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Thinner This Year PDF/EPUB ☆ Thinner This MOBI

10 thoughts on “Thinner This Year

  1. Erica Erica says:

    Gabe's been on this kick to get us living better in a healthier fashion I'm all for it but we can never agree on how to go about doing just that This book came across my desk so I checked it out thinking it would helpIt didn'tNeither of us could finish itIf you are motivated by the fast sales pitch you will love this book and it will probably make you thinner next year However if you are looking for digestable content plans ideas suggestions and don't want to wade through a ton of BS to get it I recommend some other book that is not this oneGabe kept saying it was like watching the Money Momentum sketch I don't remember the comedy group that did that but it was in the '90's and you can probably find it on YouTube; I'm too lazy to do that right now And that is why I won't be thinner this year I'm lazy where the over the top enthusiasm is the selling point not the actual words being usedI couldn't disagree with Gabe's assessment I felt like I was in an audience hearing someone yell all hallelujah ey Are you fat? I said ARE YOU FAT? Yes you fat pigs You ARE fat But with this book and our patented 19999 plan you too can be thinner this year Because WE DON'T WANT TO BE FAT That's right Say it with me friends WE DON'T WANT TO BE FAT And how can we not be fat? Well I'll tell you but first I'm going to call you fat one time you lazy slobs and then we're going to go talk to this woman who is going to tell you WHY you don't have to be fat LET'S BE THINNER THIS YEAR

  2. Julia Julia says:

    This book springs from Crowley's Younger Next Year book a couple of years ago and which I totally loved and helped to change my lifeThis is such sound and practical advice on health nutrition and exercise It is hard not to pay attention to what is being said It may be a bit repetitive of Younger Next Year but I find that I need to be constantly reminded and encouraged to keep eating well and to keep up that exercise routine Chris Crowley is an exercise nut and his advice on how much exercise and how hard to go at it will likely turn some people away It is easier for a retired person who has no job commitments and no family commitments to exercise every day of the week and for several hours at a time For the rest of us it is important to find that time at least 4 or 5 times a week in my opinion It is such an important investment in our health I've also heard it said that our weight and health is 80% dependent on what we eat and exercise helps It is a misconception that one can eat whatever they want as long as that person does some exercise For all of Chris's ranting about exercise he makes a good point all the same and his stories are fun and amusing Although to use Chris's own words I think he is one tick this side of crazy Being almost 80 years old and in tip top shape you can't deny that his methods workChris's health exercise information is balanced by Jen's scientific background Together they give some serious education about how to live your life in a way that is sustainable to the end Chris calls the good life a three legged stool; exercise nutrition caring We know that it goes without saying that exercise nutrition are extremely important components to a healthy life style but caring is right up there too Caring connecting and committing to other people has proven to make ones life rich and satisfying which also impacts our physical health A good read if you are ready for it

  3. Tess Mertens-Johnson Tess Mertens-Johnson says:

    This is the second book my doctor had me read in the series Younger Next year was the firstLike Younger Next year all of the suggestions in the book were great if you were a retired millionaireThee book was written by a lawyer who was able to retire in the Berkshires at 55 hmmmI will be that age soon and convert a barn into a work out center The other author was a woman on a rowing team who seems to have the funds and time as wellI found I do many of the suggested items especially the yoga exerciseBut for us average working stiffs it just seems a stretch to work out six days a week and eat only organic The male author fell of the wagon many times with the suggestion of no alcohol and the female had French toastI am glad I read the book but would like to read something for two income families juggling work kids activities and lifeThat would keep my attention and not make me so sarcastic

  4. Kara Kara says:

    My attempt to describe the author’s toneYOU ARE FAT Hahaha just kidding no but seriously you are a typical fat lazy middle aged American and here are some scientific words to make you feel better and hahaha we’re just having a great time talking about weight loss it’s the perfect venue for me to try out my stand up material all this health stuff is just to pay my bills until my agent lines up that sitcom deal Yeaaaaaaaaah Ok no I’m gonna passThe content is good – don’t eat crap eat a lot of vegetables exercise a lot – but the packaging is terrible making it a hard slog to get to the information itself

  5. Stacey Stacey says:

    I guess I’m glad it wasn't a gimmick book but not sure how they managed to fill 250 pages with 'eat less and exercise '

  6. Diane Diane says:

    December 2013 I ualify this rating by saying I have been for the last 6 months a beta tester of this program and read the pre publication manuscript But I must say its a terrific read entertaining and educational Chris Crowley does humorously inspire you to get moving and keep at it and Jen backs it up with all the scientific knowledge to assure you that you are on the right track My goal was 15 lbs and I met that goal feel terrific and the program really has become a part of my life At 63 I will continue on this lifestyle change with a goal of losing 10 pounds and aging with enthusiasmMay 2013 I re read the final edition and frankly learned even particularly on the strength training side Anyone who reads this book and comes away uninspired must have read different book Movement and healthy eating are the keys to aging well Period btw 6 months later I have maintained my original weight loss and deleted a few pounds

  7. Julie Julie says:

    Meh I probably should have looked at the target audience of this book BEFORE I started reading it seeing as how I'm 29 and it gives advice for people in their 40s 50s and beyond Whoopsie That being said I didn't like it anyway It's both overly simplistic and effusively scientific at the same time and the authors hammer their rules over your head 184502 times in 300 pages

  8. Betty Betty says:

    I read Younger Next Year a few years ago and liked it This book has detailed diet and training information The nutrition information is interesting but doesn't transfer to helpful eating plans I think the strength training information really needs a personal trainer to be helpful to the age group this book is directed at Boomers

  9. Marianna Marianna says:

    Thank God this book was free I seriously did not like the author's approach to writing this book Maybe I should have given the author longer than 20% of the book to get to a point besides Americans are day because we are too sedentary eat too much and don't eat the wrong things But seriouslyI thought that id get to some point eventually

  10. Noël Noël says:

    Good info on nutrition but then it rambles Also unless you're hard core most people will hate this plan No sugar ever

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Thinner This Year ❰PDF❯ ✪ Thinner This Year Author Chris Crowley – HardCover Pub Date 2013 11 08 Pages 350 Language English Publisher Workman Publishing Company In Thinner Next Year Chris Crowley and nutritional scientist Jen Sacheck spell out a game changing weight HardCover Pub Date Pages Language English Publisher Workman Publishing Company In Thinner Next Year Chris Crowley and nutritional scientist Jen Sacheck spell out a game changing weight loss and exercise plan eat decently and exercise seriously While Jen outlines a diet to follow Thinner This MOBI :å and explains why dead food with few nutrients can make us dead too Chris enlists two of the best professionals in the field of sports training Riggs Klika PhD a great trainer of both Olympic athletes and older people surviving cancer and Bill Fabricini PT one of the most respected physical therapists in the USA to work on the Sacred Exercises Do them along with some serious cardio work and bingo Drop the extra pounds get fit get sexy stay young Crowleys inspiring often hilarious account of the Road to Svelte carries the reader along making for a d.

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