Paperback ↠ American Woman PDF å

Paperback ↠ American Woman PDF å

American Woman ➲ American Woman Read ➺ Author R. Garcia y Robertson – R Garcia y Robertson applies his considerable talents in historical research and writerly depiction to an epic of American history the legendary Battle of the Little Big Horn and Custer's last stand a R Garcia y Robertson applies his considerable talents in historical research and writerly depiction to an epic of American history the legendary Battle of the Little Big Horn and Custer's last stand and turns the legends upside down First he tells the tale entirely from the Indian side and secondly he tells it through the eyes of a blonde white woman from Pennsylvania married to an Indian brave American Woman With extraordinary wit and imagination this book is a literary grenade of the uality of Thomas Berger's Little Big Man American Woman is a fine uproarious and moving novel.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • American Woman
  • R. Garcia y Robertson
  • English
  • 27 August 2016
  • 9780312876296

About the Author: R. Garcia y Robertson

Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson born is an American writer of historical and fantasy fiction He holds a PhD in history and taught at UCLA and Villanova University before becoming a full time writer In addition to his eight novels he has had numerous short stories published in fantasy and science fiction anthologies He lives in Mount Vernon Washingtonfrom wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “American Woman

  1. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    Off to a strong start in this great historical Western fantasy of a white American girl who marries a wild Sheyenna It's uite a start to their relationship out on the plains of to be Montana in 1872 I met a smart no nonsense savage who knew far about my world than I knew about his She realizes she's being courted and has mixed feelings about that She let the gift mare take her to Yellow Legs her suitor A big mistake by sunup I was lying naked under a buffalo robe watching Yellow Legs make us breakfast The visit stretched into a long week of lovemaking followed by a fairy tale honeymoon along the Yellowstone where Sitting Bull threw us a wedding feast note 1Political pillow talk with Yellow Legs 1873 She Texas is part of America you know He Someone should tell the Texans When they crossed over to Wyoming Territory she had the theoretical right to vote since 1870 But not to marry a Negro or a Chinaman And the Democrats tried to take back the vote from the women when they found out how many whores who were most of the white women there then voted Republican Perfectly legal for her or a man to marry an Indian though of course the Indians couldn't vote not being citizens which didn't happen until 1924 note 2Oh and Yellowstone became the world's first National Park in 1872 References to tourists in Yellowstone threw me at first until I looked up the date Author has a PhD In history and clearly did his homeworkThis is a remarkable novel At 34 through I'd be very surprised if it doesn't earn a full 5 stars from me You wouldn't think a book so thrillingly strange could come out of the Gen Custer 7th Cavalry Little Bighorn debacle but here it is Ranging all the way from Montana to the Staked Plains of Texas the novel enters the supernatural when the granite gates of the Wichita Mountains open and the Southern Herd pours in I don't think I'm going to say about what happens then except to say that as before the author has done his homework and the Spirit World is firmly grounded in scientific knowledge of the late Pleistocene It's uite a ride High marks and remarkably under appreciated This was his fourth novel and easily his best so far Commercially it was a flop despite a truly gorgeous cover by Nicholas Jainschigg oh why hasn't this marvelous book found its readers? Maybe this review will help 22 years on?Slated for reread in a few years although I may have to buy a second copy since I have readers already in line for mine

  2. Gaile Gaile says:

    Re reading this book was like a revelation A teacher once told me you never get bored re reading a really good book as you always find something new to mull over Sarah Kilory comes west to teach the Bad Face Indians and ends up married to Lakota brave Yellow Legsbecoming a wasichu white Indian Surprised to find Raven her husband's first wife waiting for him as they ride into his home camp she has to come to terms with a sister wife the Lakota way and those among them who think she has brought a curse with her She also finds she has a talent for medicine visionsIn this book we see the wild west through Native American eyes We read the disparity in their way of life so at odds with the white man We see their sacred Paha Sapa invaded for gold by the whitesThe Northern Pacific Railroad wants to come in but America is broke General Custer is ordered to put down the Indian troubleWe meet Crazy Horse Sitting Bull He Dog General George Armstrong Custer his white wife his Indian wife and child and his brothers This book takes us from the Black Hills down to the south into Wyoming and and straight back to the Little Bighorn where we leave Custer lying sightless in the buffalo grass History woven in with spirit dreams Native American Medicine white man's folly and a white woman's journey to becoming a Native American makes this a book never to be forgotten

  3. Edward Lewandowski Edward Lewandowski says:

    Very good but rather threw me when they travelled into the Spirit World

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