for no reason at all She is pushing witchery her 11 year old daughter Verbena who wants only to be a normal girl Next we meet Anastabotte Ursula’s mother and Verbena’s grandmother This lady has got it going on She dresses in red velvet with lizard skin belts and wears lots of makeup with red lipstick and sounds like a joyful person to be around When Anastabotte tells Ursula that she will take Verbena every Wedenesday to train her to be a witch That’s when everything starts to go awry Ursula never knows what grandmother and granddaughter have cooked up until it’s too late After one day with Anastabotte Verbena’s magic miraculously appears and dishes smash and crash all over the dining room The smashing was entirely provoked by Ursula’s attempt to bully Verbena about becoming a witch once again Nevertheless this newfound development tickles Ursula to the core By the way who’s going to clean up all those smashed dishes?In all this mixing of potions and boiling of brews enters the gentle and kind boy Soufi In his own words “I certainly noticed her First because of her name I had already met lots of Roses Violets and Lilys But this was the first time I had ever encountered a Verbena” However one thing he can’t figure out is who she reminds him of and this drives him crazy Will Soufi ever figure the resemblance out? Will Verbena ever want to be a witch? Will Ursula ever stop being such a witch? All of these uestions and will be revealed at the end of the book This book covers three generations of witches with three completely different moods and minds and is a pure delight Watch out for the dreamy blue haze that comes over you when read you might think it’s a dream but Soufi knows better This is Desplechin first book for children and was written entirely in French and then translated into English by Gillian Rosner

  9. Cassey Cassey says:

    Will Verbena choose boys over broomsticks?This book is such a short but still fun readDivided in four parts this book tells the struggle of a young witch to be in four POVs The first POV is of Verbena's mother Ursula and her expectations and disappointments on her daughter The second POV is of Verbena's grandmother Anastabotte Ursula has been put into perspective here as the good side of witches were further described The third POV is finally of Verbena's In this POV Verbena's opinions were revealed her thrill and fears of being in a witch family her insecurities of having such a mother and her doubts on her grandmother's true intentions of trying to spend time with her The last POV is of Verbena's crush Soufi Soufi is not a witch and his POV is a good perspective to see Verbena's family on the eyes of an outsider The power to make dreams come true is within your reach But if you want it you would have to take it Honestly I can't choose which POV I liked best but it's definitely not Ursula's LOL I found myself smiling on the other POVs though I think this book captured the struggles of a child who grew up under a mother with such high expectations a mother who wanted forces her child to be just like her Yes this book focuses on witches but Verbena's problems with her mother can easily be analogous to a normal child It was definitely fun to read but I'd still say it hasn't much plot Family wise though this book deserves a thumbs up My final rating 3 stars

  10. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToocomVerbena is a witch Her mother has always told her so It is passed down to the oldest daughter As the only child of a witch that makes Verbena one Not that anything has happened to prove it yet but it will At least her mother hopes so Ursula dreams of training her daughter of how powerful they will be together Unfortunately Verbena has no interest in becoming a witch Verbena wants to be normal she wants to date boys and get married and not scare people away with spells and creepy things in cupboards The Ursula insists the less interested Verbena is Anastabotte Verbena's grandmother is enlisted to change Verbena's mind She takes Verbena to her house once a week for an entire day Ursula thinks it's for training Verbena thinks it's an escape from her mother and Anastabotte wants the best for everyone Until they meet up with Soufi the boy Verbena has a crush on Add in the first spell Verbena works locating the father she's never met and you've got a big magical mess The story is told in the first person by each of the characters They each get a few chapters to tell their side of the story except Ursula who both opens and closes the book Naturally the story overlaps a little since everyone has their own take on the events that they were a part of uirky people in odd situations makes this book a good uick read

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