Paperback à Lady Robyn Epub å

Paperback à Lady Robyn Epub å

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  1. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    Good time travel romantic fantasy set in England at the start of the War of the Roses Lady Robyn a Hollywood starlet and onetime Miss Rodeo Montana is magically transported to 1460 and falls in love with a hunky English nobleman The historical details appear accurate but the dream like plot jumps get to be a bit much and the forcing hand of the author is too obvious Hey it's magic It's a fun story but ends on a cliffhanger and hook for Book #3 to end the series Which I may read eventually once I work through of the interesting looking books on hand or available So many books so little timeI did like #1 as well 3 stars worth well written but implausible War of Roses witches time travel oh my

  2. Gaile Gaile says:

    Lady Robyn is the seuel to Knight Errant is back in 1460 getting into plenty of trouble still in love with Edward Earl Of March Her sense of justice and fair play goes against the medieval mind of battle for power She knows the common people want only peace but the aristocracy continues their scheming for power and riches Edward's father wants the crown Robyn only wants to marry Edward retreat to their own home to raise their children in peace and fears it won't happen As winter blows in she finds herself out in it often than she would like having adventures she doesn't want due to interference from the witch Duchess Wydville Robyn doesn't know the history of the period and even thought she bought a paperback with her on the period from the 21st century she is afraid to read it I Do know the history of the time Now I can hardly wait to read #3 The White Rose As Robyn is certainly is a position to change your history but she can't possibly I wonder how the author is going to handle the third and last in the seuel

  3. Mary Campbell Mary Campbell says:

    The best the most fun of the trilogy I agree with other reviews claiming that Robertson's writing is uneven but it's also lovely and lyrical in spots so chalk it up to poor editing Historywise I learned uite a bit I didn't know before which is half the funI usually have Wikipedia's Kings of England page open and jump around to other historical figuresBUT This was the most exuberant of the three books I loved it If it were a movie they'd call it a romp

  4. Ann Morgan Ann Morgan says:

    I love this type of novel Time travel into interesting historythis set are not uite comparable to Diana Gabaldonbut close This series are fun written with the modern viewpoint and espressions inserted I hope there may be a 4 in the seriesgoing to explore that

  5. Robin Robin says:

    Just your typical time travel novel except its in Medieval England After reading the first novel Knight Errant I had to continue the series just to see how things work out It is just entertaining enough to want to see it through to the end of all 3 novels An entertaining read the magic thrown in is interesting and I always like stuff that deals with British history even in a cheesy romance novel kind of way

  6. Karena Karena says:

    I liked the previous book in this series Knight Errant and this one is almost as good It's an historical romance based in the time of the War of the Roses before Shakespeare It has witchcraft and supernatural occurrences as well much in the vein of Gabaldon

  7. Norman Howe Norman Howe says:

    This series is a set of historical novels masuerading as time travel fantasy romance I'm going to avoid reading my histories of the Wars of the Roses until I've finished reading The White Rose the concluding volume of the series I may not be able to resist pulling out my old “Kingmaker” board game and setting out pieces to try and figure out the movements of characters and factions

  8. Annette Summerfield Annette Summerfield says:

    I liked the storybut I had to do a lot of skimming and speed reading as all the details of scenery is too much I also don't like when the character's thoughts are the same repeated thought over and over I don't mind skimming and speed reading though I liked the time travel

  9. Erica Erica says:

    A light fun interesting story I loved the historical aspect I've read a lot on the war of the roses and I love how this story is intertwined with that I wish the Library had the 3rd book as I can't wait to read it

  10. Patricia Patricia says:

    This book had the worst ending of any book I have ever read in my entire life I am so mad at this author I cannot believe he did this Who ends a book like this?? Is he writing a 4th? Why would he do this?? Unbelievable I loved these characters and feel 110% betrayed by this author

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Lady Robyn [Download] ➸ Lady Robyn By R. Garcia y Robertson – The author of two highly praised novels The Spiral Dance and American Woman R Garcia y Robertson returns with a charming time travel romance seuence In Knight Errant Robyn Stafford a young American wo The author of two highly praised novels The Spiral Dance and American Woman R Garcia y Robertson returns with a charming time travel romance seuence In Knight Errant Robyn Stafford a young American woman hiking in England near the Welsh border was swept back in time to the s the age of the War of the Roses There she fell in love with a young knight Edward son of the Duke of York Cast back in time by witchcraft Robyn a young executive from Hollywood raised in Montana has chosen to stay there out of love for Edward who has promised to marry herNow in Lady Robyn Robyn's fantasy of courtly romance comes up against the brute reality of medieval politics the politics of murder warfare and betrayal The War of the Roses is no longer a textbook subject it's messing up her life and so is the noble witch who though he doesn't know it is Edward's enemy Edward's father Richard is making a bid for the throne and if he wins it Edward will be heir apparent And if Robyn marries him she will someday be ueen and her children heirs to the throne as well In the s that means living with the constant threat of death The survival rate for heirs is not high Will Robyn reject her love or risk the lives of her children to beThis is an engrossing time travel romance in the mold of Diana Gabaldon's bestselling timeslip tales.